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Venus Flytrap Craft And Lesson Plan

Venus Fly Trap Craft Lesson

Venus Fly Trap Craft Lesson

A Fun Venus Flytrap Lesson Plan.

I had to share with you what I think is probably one of the funnest lesson plans I have done with my kids.  This Venus flytrap craft and lesson is both fun and educational. If you want to learn how to do this craft, where you can buy a Venus flytrap plant, and how on earth you can make a Venus flytrap plant close immediately, please keep reading.

This Venus flytrap craft itself is really pretty easy to make, it just requires a fair amount of green and red paint, and of course a lot of adult supervision to make sure that said paint does not ruin furniture, walls, clothes, etc and so forth.

I got the idea for this fun craft from a really fun, kid oriented blog called Danielle's Place.  She offers her own pattern you can use for this craft and uses different materials than I do to make this craft look more authentic and neat.  Please be warned that my own version of this craft is a little messy and sort of the "no frills" version.  If you want the expert version, please see her post, Venus Fly trap Crafts and Learning Activities.

Here is what I had my kids do to make our own version of this Venus flytrap craft:

1.  Take 2 paper plates and staple them together in the center.
2.  Paint the plates green everywhere except for a circle on the bottom plate, which you paint red for the "tongue".
3.  When paint is dry, put some fake eyes on the top of the plate
4.  Roll up a black pipe cleaner and glue it to the tongue, and then glue on two fake eyes - this is the fly
5.  Cut out some teeth from white paper and staple them onto the top and bottom edges of a plate.

This craft coincided with us learning about Venus flytrap plants.

Below is a picture of the cool Venus flytrap plant we have in our kitchen.  I found this flytrap plant at our local Walmart and they have been carrying them for over a year now in the garden section.  I have also seen these Venus flytrap plants at our local Aldi grocery store near the check out counters, they seem to have a lot of them for sale too.

Venus Fly Trap Craft Lesson

If you are able to find a fly and kill it, you can put it into the open leaves of the plant.  They eat any sort of small flying insects.

IMPORTANT TIP TO MAKE A VENUS FLYTRAP CLOSE SHUT:  To make the leaves of this plant close shut on a bug, get a knife and touch the trigger hairs with it.  The trigger hairs are the small thorn looking things that stick out of the inside of the leaf.  As soon as you touch them with the knife, they will snap shut on your bug.  They generally open back up the next day if you don't have enough bug for them to want to stay closed on.

Here's a sketch I made to teach the kids the names of the different parts of the Venus flytrap plant:

Venus Fly Trap Craft Lesson

I hope you have fun doing this activity with the kids.  If you liked this post, you may enjoy some of my other mom articles, which you can find under my page, Motherhood.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes.

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