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7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker

7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker

7 Ways to Know If You Are a Makeup Lawbreaker.

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In the world of makeup, there are some big no-no's. They are so big, in fact, that you may as well call them laws. These laws of makeup are extremely important for few reasons:  They impact your health; they impact your makeup application; they impact your money; or a few of these combined.  For these three reasons, it's always best to follow the law - the makeup law that is.

Today I want to present to you 7 ways to know if you may be a...(big gasp),  makeup lawbreaker! Keep reading to find out just which side of the law your on.

7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker

Here are the 7 big laws of makeup that every makeup artist (MUA) and makeup lover should follow:

1. Throw out expired makeup.

This is probably the biggest law that is broken world wide.  I know that we ladies have our favorite makeup products that we feel we will never be able to replace, but chances are, if this favorite of yours is a few years old, it is crawling with bacteria that will either give you an eye infection, acne, or both.  If you look on the back of makeup products, it should have a small number of months on it that will say how long it is recommended to use the product for.

Here are some good guidelines to follow regarding how long makeup products should be kept:

Mascara:  3 months maximum.  This is probably the biggest one that is kept longer than it should.  It gets covered with bacteria that can easily cause eye infections.

Liquid Eyeliner - 6 months maximum.

Concealers and Foundations: A year maximum.  I always notice an increase in acne when I use liquid foundations that I have had for over a year.

Lipstick and Lip Liners:  2 years maximum.

I always feel like I will never be able to replace favorite lipstick colors, so the good news is at least they last the longest - up to two years.

2.  Wash your brushes regularly.

7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker
This is another really important law that also is often neglected.  Just like makeup, brushes get covered in bacteria because they are constantly being dipped in dirty makeup and pressed against skin that has bacteria on it.   I know many ladies don't like the idea of washing makeup brushes because they fear it can destroy their favorite brush.  I used to be in this boat, too, until I discovered a really gentle and effective recipe for cleaning even the most delicate of brushes.

The makeup brush cleaner recipe:

2 parts dish soap
1 part olive oil

Mix those proportions together in a bowl, swirl your makeup brushes around in the mix gently for about 10 seconds, then wash the brushes with warm, not hot, water until they run clear, and place on a towel.  When you are done cleaning all your brushes, hang your brushes upside down so that the water does not effect the glue holding the bristles in the brush.

3.  NEVER sleep in your makeup!

7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker

This is so, so, so important !! Please, I beg you, do not do this, you will regret it.  I suffered some serious allergies from some of my favorite makeup products when I was younger because I would fall asleep with makeup on.   I am now no longer able to wear these products, and it makes me so sad.  You can read about what I became allergic to in my post, Wax Free Lip Product List.  In addition to causing allergies, makeup can also give your skin wrinkles!  See my post, Makeup Causes Wrinkles in 3 Ways to learn more about this.  It's truly a loose-loose situation if you sleep in your makeup.

If you have to keep a very late schedule, try keeping some makeup remover wipes on your night table.  Also, as discussed in the posts, Makeup Causes Wrinkles In 3 Ways  and  Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Face Daily, the best way to ensure that you have removed all the layers of makeup off of your skin is to always use a cleansing brush. Even when my skin looks to be free of any traces of makeup, I always pull so much more off using my LAVO Giro Face Cleansing Brush, New Colors! Exfoliator for Facial Microdermabrasion - Pore Minimizer, Blackhead Remover, Acne Scar Treatment, Dark Spot Corrector - for Men and Women.  Be on the safe side and protect your self from allergies and wrinkles, always use a brush.  And this brings me to my fourth law.
4.  Exfoliate your skin before applying makeup. 

Yes, not only should you use a cleansing brush to remove makeup, you should also use a cleansing brush before you apply makeup.  A cleansing brush will remove dirt and oil from your face that can make your makeup application look sloppy and terrible.  Use a brush to clean and prepare your skin to look flawless under its makeup.

5.  Do not pull on your eyelids when you apply eye makeup.

7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker

I know it can be hard to apply eye makeup sometimes, especially when it's liquid liner, but constantly pulling on your delicate and fragile eye skin will burst capillaries in the skin and cause wrinkles.  The correct way to apply liquid liner is to move your hand around your eye while you draw the line.  You should not need your eye closed, either to draw a good winged liner.  If you are unsure, YouTube has a lot of great videos on how to draw winged liner.

6.  Line your lips before, and after, applying lipstick.

7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker

I see this time and time again, un-lined lips, and they just don't look the same. Always line your lips first before applying your lipstick. After applying your lipstick, line again.  Liner gives your lips definition and plump. Please line!  To see how to line your lips, I have some really great poster tutorials showing exactly how to do this in my Makeup Board on Pinterest which you can view here: Makeup Board.

7.  Save money on dupes when you can.

There are so many great drugstore dupe products out there that mimic expensive, high end items.  Why pay more for a product when you don't have to?  I understand that many high end products simply cannot be replicated, but if you find a dupe that does replicate a product, by all means, buy it and save yourself some cash.  If you are interested in some of my favorite dupes for high end items, please see my post: 7 Makeup Dupes For High End Products.

If you get to the end of this list and you realize that you are a serial makeup lawbreaker, please don't panic!  Simply try to start implementing as many of these good practices as you can, and you will be well on your way to becoming a nice, law abiding, makeup loving, citizen.

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Excellent post. I'm somehow of a makeup lawbreaker, but not to the extreme. But I really need to correct some things on my routine.


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