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How To Brush Your Hair To Stop Hair Loss

how to brush your hair to stop hair loss

  5 Ways to Brush Your Hair to Stop Hair Loss.

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If you have healthy hair, you need to read this post. If you have curly hair, you need to read this post.  And if you have damaged or over-processed hair, then you really, really need to read this post!

Contrary to popular opinion, there really IS a right way to brush your hair, and knowing this right way will dramatically reduce your hair loss.

I brushed my hair anyway I felt like it for most of my life.  But after being a platinum blonde for a few years, and then dying and stripping this bleached hair - you can read all about this in my posts, DIY Platinum White Hair Recipe and How to Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red DIY - my hair became so damaged that I had to learn the proper technique to brush my fragile hair to prevent tearing it out every time I brushed it.

Today I want to talk about five techniques that are used by most professional hair salons. Since implementing them, I have noticed a dramatic reduction in how much hair I lose in my hair brush.

As I mentioned above, there are 5 good hair brushing practices that everyone should follow, regardless of the condition of your hair, but especially if your hair is damaged or over-processed.  These are also great techniques to use on children that have hair that is prone to knots.

1. Brush out knots while hair is still dry.

This is the hands down most important tip of all five I talk about here.  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that my hair has been through a lot.  On top of this, I am also a naturally curly-haired girl.  This two things mean that my hair tangles and knots a lot.  Because my hair is in such a fragile state, if I pull hard with the brush to untangle the knots, I can lose a lot of hair.  This is why I ALWAYS brush the knots out when my hair is dry, before I wash it.

It is much, much, much easier to detangle knots in the hair when the hair is dry, as opposed to wet, and this is all the more true for damaged hair.  It is almost impossible for me to detangle knots in my hair when it is wet, no matter how much detangler I use.  Further, because the hair is wet, the hair strands are weaker.  If I brush out the knots before washing it, I am able to brush through my fragile hair in lightning speed when I finish washing and I lose much less hair because I'm not having to pull hard on the hair with my brush.

2. Wet your brush when brushing wet hair.

This is another really great trick that I never knew about.  I am able to brush through my wet hair with a wet hair brush much easier than I can with a dry brush.

It seems as though the wet bristles apply less friction to my hair strands, and I end up loosing less hair, which is always the goal is it not?

3.  Always use a detangler before brushing wet hair.

I literally cannot brush my wet hair if I am out of my detangler. The only detangler I will use is  Cantu Detangler.  Not only does this detangler work amazingly well on really knotty hair, but it also has the best ingredient list that I have found.  Many other detanglers I have used would make me cough a lot when I sprayed them onto my hair.  I don't know what chemicals were being sprayed into the air and irritating my lungs, but Cantu has never made me cough, its just a fantastic all around product in my opinion.

4. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

You will find that almost any professional hair stylist does this if you watch how they comb your wet hair.

Most of my knots are at the bottom part of my hair because my ends are more damaged than my roots.  Ends are always more damaged because they have been around longer and have thus unfortunately been put through more abuse - different colors, stripping, heat styling, etc.  Hold onto the bottom of your hair and brush your way up in small sections.  Not only will this prove an easier and much less painful way to brush out your knots, you will also cut down on the risk of pulling your hair out at the follicle, which can happen if you start at the root and brush down and then run into a tough knot.

5. Use a wide tooth brush or comb.

If you have hair that is prone to knots and tangles, you do not want to use a dense-toothed product.  I know that some people will only use boar bristle brushes and claim that they are softer on the hair than brushes with synthetic prongs, but I have found that these dense boar brushes do absolutely nothing to detangle my knots.  In fact, I ended up over brushing with a boar bristle brush which caused even more hair loss.

Brushes and combs with lots of space between the prongs are the easiest to detangle hair with in my opinion, and since they make it easy, you won't be tugging and pulling on your hair,  which reduces the chance of pulling out your follicles.  I have used this brush for many years.  Another well known wide tooth, detangler brush is the Tangle Teezer Hair Brush, Panther Black, 2.5 Ounce.

Target and Amazon also currently have a super cute flower version of the tangle teezer for girls, which you can view here: Compact Flower Tangle Teezer.

flower tangle teezer brush for girls

ASOS also has a version of this brush, the Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer, as Hello Kitty is all the rage right now.

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