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Why My iphone Will Not Turn On, Has Black Screen?

Why My iphone Will Not Turn On, Has Black Screen?

A Simple Trick To Get An iphone Working When It Has a Black Screen & Will Not Turn On.

Was your Iphone on and working and then suddenly the screen went black and it wouldn't turn back on??  And you know that your phone had charge when it turned black.

This is actually quite a common problem with iphones.  The most common reason for having an iphone with a black screen that won't turn on is the following:
Your software has crashed.  All you need to do to get your phone back on is do a hard reset.  To do a hard reset do the following:
Hold the power and home buttons down together at the same time for at least 20 seconds.  The power button is the slim button located on top right of iphone.  The home button is the big round circle button located at bottom of phone.  The phone should turn back on a few seconds after holding these two buttons down for 20 seconds.  99% of the time this will fix your problem.  Your phone was actually on the entire time, but since your software crashed, this is why it displayed a black unresponsive screen.  This generally will solve the problem.  If the phone still does not turn on however, it can be a few other things, please keep reading below. 

You can try plugging your phone into your computer.  Does the computer recognize the device once you plug it in?  If it does, immediately go to itunes and backup your phone.  Sometimes you can crash your iphone if you update your settings  - I am not sure why this happens but I think it has something to do with itunes not being updated on your iphone.  As long as your computer recognizes your phone, you should be okay, but you may be at risk of loosing all your contacts and photos if you have to go back to your original phone settings. Another possibility is that your phone got overheated.  Let your phone cool down before trying to turn it back on. And of course a simple possibility is that it could have had no charge. Try plugging it into a charger to see if you see a charging picture on the screen.  

If your phone still does not come on and the computer does not recognize the device and you don't see any charging logo when you plug it into a phone charger, I recommend going into the store where you bought your iphone from and seeing if they can fix it for you.

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