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5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year

5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year

5 Money Saving Secrets that Save Thousands Each Year.

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I think it's pretty certain that everyone could use more cash, am I right?  Today I want to talk about some of my best kept secrets that help me save  thousands of dollars each year.  Saving money is key when it comes to being financially successful.  Even if you are financially comfortable, why spend extra money if you don't have to?  The savings you get from buying things cheaper can go towards buying other things.  Here are my top 5 secrets for living frugal and saving big.

1. Grocery Shop at Aldi.

5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year

Aldi is a discounted grocery store chain.  There are many products that are at least $1.50 less than the same equivalent product at a more well known grocery store.  When you are saving $1.50 on a cartload of groceries, this translates into some serious savings.  If you have children, you know how quickly food disappears and how much a full cart of groceries can cost you.  Aldi is a huge blessing for anyone that shops for food for children in my opinion.

Here is a list of what I always buy at Aldi:

What I Buy at Aldi:

-Sliced Cheese
-Crackers, Potato Chips, Pretzels,
-Sparkling juices

2.  Buy Kids Clothing At Yard Sales

5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year

Sometimes I feel like there is a stigma against shopping at yard sales.  This should not be!!  I have found amazing deals on like-new looking children's clothes and shoes at yard sales.  I have also gotten some amazing deals on children's toys and even electronics at yard sales as well.  I buy the majority of my kids clothes at yard sales every spring, and it saves me thousands of dollars.  Not only are the prices much cheaper than the store, I am able to buy higher name brands that I wouldn't normally be able to afford. 

I only buy clothes that look like-new, and trust me, there are tons of them.  So many times mothers will tell me that their kids grew out of the clothes right after they purchased them, or that their kids didn't want to wear the style or color of clothing.  Going to yard sales in relatively upscale neighborhoods is a secret to finding big deals on like new items in my experience.  You can read more tips and tricks to finding the most at yard sales in my post, 6 Types of Very Bad Yard Sale Sellers.

3.  Buy Fashion Jewelry on Ebay. 
5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year
This is one secret that I really wish I had known in my early twenties when I was dating my husband.  It's painful to even thinking about the amount of money my husband wasted on jewelry for me.  Ladies, if you can fake it, I say do it!  The technology has gotten so incredibly good these days that it is getting very, very hard to tell a fake from the real thing.  

If you are looking for fake diamond items with a gold finish, key words to search for are, "white gold plated", "gold plated", and "cubic zirconia (cz)".  Moissanite is another type of fake diamond gem.  Although moissanite will be more sparkly than cubic zirconia and look more similar to a real diamond because of the extra sparkle, it will also cost you a lot more than cubic zirconia.  I have tons of cubic zirconia jewelry items and I am extremely happy with their sparkle and overall look and quality.

I prefer to buy gold plated to silver plated because silver tarnishes and can look tacky, where as gold plating does not tarnish and stays bright forever, as long as you don't go swimming with the jewelry or get it really wet or in contact with chemicals.  If you are looking for a silver color, just buy white gold plated, not yellow gold.

As a rule of thumb, I generally try to only buy from sellers that have a 99% customer satisfaction rating.  I try to avoid ever buying from a seller with anything under a 97% customer satisfaction rating.  Read a sellers reviews - the positive, the neutral, and the negative - to try to get a feel for the quality of the seller and the product.  Although sometimes it can take a month for items to arrive, it often takes a week or two.  If you end up not receiving the item or there is something wrong with it, most sellers are great about refunding you quickly.  And if they don't, Ebay will.  All you need to buy from Ebay is a Paypal account, it's literally that easy!  Paypal is a super safe and trustworthy site that protects you in all transactions.  

Here is a beautiful item I bought from Ebay that I wear all the time:

 White Gold Played Cubic Zirconia Cross Necklace

5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year

Other items I have also purchased from Ebay with successful results include scarfs, a big bounce house - see my post: review of big kids bounce house purchased of Ebay for cheap, silicone iphone cases - see my post: unique, cute, funny, girly iphone silicone cases, and soap molds - see my post:  where to buy cheap silicone soap molds for soap making gifts.

4.  Avoid Debt Like The Plague

I understand that this is very hard today in today's society.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to live decently in today's world without getting a loan or two because some many necessary items like cars and homes are just so incredibly expensive and have inflation type prices.  That being said, if it is possible, try to avoid loans.  My husband and I buy used cars that are sold by owners instead of buying new or used cars from dealerships that we would need loans for.  Also, if there is any possibility of getting a loan from family members, please explore it.  The heart of the matter is that interest will eat away at your savings like nobody's business.  The key to becoming financially successful and independent is not having loans with interest that eat your money.

Finally, I leave you with the biggest secret to financial freedom and being financially successful:

5.  Tithe to church. 

Faithfully tithe from your earnings and watch God pour out blessings on you.  Once we started consistently tithing a tenth of all money we had coming in to our church, we were astounded at the ways we were financially blessed.  Things that used to eat away at our savings, like broken down cars and home repairs, suddenly stopped.  Gifts of money from relatives would show up in the mail unexpected.  I promise that you will not be disappointed if you give this a try.  Consistently tithing to church is the best way to save money and become financial successful.

You can view my other articles on saving money and living frugal under my page, Saving Money.  To get coupon codes, and a few free products, for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes.

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