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5 Unknown Things About The Author of TME

I bet you didn't know these 5 things about the author of The Makeup Equation! Some may shock you!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Petra.

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I have been wanting to do a post like this for a long time.  I know that there is a probably a lot that my readers may not know about me, and since I love to learn more about people myself, I thought my readers might like to learn more about me.  I also love to read posts like this from other bloggers and I felt like it was my turn to give back today.  Below you will find 5 interesting secrets that you may not know about me.  Please keep reading if you want to find out what those secrets are.

I tried to make this five fact list both interesting, and a little humorous, for you guys.

Without further ado, lets get started!

1. Sulfur is my Kryptonite.

5 Unknown Things About The Author Of The Makeup Equation

Let me explain.  Basically, I am deathly allergic to all man- made sulfur.  My parent's discovered this fact when I was little after a doctor prescribed me some sulfa drugs for bronchitis.  After taking the medicine, I could barely walk!  It hurt so bad to bend my knees and move my legs.  Walking up the stairs was grueling and I had to crawl up them instead.

I have a similar reaction if I eat any food that contains sulfates or sulfites in it, which is a LOT.  Sulfates and sulfites are used as a preservative in foods.  Foods that contain sulfates and sulfites include: breads, cooking wine, almost all dried fruit,  canned olives, and the list goes on and on.  For this reason, I am not a big bread eater, unless it's made from scratch.  I also do not drink wine or eat dried fruit as those are very concentrated sources of sulfates.  Chicken Marsala is a big no-no for me because of all the cooking wine, and thus sulfites, it contains.  Parents please be on guard for this hidden allergy in your kiddos!  This allergy can be very serious and life threatening, and worst of all, it often goes undiscovered for long periods of time.

2.  I am a proud, 3 time champion, home birther.

What is a home birther?  A home birther is someone that has delivered their babies at home, naturally, without any drugs or other intervention.  All three of my kiddos were born in the privacy of my home, with only my husband and my midwives around. My midwives were not associated with a hospital.  They were certified and licensed midwives only.  My midwives were extremely knowledgeable in how to support a woman's body to allow for a natural birth of the baby - that is what they are specifically trained on.

I would highly recommend home birth to anyone.  It's your body!  Don't let doctors mess it up! God designed a woman's body to be able to give birth, it is a natural process that does not need the intervention typically seen in the hospital setting.  My third baby had big, broad shoulders and for a moment he got stuck when he was coming out.  My midwives knew exactly what to do and how to move me so that he was able to come out easily without causing me to tear.  Non-hospital associated midwives are the real deal.  To read more about my home birthing experiences, please see my post, My Home Birth Experience In Interview.

3.  I cannot spell to save my life.

Yes, it is true, I confess.  I am a terrible speller and have been all my life.  I remember even as early as 4th grade my teacher telling my mom that my grammar was not the greatest.  I am not sure why my grammar and spelling has always been so bad, but I know that I definitely like dealing with numbers more, so maybe it just has to do with how my brain is wired.  If you are like me, you probably know that it can be a struggle to be an author and a writer and have terrible grammar skills.  I don't know how many times I have sat at my desk wondering whether I was missing a comma or spelling something wrong.  

Luckily for people like me, there is an awesome company called Grammarly that will proofread your posts for you!  Not only do they have offer a grammar and spell check program, they also offer this program:

Don't get caught plagiarizing
The subject of plagiarism is very important in the world of blogging and this can protect your work.  Grammarly is a total life saver for writers and bloggers like me who love to write, but have a hard time with grammar.

There are so many benefits of writing properly.  Here are just some of those benefits below, listed in cute poster format:

Grammarly Writing Support poster

Grammarly Writing Support poster
Grammarly Writing Support poster

4.  I am a runner.

5 Unknown Things About The Author of The Makeup Equation

I have been running since I was about 11 years old.  I started out running on my mom's treadmill in the house.  I was hooked and I loved it.  Running is my hands down favorite type of exercise.  Running always improves my mood and I feel physically better after running as well.  If you want to read more about my running gear and the benefits of cardio exercise, please see my post, 4 Fastest Ways to Loose Weight For the New Year.  To learn more about all my secrets for staying thin, please see my post, 11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin.

5.  I really love my husband.

My husband and I are coming up on our ten year anniversary!  It is so rewarding being married to someone that you have grown up and matured with.  I love being married to this man that has given me three precious babes and sacrifices himself for us on the daily
Here is a picture of my husband and I a few years back. I had just had our third child, so that's why I have a little bit of a baby tummy on me.  I am wearing a swim-suit under my dress too ha ha.  If you are interested in where my dress is from, please see here.

5 Unknown Things About The Author of The Makeup Equation

I hope this post helped each of you learn a little more about who I am.  I would love to learn more about my readers, if you want to share a little bit about yourself and some fun facts others don't know about you, please feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section.

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