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5 Productive People Life Habits That Help Me Achieve Goals

5 Productive People Life Habits That Help Me Achieve Goals

5 Life Habits Make Me Productive & Help Me Achieve Goals.

Have you ever wondered how people get so much done?  A quick google search will give you tons of articles about how to be more productive, but a lot of the tips listed in these articles are abstract and can be hard to know how to implement.   

Today I am going to give you 5 real, concrete, life habits that will make you more productive if you implement them. These are all habits that I have been doing most of my life.  I will admit that some of them are a little uncommon and may also be a little hard to get used to at first, but these habits do work and I am living proof of that.  I am also going to share with you two of my biggest time wasting habits.  If you are interested in learning more, please keep reading.
Below I am going to tell you about 5 life habits that make me more productive, and two habits that waste a lot of my time.

Here are my 5 productive life habits: 

1. I don't watch TV.

Before you call me a liar, let me explain.  I do own television sets, the actual physical thing, but I do not have any television stations that I can watch or access in my house.  The TV is only used to play kids' movies, that's it.  So yes, I will watch an occasional DVD or two with the kids, but other than that, I never watch TV.  No news, no reality TV, nothing.  I couldn't watch it if I wanted to because I don't have a single station that my TVs could access, and this was done on purpose because of my views on what a complete waste of time watching TV is.  Not having television stations to watch makes me get things done in my spare time.  It may be hard to make the no-TV switch in the beginning, but I promise you that once you get used to it, you will be horrified at how much time you wasted watching TV before you made the switch. 

2. I don't have Facebook.

5 Productive People Life Habits That Help Me Achieve Goals

I know, I know, I am probably getting weirder by the second.  Yes, it's true though, I do not have a Facebook account.  Now I did own one many years ago, but I got rid of it.  Basically I realized two things:  One, that I was wasting a ridiculous amount of time scrolling through pictures and reading about people's lives and it was preventing me from getting important things done.  Two, I didn't like that my pictures would show up on google even though my account was private.  These were the main two reasons I got rid of my account and I haven't missed a day of not having it.  I do have other social media accounts such as Instagram and Pinterest, (please feel free to check me out and follow me on there!), which are my two favorites, but I find that the time I spend on those two sites is better used than the time I used to spend on Facebook.  I am always learning new things and getting ideas for new blog posts when I use Instagram and Pinterest. I bet you will find that you start getting more done if you try to go without good old Facebook for a while. 

3. I obey my personality. 

5 Productive People Life Habits That Help Me Achieve Goals
Let me explain this one a little bit.  People are either morning people or night people.  I have seen so many articles on productivity that tell people to wake up at 5am to get things done and be more productive.  I hate to see stuff like this because this will only work for morning people.  It will not work for night people or people that are morning  people but are nursing babies and caring for children all night long.  I am a night person, and I also still take care of the baby of the family at night.  If I tried to get stuff done at 5am every day, I would hate my life, and I would likely get absolutely nothing done at that hour, and would get even less done throughout the day because I would be so drowsy.  If I started making myself wake up at 5am, I would end up either passed out at my desk, or binging on chocolate, and I would probably do both.  Either way, waking up at 5am is something I despise, and it just wouldn't jive well with  my personality.

Now, does this mean that I never have uninterrupted time to get a lot done? No.  As a night person, I like to work late into the night.  I often work between the hours of 10pm-2am, and it works great for me.  I would much rather work at midnight and go to sleep tired than wake up really early in the morning and feel like poop all day long. The choice for me is an easy one, and knowing it helps me to be productive. 

The key here is this - If you are a morning person, then waking up early is probably a great idea to accomplish stuff that needs to get done.  If you are a night person, than staying up late is a great idea to get a lot done.  It doesn't matter which one you do, just obey the type of personality type you have.  If you are a morning person and try to work at night, chances are you will hate everything and very unproductive.  And same goes if you are night person and try to wake up early to get things done.  Try to work with the personality you have as much as possible, and watch your productivity levels shoot up.
4.  I don't drink alcohol.

If you read The Makeup Equation, then you were probably guessing this one was coming right? Ha ha. Yes, I do mention this in a few of my posts, such as 11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin, and Makeup Causes Wrinkles In Three Ways.  In these posts I discuss how toxic alcohol is to the body and the many dangerous effects it has on us.  For example, did you know that alcohol kills brain cells and changes certain areas of the brain?  

I think the main way not drinking helps to keep more productive is that I am always in my right mind, 100% of the time.  That means that I always have new ideas for blogging coming to me, I am always writing things down, I am always brainstorming.  My brain is just always on and I am able to think clearly at all times.  I also have less time where my brain is "off".  I definitely think this helps me stay more productive.

5. I combine shopping trips.

5 Productive People Life Habits That Help Me Achieve Goals

This is probably a pretty common habit of us busy mamas.  If I need to get something from a store, I try to wait until I need to go to a few stores, and then I combine all my trips into one big trips.  This keeps me from running back and forth to the store every day, and wasting time in the car.  By doing everything on one day, my other days are freed up to get more done.

Now that I have given you my 5 productive life habits, let me share with you two of my biggest time wasting flaws:  
My biggest source of wasted time is online shopping.  Now this may be because I am very picky about the things I buy, and I also try to spend the smallest amount of money possible that I can.  But I spend so many hours looking at items, reading reviews, looking for coupon codes and discounts, trying to get free shipping.  I can easily waste a good two hours on any one store online.  It's really bad, I know, and I am trying to get better at this and limit the time I browse for things online.  

My second biggest source of wasted time is putting on makeup.  Just ask my husband how much he loves to wait for me to get ready, and by love, I mean hate here, ha ha.  Yes, it is true, I do take a while to do my makeup. I would argue that a flawless makeup application does require a good amount of time, but I also understand that not every outing I embark on requires a flawless, or even close to flawless, makeup face.  So yes, putting on makeup is another big time waster for me, and I am going to try to get better at this by going on more outings bare faced, and only spending the time doing good makeup when I absolutely have to. 

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