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10 Ways Husbands Say I Love You Without Saying It

10 Ways My Husband Says I Love You Without Saying It

10 Ways My Husband Tells Me He Loves Me Without Saying It.

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Hope everyone is staying warm in the frigid temperatures this week! Today I am going to be doing my third post in my marriage series.  You can view my other posts in the marriage series under my page, Relationships, which is found at the top of my site, just please make sure to view in web, not mobile, version to see my pages.

The topic of today's post is how spouses can say "I love you" with their actions and not their words.  Below I list ten ways that my husband tells me he loves me through his actions.
married couple holding hands

Marriage is really hard work and married couples constantly have to fight against the tendency to move away from each other emotionally.  Being told by your spouse that they love you is a wonderful feeling and does so much to move two people closer emotionally.

Spouses can show each other their love in many ways without ever saying the actual words.  Today I want to talk about ten ways my husband tells me he loves me with his actions alone.  

1. He calls me throughout the day.

My husband calls me throughout the work week at different times of the day.  Though he rarely will say he loves me during his calls, its clear that he is thinking about me and that is why he called me.  Many times he will call with nothing important to say, and just simply wants to know how my day is going and what I am up to.  His random calls throughout the day always make me feel  loved and let me know I am on his mind.

2. He cleans ice and snow off my car without me asking.

cleaning snow of of my car shows me he loves me

I absolutely hate the cold weather, and I really despise having to scrape ice and snow off my car.  Any time we have a storm, my husband will clean all the ice and snow off of my car before I even ask him to do it.  Not only do his actions say that he knows me well, they are also really loving and tell me that he always has my best interests on his mind. 

3.  He gets upset when I get upset.

I love that my husband gets upset when I get upset.  It bothers him greatly when I get mad or hurt by something, and that tells me how much he cares about my feelings, and how much he loves me.

4.  He tells me the truth.

This is something I so admire in my husband.  It can be hard to find an honest person these days!  My husband is a really honest person, and I so appreciate that he loves and respects me enough to always be honest with me.  I know that some times it is not easy to be honest, but he does it out of his love for me.

5.  He sacrifices himself to provide for his family.

My husband shows me how much he loves me in the way he sacrifices his body and mind for us in his work.  He wakes up at 5 am and drives at least two hours each way to work to his jobs.  He is in the remodeling business, so his work is physically hard and exhausting.  He is a great provider and I know he puts his body through so much out of his love for me and our children.  His daily hard work tells me loud and clear that he really loves me.
6.  He tries hard to buy the right items for me at the grocery store.

I always do the grocery shopping, but sometimes I simply cannot make it to the store.  This happened a lot after I had our children, and also happens during winter storms.  When I need my husband to do the grocery shopping for me, he asks me to send him pictures of the exact items I need, and they he searches the store until he finds those exact items.  He knows I am very particular with the items I buy, and he tries really hard to get exactly the right thing.  This shows me how much he loves me and wants to make me happy with the job he does.

7.  He cooks me food.

cooking food for me shows me my husband loves me

My husband has always been a great cook.  Whenever he has the time, he will cook food for me and the kids, and he will wait for me to come sit with him before he starts eating it.  This always makes me feel loved.

8.  He gives me the last bite.

If we buy some food, and I end up really liking it, my husband will just stop eating it and give me the rest.  There is nothing sweater than this to me.  Nothing says I love you more than giving all your yummy food to your spouse.

9.  He spends all his money on the family.

My husband is really great with money.  Not only is he good with money, but he spends almost on all his money on me and the kids instead of himself.  There is no better way to tell someone that you love them and you really mean it, than spending your money on them.

10.  He has stopped hanging out with bad friends.

My husband had a few friends when we got married that weren't exactly great for him to be around.  He knew it bothered me when he hung out with them, and he stopped hanging out with them and put me first.  His actions of putting me ahead of those people told me that he loved me and cared about making me happy. 

I really hope you enjoyed my list.  Maybe your husband does some of these same things?  In what ways does your husband say "I love you" without ever saying the words?  Please leave me a comment and let me know, I love hearing how couples show love to each other in different ways.

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