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Increase Posts On Homepage When Blogger Settings Ignored

How To Get Your Homepage To Display More Posts When Blogger Settings Are Not Working.

Do you have a blog?  Are you having trouble getting your homepage to display the number of posts you have specified in your blogger settings?  Here is an easy trick that will solve the problem.
I run a blog, two of them actually, so I feel like I'm pretty familiar with how blogger works.  I know that you can specify the number of posts to display on your homepage by going to layout and clicking "edit" under the "blog posts" square.

You can also set the number of posts to be displayed on your homepage by going to the settings tab, clicking "posts, comments, and sharing", and adjusting the number of posts to "show at most" at the top of the page.

So when my women's lifestyle blog, The Makeup Equation, wasn't showing the number of posts I had specified in my settings, I was stumped.  Why was my template over riding the blogger settings?  When I googled this, all I kept finding was articles telling me to adjust the number of posts using the blogger setting tools.  But I had already done that and my template was ignoring the settings.  This is why I wrote this post, so that if you are in the situation I was in, where the blogger settings are being ignored, you can figure out how to get them to work.

It turns out that the length and size of your posts is affecting how many posts are being displayed on your homepage.

By simply adding the "jump break" feature into each of your posts, your homepage will start display the posts you specify, or close to that number, if you have want to display a lot of posts.  Jump break basically shortens your posts by adding a "read more" link to your posts.  If the reader wants to continue reading your post, they click "read more", and then the full post is displayed. By shortening the post, your homepage can now display a bunch of shortened posts on your homepage. 

The jump break feature can be added be pressing the button on the toolbar in blogger that looks like a piece of white paper being broken in half.  Its on the right side of the toolbar.  See picture below.

Simply put your cursor where you would like the break to occur (always a good idea to be in the beginning, like in the first paragraph or two of your post), press the jump break button, and you will see a grey line appear where the break has occurred.

Your readers will simply see "Read More" where the break has occurred, and your homepage will now display the number of posts you have specified! (or very close to it).

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