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Hippie Boho Makeup Look Tutorial

Hippie Boho Makeup Look Tutorial

A Tutorial On How to Do a Hippie Boho Makeup Look.

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Yes, it's true, I am definitely a little hippie when it comes down to it.  I also love to be able to do my makeup hippie style whenever I am feeling in the mood.  

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on the makeup I used to create this beautiful hippie boho chic look today.  In this tutorial, I list all the products I use, as well as why I used them. I know that I personally like to know why people use the type of makeup they do, and also where they get those products from.

To see the look, please keep reading.  
A hippie boho chic makeup look is all about creating a healthy and youthful looking face.  After all, hippies don't do that whole stress thing right? And it reflects on their faces, their skin glows and radiates youth.

To help me achieve the youthful, stress free and glowing look, I used a lot of soft pink highlighter and blush. I also used my blush in a draping manner, meaning that I swept it over my face in a contouring motion and didn't just put it in the typical "blush spot".

Hippie boho chics generally like to keep their hair down and free, just like their souls, so I kept my hair down and loose for this look.

Hippie Boho Makeup Look tutorial

Here are the steps I took and products I used to create my hippie makeup look:

1. Exfoliate the Face.  I used this Cleansing Brush. Exfoliation removes dead skin and will ensure a more even makeup application.  To read about it's other amazing benefits, read my post The Benefits of Daily Exfoliation.

2. Fill in Brows. I use this product to do my brows most of the time, it is one of my all time favorites. 

3.  Prime the Face.  I put this primer all over my face to smooth, hydrate, any get rid of any dry patches and minimize fine lines in my problem areas.

4. Color Correct.  My favorite green color corrector is this and I put it on any red acne spots to reduce the red.  Then I used this in orange under my eyes to hide my dark circles. This hippie mama doesn't get the sleep she should!
5.  Apply Foundation. I used this liquid foundation.  It is one of my all time favorites!

6. Contour the Face.  I use these two sticks in 001 (lightest), and 006 (darkest), to do my cream contour.  I am allergic to many types of commonly used wax (such as beeswax and carnauba wax), and this brand does not contain any of those waxes yet it still stays in place and doesn't move around on the face. 

7. Set Cream Contour. I use Mac's Swiss Chocolate Blush to set my cheek dark contour and I use this bronzer to set my cream contour on my forehead.  I have been using this second bronzer forever by the way and I love it!!  I use this setting powder to set my light cream contour.

8. Apply Blush. As I mentioned above, I used a lot of very light pink glitter blush in a draping manner.  I am in love with this one because of their shine and I used the color "rosey" which is a super high shine soft pink.  

9.  Prime Eyelids Up To Eyebrows.  Because I am allergic to wax, especially around my eyes, I am not able to use Mac's paint pot unfortunately.  I have found a product that I feel is a great dupe however for this and it is this.  I know this is not the typical use for this product but it works perfectly as an all over eye primer base.  I also prime my eye area because I have sensitive skin and can get itchy from eyeshadow pigments if I put them directly on my eyelid skin.
10. Prime Eyelids With Nude Eyeshadow.  I use Colourpop Cosmetics "Glow".  I always put a nude color on under my main colors because it helps even things out as well as prevent me from getting itchy from any raw pigments seeping into my skin. 

11.  Apply Eyeshadow.  I used Colourpop Telepathy and Colourpop Cheap Date on the lids, and Colourpop Blaze in the crease. See my post ColourPop Eyeshadow Glitter Collection to see what these look like.

12. Draw Liquid Liner.  I only use one brand of liquid liner because I think its the hands down the easiest product to use, looks the best, and has the best ingredients. You can read more about why I use this liner on my post Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners .

13.  Curl Lashes.

14.  Apply Mascara.  I use this one:

15. Apply False Lashes If Desired.  This is not absolutely necessary for this look since we want a more soft and natural look here.  If you do decide to put the falsies on, I can tell you that I only use one type of glue for false lashes because it has the best ingredient list and doesn't give me headaches.  The glue I use and it's ingredient list is listed in my post Best Latex Free Dark False Eyelash Glue Adhesive.

16. Apply Lipstick. I used "Vice" ultra matte lippie by Colourpop Cosmetics lined with Colourpop's "Bound" lip pencil. These are my current favorites and I think their colors go well on almost all skin tones.  See my post Must Have Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick to see what they look like.

17. Highlight the face.  I used Colourpop's "Hippo" on the bridge of my nose and the top of my cheekbones, as well as under and over my eyebrows.

18.  Apply Setting Spray.  This product locks in your makeup and makes it "sweat proof" essentially. I always use this product because it holds up well and has a good ingredient list.
I want to apologize for the lighting of my picture here everyone. 

I was a dark and rainy day when I took it so the lighting isn't too great. I also had a bad head cold here. 

And that is a step-by-step tutorial for my hippie boho chic inspired makeup look.  You can view all of my makeup posts under my page, Makeup.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes.

Please feel free to check me out on my other platforms here: Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard, and StumbleUpon.  I love my readers and followers!

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