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5 Things You Need To Know About Goodie Two Sleeves

5 Things You Need To Know About Goodie Two Sleeves.

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Hey everyone!  Today I want to talk about a company called "Goodie Two Sleeves".  If you check out there website, which you can view here: Goodie Two Sleeves, you will see their slogan which reads, "Awesome T-Shirts For Awesome People".  I asked Goodie Two Sleeves to send me a few items so that I could review this awesomeness claim.  Many of their T-shirts are 50% off right now and can be found under the Sale section. Right now, just for Black Friday, you can get 50% OFF SITEWIDE this coupon code!
Here is my review of a few items I received from the Goodie Two Sleeves company:

Let's get into the 5 things I discovered about Goodie Two Sleeves:

1.  Their packaging is fly.  

My Goodie Two Sleeves products arrived in a black and white bag covered in drawings and facts about unicorns.  I learned two new facts about unicorns from reading their package:

1. Unicorn kisses are a known industrial strength adhesive.
2.  Kissing a unicorn makes you burp rainbows.

goodie two sleeves packaging and stickers

Upon opening up the bag, I found some very large stickers they included for me.

The clothing items are wrapped beautifully in a light, baby blue, tissue paper with a cute sticker on top:

goodie two sleeves packaging

2.  Their items will give you a cute overdose.

I could barely stand how cute every single one of my shirts were. They were overly cute.

My first shirt had a chubby rhino and a little bird on it:

goodie two sleeves chubby unicorn shirt

 My second shirt had two baby bears and a baby chick eating together:

goodie two sleeves t-shirt

 My third shirt had two baby bears playing with each other.
goodie two sleeves t-shirt

I just about died from a cute over dose after unwrapping my items.  If you are looking for a company that will sell you products that drip of cuteness, let me submit to you that I think you just found your company in Goodie Two Sleeves.

3.  The material of their shirts is so soft that your skin will be doing a happy dance.

As a busy mom of three, I require good quality cotton clothing because I do not have time to buy  replacements if my shirts are not good quality.  Having said that, I now will say that Goodie Two Sleeves shirts pass the mom test with flying colors.  All of my items were made of high quality cotton blends that felt incredibly soft and nice on my skin. Your skin is going to be seriously thanking you when you buy clothing from Goodie Two Sleeves.

4.  Their shirts run true to size.

This is a MUST for busy women.  As a busy boss babe and mom of 3, I simply do not have time to be returning and exchanging things.  I want my items to be true to size and come right the first time.  I am so happy to say that Goodie's shirts are absolutely true to size.

If you measure yourself as instructed in their size charts, and look at their size charts to match your size, you will find that the shirts fit you perfectly and as expected.

Here is something VERY IMPORTANT:  Each item has its own size chart.  Check the size chart for each item you order, as the size charts can change for different items.  By checking the size chart on each shirt, I was able to match my size correctly for all three items.

Here are my measurements just to help you beautiful people out since I love you all so much:

I am a 34inch bust and a 28 inch waist, and 5' 7''.  Here are the sizes I ordered in their products:

I ordered an XL and it fits perfect, exactly how I like my shirts.  If your measurements are close to mine, but you prefer your shirts a little tighter, I recommend going down one size and getting a Large.

2.  Rilakkuma Dinner Time Women's Raglan

I ordered an XL but it was a little too big on me, mostly because the fabric is stretchy on this one.  On this particular shirt, if you are around my measurements, I would get a Medium or a Large.

3.  Rilakkuma Let's Get Lazy Women's Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is Unisex and has it's own sizing chart.  Therefore upon reading the sizing chart for this item, I ordered a Small,  and it fits me super well.  I am very picky about sweatshirts not being too tight on my arms, and this sweatshirt is perfect.  Not tight on my arms, and yet still form fitting.

me wearing goodie two sleeves shirt

5.  They ship lightning fast.

I think most women can agree that we don't like to wait for things we order.  When we order something, especially clothes, we are excited about our items and we want to get them quickly.  I placed my order with Goodie Two Sleeves on a Monday and I got it Wednesday.  They also offer extremely affordable shipping rates for first class shipping.  Can I just say, yaaasss?!?!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Goodie Two Sleeves. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this company and they have definitely earned my business.  Their slogan, "Awesome T-Shirts For Awesome People" is definitely true.  Their items make awesome gifts for all occasions.  Many of their T-shirts are 50% off right now and can be found under the Sale section.    Right now, just for labor day, you can get 30% off with code WORKIT30!

Link to this exact unicorn tee is found by clicking on the picture of the shirt below, it will take you directly to the item.  It is currently 50% OFF right now!!!

unicorn tshirt by goodie two sleeves

Goodie Two Sleeves has a wide variety of cute and unique T-shirts for women, men, and children.

Funny T-Shirts for Men Women & Kids
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