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How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word

How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word

How to Make Labels Using Microsoft Word.

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I've been having some serious fun making homemade candles and soap recently!  Please see my posts Homemade DIY Scented Candle Gift and Easy DIY Fall Soap Recipe if you'd like to learn how to make homemade candles and soaps yourself.  Homemade soap and candles make seriously awesome gifts for just about any occasion.  Recently I wanted to create some labels that looked professional, but didn't want to pay big bucks to have a company print them for me.  This is why I turned to Microsoft Word.  To learn how to use Microsoft Word to create professional product labels for all your homemade creations, please keep reading.
Not many know that Microsoft Word has a labels toolbar.  If you buy paper that has a sticky label underside on it and stick it in your printer, you can print out professional looking labels all by yourself!  The paper I use is Avery Sticker Project Paper.  This label paper is only available from Amazon and is currently over 50% off right now, meaning a pack of 15 sheets is just $5!! 

If you cannot cut straight to save your life - (me!) - then you should probably invest in a good paper cutter also.  You can find them at Office Depot or Michael's Craft Stores. 

Here are the steps to printing out labels in Microsoft Word.  These steps will vary slightly based on what version of Microsoft Word you have.  I have a somewhat older version, from Microsoft Office 2003, so you will see my steps based on my own version.  Depending on what version you have, your label icon may be in a slightly different place, but the main steps to creating labels will remain the same so please don't worry if your version is different than mine.

Let's get started:

1. First, locate the "Envelopes and Labels" Icon. In my version, this icon is found by going to the "tools" Tab, then down to "Letters and Mailings", then over to "Envelopes and Labels".  See picture below:

How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word

2.  Once you click "Envelopes and Labels", a box will open up.  Make sure you are on the "Labels" part of the box.  Look to the right side of the box and you will see something that says "Options".  Click Options.  See picture below:

How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word
3.  Once you click options, a new box will pop up where you can select the type and size of the label you want.  To get the size labels you saw on my candles at the top, this is what I selected:  

Under "Label Products", select Avery Standard.  
Under "Product Number", select 5390 Name Badge.

This will give you nice big rectangles big enough to type the name of your product, what it has in it, and who it is made by. The newer versions of Microsoft Word have more fun options for label sizes.

How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word

4.  Once you have selected the correct size label, click "OK".  This will put you back to your original box.  You then want to click "New Document" on the right of this box.  You will now see your label boxes in Word and you can start typing your labels.  This is what your label squares will look like:

How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word

5.  The last step is to insert Avery Sticker Project Paper into your paper feed on your printer and then press print.
Here is an example of a label I made using the steps above.  I gifted this candle to one of my sister-in-laws and I have to give her photo credit for this lovely photo she sent me - thanks Sarah!

How To Create Professional Product Labels Using Microsoft Word
I hope this post will help you make your own professional looking labels.

Making your own labels will help you see what they will look like, and will help you know what you like and don't like if you decide to go the professional route later on.  If you have a color printer, you can add images to your labels and they will print out just fine as well.

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