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5 Valentines Day Dresses For Small Bra Sizes

valentines day dresses for smaller busts

5 Valentine's Day Dresses That Flatter Small Bra Sizes.

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As a mom of three, I have had many different bra sizes and I am familiar with the challenges of being both bigger, and smaller, on top.  Now that I am done with the pregnancy and nursing stage of my life, my bra size has returned back to my pre-pregnancy size, which is an A cup.  Not only am I an A, I'm a small A - 34A to be exact.  I love my small size and I think that all sizes are beautiful.  Sometimes however, I feel like it can be near impossible to find flattering clothing items for my smaller size.  Two of the hardest clothing items to shop for when you are a small cup size are bras and dresses.

Finding comfortable and attractive bras can be very challenging.  Sometimes I feel like stores simply are not making A cups anymore.  Recently I discovered an amazing company called Lavinia Lingerie & Activewear that sells very high quality bras for all sizes.  The quality is as good as Victoria Secret.  They have very nice bras in both small and big sizes.  You can view my full review on this company here:  Lavinia Lingerie Bra Review.  For my blogging mamas, Lavinia Lingerie & Activewear is also a great company to be an affiliate of. You will be able to earn cash back when you buy their items if you are an affiliate of Lavinia Lingerie & Activewear. You can join Lavinia here: Join Livinia Lingerie.

Finding form fitting and flattering dresses is another major challenge for those with small bra sizes.  The reasons dresses are so hard is because they are one piece of material.  Unlike a bathing suit, where you can buy a different size bottom and top, dresses are one size and you have to match both your bust size and your hips and waist size to one piece of clothing.  I often find that while a dress may fit my hips and bottom half well, it's just too loose on my bust.  I have struggled with finding form fitting dresses all my life and I have learned that there are things you can look for in a dress to help it flatter your small cup size.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so today I am featuring 5 Valentine's Day dresses that are flattering for women who have a smaller cup size.  These dresses are very flattering options for women with an A, B, or C cup size.  Note that if you have a larger cup size than this, these dresses are offered in larger sizes as well so you could definitely still wear them if you like them!
The first three dresses I am going to feature come from a company called  I heard of this company five years ago after watching a clothing haul video on YouTube.  I was a little skeptical when I checked them out but I decided to order a few items to give them a try.  I am really glad I tried them out because they became one of my favorite companies and I have ordered a lot of clothes from them over the years.  Their jeans are one of my favorite items to order because they are very high quality and very affordable.  They also have really cute and fashionable dresses at very affordable prices.

Only very recently did I discover that they belonged to - see my post, 5 Ways ShareASale Changed My Life, to learn more about what ShareASale is.  I was ecstatic when I found them on because by becoming an affiliate of GoJane, I was now able to start earning cash back on my purchases from GoJane.  I want you guys to know that I am featuring dresses from because I love this company and have been a loyal customer for years.  It is not because I am an affiliate.  I have been ordering their clothes for a long time and I can attest to the quality of the clothing and the company.  If you buy their clothes, I highly recommend becoming an affiliate of so that you can start earning cash back from your orders.

All the dresses I feature here are shades of pink or red.  I did this because I feel like the colors of pink and red capture everything that Valentine's Day is about.  I also believe that pink or red colors are flattering on almost everyone.  If you are very fair, I would stick to a dress in the pink color range.  Pink oozes of innocence and has major sex appeal.  If you are lucky to have more tone to your skin, a dress in the red shade is guaranteed to make you stand out and look smoking hot.

Now let's check out these dresses!

 1. Blow Me Away Velvet Bustier Midi Dress RED
dress for valentine's day dinner
Bustiers are great for small bra sizes.  A bustier cut doesn't dip low, which is good for smaller cup sizes.  Bustier cuts are designed to be tight and push up on the bust area.  All of this translates into making your chest area look fuller and bigger.

When I saw this Blow Me Away Velvet Bustier Midi Dress RED, I fell in love.  First, its a bustier, so it will flatter my smaller cup size.  Second, it's velvet, and velvet is super on trend right now.  Third, I love the triangle strap design.  This will help to draw attention away from my bust and instead to my skin, and bare skin is really sexy.  Forth, it's a gorgeous shade of red and will not only look super hot, but is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Fifth, the price is amazing!  Hurry, because this dress will sell out fast!  And don't forget to take advantage of their FREE SHIPPING at when you spend $50 or more. No code required! 
2. Hourglass Curves Cold Shoulder Dress BURGUNDY (Final Sale)

dress for valentine's day dinner

This dress is also from I think is one of the most elegant dresses I have ever seen.  This dress drips of style and is the perfect dress for a Valentine's Day dinner at a fancy restaurant.  The deep burgundy red color ads maturity and class, and is another great color for Valentine's day.  The Hourglass Curves Cold Shoulder Dress BURGUNDY (Final Sale) is really great for small busts because it fully covers the chest.  Best of all, this dress is currently on final sale for $11.95.  This dress won't last long.  

3. Sparkle With Me Plunging Maxi Dress RED
dress for valentine's day dinner

My third dress from is definitely a goddess dress!  This dress does have a low cut in the bust, but the glitter on top of the fabric will help to make your bust look fuller.  Also, like the first dress I featured, this dress has a very nice strap design that will pull attention away from your bust and instead put in on your decolletage and bare skin.   Don't forget to take advantage of  their free shipping on $50.

4. All Afloat Blush Pink Strapless Maxi Dress

dress for valentine's day dinner

My third dress comes from a great company called Lulus is very popular among mamas because they feature tons of both cute and elegant clothing items in all sizes, including XS (31-32" busts), and Small (33-34" busts). 

I could not take my eyes off of this beautiful All Afloat Blush Pink Strapless Maxi Dress.  First, let's talk about it's color.  It's a perfect shade of pink that will ooze innocence and girlyness.  Secondly, its a bandeau cut.  Bandeau cuts are GREAT for small cup sizes!  They fit tightly on the bust and also push the chest up, which ads extra support and makes for a fuller look in that area.  Third, I love the long flowing ruffles in the dress. This dress looks fit for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway on a tropical island.  Even if you don't end up on an exotic island, wearing this dress will make you feel like you are there anyway.  Also, is currently having a promo sale right now where you get $15 off orders of $150 with their promo code.  And shipping is always free on orders over $50. 

5. Tulle Me Everything Midi Dress

dress for valentine's day dinner

This Tulle Me Everything Midi Dress comes from ModCloth and is truly one of a kind!!  ModCloth is another very popular women's brand and it is a Top 100 Power Rank company of ShareASale. I highly recommend becoming an affiliate of ModCloth if you buy and recommend their stuff so you can start earning cash back. You can apply for their program directly here even if you are not a member of ShareASale: Join the ModCloth Program Today!

This dress is great for those with smaller cup sizes because it fully covers the bust area.  The shier tiers of the dress make it cute, fancy, and sexy all at the same time!  I really like all the different shades of super light pink this dress offers as well.  This Tulle Me Everything Midi Dress dress has a good review from someone who has a smaller bust and her review will help you get the perfect size.

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