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Unicorn Gift Guide

Unicorn Gift Guide For Unicorn Lovers Everywhere.

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Is it just me, or did unicorns make a huge comeback recently??  Or maybe unicorns never went out of style, but it's just that the stores finally caught on to how much we all love them?  No matter what age you may be, its hard to say no to a unicorn.  My daughter loves unicorns, and so do I, and we have a pretty big age difference.

I wanted to get my daughter a unicorn decoration for Christmas this year, so I started looking around.  After some browsing different sites, I concluded that ModCloth had some of the nicest unicorn items around.  The items were so nice, in fact, that I had a really hard time deciding which one of the many items I should get my daughter, and which ones I should get for myself!  I decided to create a unicorn gift guide to highlight some of the nicest unicorn items out there from ModCloth.
Let me present to you my unicorn gift guide from ModCloth that will make any woman, regardless of her age, swoon.

1. It's All For Unicorn Light

This is the item I chose to buy my daughter, so naturally I had to put it first.

I chose it fore a few different reasons:  One, because my daughter loves nightlights and soft lamps in her room when she goes to bed.  Two, because I bought her brother a dinosaur lamp from ModCloth also, see his here: Sight for Saur Eyes Lamp in Stegosaurus - so naturally she had to get a lamp too.  And three, because it's just too stinkin' cute!!

Here are pictures of the unicorn lamp and dinosaur lamp in their rooms:

unicorn lamp from modcloth
dinosaur lamp from modcloth
2. Mythical Trimmings Sprinkle Shaker

How cute is this?  This is a unicorn salt shaker.  I don't think I know of anyone who couldn't use a new salt shaker.  My salt shakers are constantly broken by my kids, so I am always in need of new ones.  This is not only a cute one, its also super colorful.

3. Made Magical String Lights

I am a sucker for anything white lights, I absolutely love them, and when I saw these unicorn white lights, I just about fell out of my chair.   Talk about the cutest lights ever for your office, bedroom, bathroom, just about anywhere you can think of.

4. Back to the Drawing Horn Pencil Holder

Do you know any artists? Talk about a unique gift for any artist unicorn lover.  The crayons you place in the unicorn holder make a really colorful horn. I love the contrast of white and colors, this is just too cute.
5. Of Mythical Prop-ortions Phone Stand

The most creative smartphone stand I have ever seen. Period.

6. Forest to Arrive Ornament in Unicorn

How pretty is this unicorn orament?  It even has glitter on it.  This is an ornament that any girl will treasure and enjoy displaying year after year.
7. Unicorn of the Tea Infuser

Okay, okay, I know this last one is not technically a unicorn, it's more a manatee-icorn, but it was too cute to not include here.  Most gals I know like to drink tea, so this gift is good from just about anybody. 

I hope you enjoyed this unicorn gift guide.  I did not display all the unicorn items that ModCloth has, so please feel free to explore their other unicorn stuff if you like.  

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