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My Makeup Journey in Pictures

My Makeup Journey In Pictures

My Makeup Journey Over a Year Long Period In Pictures.

There is truly nothing more satisfying than looking at old makeup pictures.  Talk about seeing your progress!  Above I have compiled a collage of photos of myself wearing makeup within a period of one years time.

Looking at them will help you easily see how how learning about makeup dramatically can improve your makeup application.  The purpose of these pictures is to inspire my readers to keep learning and practicing, and don't get discouraged or give up.  No matter where you are in your journey, there is always room for getting better and improving.  I am constantly learning new things myself and my makeup application is all the better for it.
Enjoy the pictures!
The most important thing I want to say to everyone here is this:  We all have to start somewhere!

There is no sense in being embarrassed at how your makeup used to look.  Anyone that is good at makeup has been doing it for a while and this has given them lots and lots of time to practice.  Repeated makeup applications, and constantly learning, are the two keys to getting good at makeup.  

After doing your makeup over and over, you will become more sensitive to comments MUAs will make and things will stand out to you more.  "Light bulb" moments will start happening all over the place.  The key is that you have to just start practicing.    

Below I picked some pictures to share with you guys. I have a picture from the beginning of my journey, two from the middle, and one from the end.  I am still learning, so I know my "last" picture will soon become just another middle picture, but I wanted to show you how far I've come. 

My Makeup Journey In Pictures

The first picture above is from the beginning of my journey.  Actually this is really not the beginning of my journey, as I have been doing my makeup for years, but this is a picture of me when I  had just started to increase my learning about makeup a year ago.  Looking at the picture, you see that I had no idea how far to extend my eye liner.  I sort of stop mid-way in the eye, but hey, at least I was wearing some right?  I have no winged eyeliner and no false eyelashes.  You can also see I was not very comfortable with using a variety of colors.  I used the standard pink blush, light sparkly eyeshadow, and pink nude lip.  I also was not too good at blending out my face, as you can see clear lines between dark and light shadow, and I was not experienced in where to put blush - I extend it to far into the face too close to my nose area.

My Makeup Journey In Pictures

My Makeup Journey In Pictures

The next two pictures are from the middle of my year journey.  Here you can see that I am getting more comfortable with using different lip colors and eye shadows.  In the first picture, I have a dark taupe lip (colourpop Trap I think it was), and in the second picture I am using some glittery gold eyeshadow (colourpop Kathleenlights).  I am also getting a little better at contouring my face.  I am also learning to fill my eyebrows.  You will notice that I still have not learned to do winged liner or false eyelashes yet, which is why I am not wearing any.  

My Makeup Journey In Pictures

Here you can see that I am comfortable to using a variety of lip colors and shadows and am experienced at blending out my face out more.  I also know how to do a winged liner and am comfortable extending it out to where it should go.  I am also starting to learn where and how to use highlighter to make my face glow.  I also have false eyelashes on here and have become comfortable applying them and wearing them pretty regularly. 

I hope my makeup journey pictures will encourage you to keep practicing.  If your makeup isn't exactly where you want it to be, don't stress out!  You will get there, I promise, it just takes lots of practice and learning.  You can find all of my makeup articles under my page, Makeup, which is found at the top of my site.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes

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