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5 Reasons Why You Really Should Put Hot Sauce On Everything

5 Reasons Why You Really Should Put Hot Sauce On Everything

  5 Reasons To Make Your Meals Spicy.

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Have you ever seen that commercial where the lady says that she puts hot sauce on everything?  She uses a few choice words to say this, and it's sort of a silly commercial, but there is actually some truth to it.  Hot sauce is full of a few things that are extremely healthy for the body.  If you'd like to learn how hot sauce can be so beneficial for you and why you really should be pouring it on all your food, please keep reading.

Hot sauce is made from chili peppers, and chili peppers contains a few compounds that are really healthy for the human body.  One of the most important compounds they contain is an antioxidant called capsaicin. The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin there is in the pepper.  

Let's explore the 5 ways hot sauce will keep your body healthy.

1. Hot sauce will help you lose weight.

5 Reasons Why You Really Should Put Hot Sauce On Everything

Have you ever noticed that you feel full quicker when you eat foods that contain hot sauce?  This may be because hot sauce helps people to feel more satisfied with their food.  Although the exact mechanism by which it makes people more satisfied is not completely known, we do know that capsaicin boots production of the feel good chemical serotonin in the brain.  Since lack of serotonin is heavily linked to overeating, it's quite likely that the increase in serotonin production is what makes us feel satisfied and full quicker.  Not only does spicy food make us feel full quickly, thus helping us with satiety, but it also helps us burn more calories.  Studies have shown that capsaicin helps the body burn calories 20 minutes longer than usual.  Studies have also shown that capsaicin increases body heat and boosts our metabolism.  It has even been shown to make the body better at burning fat calories.  This alone is enough to make me want to pour hot sauce on everything!

2.  Hot sauce will kill your colds.

5 Reasons Why You Really Should Put Hot Sauce On Everything

I don't know about you, but I can literally feel a bad head cold leaving me when I eat a lot of spicy food.  Sometimes I can even hear my ears and nose unplug after eating something really spicy.  Turns out there really is some truth in spicy foods being able to kill colds.  Hot sauce is full of capsaicin and Vitamin C.  The capsaicin has been shown to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Studies have also shown that chili peppers contain more Vitamin C than oranges and most other citrus fruits, and Vitamin C is known to reduce the length of a cold.  The combination of capsaicin and Vitamin C proves to be a knockout punch for bad bugs that like to make us sick.  The next time you feel a cold coming on, just pour some hot sauce on your food and tell that bug to say goodbye!

3. Hot sauce will fight cancer.

Studies have shown that the antioxidant capsaicin slows the growth of prostate and breast cancer cells, and it mostly likely affects other cancer cells in a similar way.  Chili peppers also contain carotenoids, which is the stuff that gives them their colors, and these compounds have been shown to help protect against cancer.  Chili peppers are also high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and these vitamins keep the body's immune system running properly and equipped to be able to fight cancer cells better.

4.  Hot sauce will keep your heart healthy.

5 Reasons Why You Really Should Put Hot Sauce On Everything

Chili peppers have been shown to have some seriously awesome benefits for the heart.  The antioxidant capsaicin has been shown to dilate blood vessels and this helps reduce the bad, plaque forming LDL cholesterol that hardens arteries.  Capsaicin has also been shown to thin the blood, which helps to prevent blood clots.  It has also been shown to fight inflammation, and inflammation is linked to heart disease.  All of this combined makes it pretty obvious that including hot sauce into your diet can really help your heart. 

5.  Hot sauce will keep your intestines clean.

Have you ever noticed that eating a lot of spicy food can make you have to go to the bathroom?  This is actually a really good thing.  By helping your bowels to empty themselves, the hot sauce is keeping them nice and clean inside.  When food sits in your bowels, it starts to ferment, which creates gas.  The fermenting food can also lead to bacterial overgrowth, which can cause a lot of different health and hygiene problems, including acne and bad breath.  If you struggle with bad breath or facial acne, please read my posts, 7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age, The Number One Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath, Makeup Causes Wrinkles in 3 Ways, and The Benefits of Daily Face Exfoliation.  Hot sauce is a great way to clean your intestines and detox your body.

I have always liked spicy food, but after learning more about how healthy chili peppers can be, I have definitely started adding more hot sauce and cayenne pepper to my everyday food.  Hot sauce can make a great gifts for hostesses and relatives.  A really wonderful hot sauce gift kit is the Hot & Spicy Man Crate by Man Crates.

Hot & Spicy Man Crate Review

You can find my full review of this kit can be found here: Man Crates Review.

I leave you with 4 helpful tips concerning all things spicy:

1.  Black pepper and bell peppers do not contain capsaicin, so they will not provide the health benefits that hot sauce and other spicy peppers like jalapeno and habanero will.

2. If you eat something that is too spicy for your taste, drink some milk.  Milk contains fat, and oil is what is needed to dissolve the capsaicin.  Capsaicin does not dissolve in water, and it will do nothing to quench the burning sensation in your mouth and throat.

3.  The spiciest part of a pepper in not in the seeds.  It is actually in the veins of the pepper located close to the seeds.

4. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in pepper spray.

I hope this post will help you enjoy your hot peppers more!  If you enjoyed this post, you may like some of my other health related articles.  You can view all my health articles under my Health page, which can be found at the top of my site.  To get coupon codes and free stuff for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes.  

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