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Best Tips For A Better Black Friday Online Shopping Experience

My Best Tips To Help You Have A Better Black Friday Online Shopping Experience.

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We are now in the month of November.  And November inevitably means one thing, other than Thanksgiving of course.  Black Friday is coming for you...!

Here are a few tips to help you avoid looking and feeling like a frazzled turkey pinata during this fun but also extremely chaotic shopping day.

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All of my types revolve around one concept - getting organized.  Without getting organized, you are most likely setting yourself up to have a pretty chaotic Black Friday online shopping experience.  By following these steps, you are taking a certain amount of chaos completely out of the Black Friday Equation.

1.  Write Down Your Shopping List On Paper Sit down and write down a list of the things you need most and the stores you need them from.  I know that most of us have a mental list of things we need to be looking for during these big sale days, but writing things down really helps to clarify what is the most and least important to us.  Write down the most important to the least important and look over the paper a few times before the big day.

2.  Start Shopping The Websites Now.  This is a super important one.  Start visiting the websites of all the stores on your list.  Get familiar with the sites if you are not already.

3.  Create An Online Account At All Stores of Interest.  This will not only help save you time when you shop online on Black Friday, it will also help keep you notified of all the current deals and offers going on from now on.  Many stores will give you a big discount coupon code just for signing up.

4.  Add Items To Your Cart Now and Take A Picture of Them In Your Cart.  The purpose of this is two fold - one, it will save you time on the day of, and two, by taking a picture of them in your cart, this will help you remember exactly what they cost before Black Friday prices hit.  Most store websites will save the items in your cart for when you log-in again, with the exception of a few that don't, but by taking a picture, you will know exactly what you needed and what they cost earlier in the month.
5.  Get Familiar With Current Discounts Offered.  Some stores offer great discounts all year round and you may even find a better discount before Black Friday than on the day of.  Also, something to keep in mind is if you wait to get the absolute maximum highest discount, the item may be sold out.  I have found that certain stores I like, such as Old Navy, often offer discounts before Black Friday that are just as good as the day of, with the bonus of everything being in stock if its early in the month.

6.  Know the Other Big Sale Dates.  The entire month of November actually has four days of the month, not one, where retailers offer great discounts.

They are:

November 11th - Singles Day (only certain merchants).
November 24th - Thanksgiving night.
November 25th - Black Friday.
November 28th - Cyber Monday.

So if you are not able to find what you wanted on Black Friday, or are not impressed with the discount, make sure you look online during these other three big online shopping days.

I hope that these simple tips will help you avoid looking like this sad little Christmas decoration during this chaotic holiday season - (the kids have thrown this poor colorful tree around a couple hundred times).  Don't be that thrown around Christmas decoration this year. 

And lastly, don't panic.  Even if don't get what you needed, remember that everything gets deeply discounted again in January when Christmas is all over anyway!

January is actually the best time to buy things for ourselves ladies, I know that I always find great deals on accessories, clothing, and perfume sets in January.  See my post, How to Buy Expensive Perfume for Cheap, if you are interested in learning more about the sales in January.

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PS - I love doing turkey pinatas for the holiday.  You can buy the awesome turkey pinata pictured in my poster here: Turkey Pinata.

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