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Convert Canva PDFs Into Blogger JPEGs The Easy Way

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How to Convert Canva PDFs into Blogger JPEGs The Easy Way.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Since writing this post, Canva has introduced the ability to save your canva posters in JPEG format, meaning that you will not need to go through the steps outlined in this post to make them JPEGs.  Thank you Canva! This saves us blogging people lots of time!   This post will still be helpful for anyone looking to learn how to take screenshots of images and cut and paste them into their posts.  If you are interested in learning how to take a screenshot and create a JPEG out of your screenshot, please keep reading. ****

If you are a blogger, you may have hard about CanvaCanva is a really great, free tool that will allow you to create very nice and visually pleasing posters and graphics for your blog posts.  I used Canva to create the poster you saw at the top of this post, and I use it to create just about all my other posts as well!

When I first heard about Canva, I was really excited and got poster-making right away.  But I immediately realized that when I downloaded or saved my poster, I could only save it in PDF format - Note: this has now changed, you are now able to save it into JPEG as noted above.  The problem I had was that I used the Blogger platform to write my posts, and Blogger only accepted pictures in JPEG format.  I am not sure if my WordPress friends have a way to stick pictures in PDF format directly into their posts, but anyone using Google's Blogger platform knows that it will not use PDF pictures, they must be in JPEG format. 

When I tried googling how to put Canva into blogger, all I got was articles telling me to use editing software programs.  As a busy boss babe and mom of three, I didn't have the time to figure out editing software programs.  I needed an easier way to convert my PDFs into JPEGs, and I finally found one. If you are in the same boat as me and want to convert your pretty Canva PDF posters into JPEG format without learning an editing software program, keep reading!!
So how on earth can you convert a PDF into a JPEG?  Here is the secret:

Simply follow the below. 

1. Download the PDF.  Then move your cursor around to reduce the size a little and zoom out so you can see the entire poster on your screen.

2. When you are looking at your entire poster in the screen, hit the "PrtSc" button on the top right of your keyboard. This is the "print screen" button and it is going to take a snapshot of your screen when you hit it. 

3. Now go to your windows accessories and find a program called "Paint". Open that up.
4. Find the "Paste" button at the top of the new window in the Paint program, and click on it.

5. You should now see the image of your screen pasted into your new window in Paint.  This is what mine looked like when I created the poster for this image and pasted it into paint.

screenshot of something I am explaining how to do in post
6. Move your cursor around to zoom out on the screen image a little.

7. Once you have reduced the size somewhat, use your cursor to crop the screenshot.

You want only the poster itself, so using your cursor, highlight only the very outside edges of the poster - basically you should have a rectangle shape you have drawn around the outer corners of your poster.

8. Now look up at the top menu again in Paint and find the button "Crop". Click on it.

9. You should now see your poster, all nice and clean, with nothing else around it.
10.  Go to "File" at the top left, and scroll down to "Save As". Name your poster and then select the format "JPEG" underneath the name box.  Then hit "Save".

So to summarize, to convert Canva PDFs into JPEG files for Blogger, all you do is:

Download the PDF, take a screen shot of the downloaded PDF using your Print Screen "PrtSc" button, then paste that screenshot into Paint, crop the screenshot, and save the image as a JPEG in Paint. Then upload your new JPEG poster into blogger and your all set.

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