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7 Real Reasons Why Marriage Gets Better With Time

7 Real Reasons Why Marriage Gets Better With Time
 Examining The Truth Behind The Statement That Marriage Gets Better Over Time.

You may have heard the statement, "marriage gets better with time".  As a married woman of 10 years, I can tell you that yes, this statement is true.  However, I have never heard anyone explain exactly why marriage gets better over time.  Today I want to give you some concrete, real reasons why your marriage relationship will get better over time.

This is going to be my fourth post in my series on marriage.  You can view my other posts in the marriage series under my page, Relationships, which is found at the top of my site.

 If you are interested in learning seven real reasons marriage improves with time, please keep reading.
I believe that there are seven main reasons why marriages get better with time.  I wish that someone had told me these things when I was newly married and struggling to find joy in the many difficulties of early married life.

Here are my seven reasons why your marriage will get better over time:

1. Your financial situation will improve.

7 Real Reasons Why Marriage Gets Better With Time
Sometimes I feel like things are backwards in the marriage world.  What many say is the happiest day of your life, your wedding day, is actually in truth the first day of quite a difficult road ahead.  There is nothing easy about marriage.  You have to learn to get along with a completely different person, and you must learn to compromise on really big decisions such as money and parenting.  Making everything even harder in the beginning years of marriage is that most married couples, especially if they are young, start out with very little financial wealth.  

Money stresses add further strain and strife to the early years of marriage.  Here's a secret though:  Your financial situation will get better!  People get more experienced in their field of work with time, and this will lead to a better salary and income.   God also blesses marriage and the two people who are in it, and he will bless you financially in many ways, whether it is through new job opportunities, raises, new homes, there are endless way He can bless you and your spouse.  And an improved financial situation is one of the reasons why your marriage will get better.  As your financial situation improves, you and your spouse will have less stress, and this will make your marriage more enjoyable.  I've seen it play out in my own life.  With every year our financial situation gets a little bit better and more stable, and the lack of financial stress allows my husband and me to enjoy our marriage and everything else in our lives a little more.

2. Your kids will get older.

7 Real Reasons Why Marriage Gets Better With Time

This is such a huge reason why marriage gets better guys!! As I mentioned in my first point, sometimes I feel like what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, your wedding day, is actually perhaps the funniest, in an ironic sort of way.  This is because you and your spouse have no idea what you are getting into and what you got coming to you!  One of those unknowns is kids, and I do mean this in a good way, but lets be real here, kids ain't no joke, am I right??  

Let's just take a look at what generally happens:  Two people marry each other, usually young.  They are usually broke or close to it when they marry.  They are trying to get used to each other and each others' relatives, and they decide to throw a screaming baby or two into the mix. Ha ha! Oh, you young married people.

I am here to tell you that if you think a baby is going to bring you and your spouse closer together, you are dead wrong.  Really, a baby is going to push to you two farther apart.  The stress of pregnancy, the birth experience, a crying baby who doesn't sleep like a normal human, lack of sleep, vaccinations and doctor visits, different parenting styles, etc etc. is going to test your marriage relationship like nothing else will.  The good news here though is that if you can survive the stress of having children, and in most cases, survive it a few times if you have a few kids, then there will be very little that will be able to separate you and your spouse.  And here is the even better news, and another real reason why your marriage will get better - those non-sleeping, screaming little humans that demand everything from you and do all they can to separate and divide you and your spouse - they are going to get older!!  And your marriage is going to get easier as these little kiddos grow up and become older human beings that can do things for themselves.  There will still be tough times ahead in the parenting world, but you and your spouse will be more experienced parents and there will likely not be the level of chaos seen during the infant years.

3.  You will both mature as people.

Most of us get married young and at our most immature time in our lives.  Throw two immature people together in a marriage and things are bound to be a little dicey.  The good news is that with each passing year of marriage, you are a year older, and the longer you have been around on this earth, the more mature life experiences will make you.  If you and your spouse are Christians, you will both have grown spiritually and have more wisdom, and this will make it easier to get along with each other also.  So the third reason your marriage is going to be easier is because you will be more mature and so will your husband, and marriage is easier and more enjoyable for more mature people. 

4.  You will be used to your spouse's bad habits and vice versa.

7 Real Reasons Why Marriage Gets Better With Time

The longer you are married to your spouse, the more you will become used to their behavior, and the more they will get used to yours.  You will know their quirks, their weird habits, what makes them crazy, you will know it all, and you will also know how to deal with it better.  You might even adopt some of their crazy traits depending on how long you have been married - sorry to scare you guys, but its true, married people do copy each others habits.  

And the same will be true for them.  They will know what makes you crazy, what makes you mad, all your little faults and bad habits, and they will be used to them, too.  All of this makes marriage easier because you won't blow up when your spouse does something that they have been doing for years, and they won't blow up at you when you do something they don't like.  Each of you will be so used to each others faults that you may not be bothered by them as much or even notice them anymore.  All of this will help to make your marriage smoother and better.

5.  You will have "been there, done that", many times.

7 Real Reasons Why Marriage Gets Better With Time

Life is full of surprises, some good, and some also bad.  The longer you and your spouse have been married, the longer you have "done life" with that person, and the more you have been through together.  Those years of marriage under your belt will make it easier to weather coming storms in the future because you will have been through so many together already.  Rocky times can be very hard to deal with in the early stages of marriage, but they are easier to handle in the later stages of marriage, simply because you will have been there and done that.  Even if the situation is not the same, you will know how to handle things better when life throws you lemons, and you will also have more resources to deal with bad situations, and this is another thing that makes marriage better with time.

6.  Your successes will bind you both together.

Although you and your spouse will certainly endure your fair share of hardships and tough times in your marriage, you will also experience a lot of successes.  Success can come in many forms in marriage - the success of raising happy children that bring you joy, financial success, the success of experiencing true love from and for your spouse.  The feeling that comes from successes in marriage is really fantastic, and also really hard to duplicate anywhere else.  And all this amazing success will bind you and your spouse together, and further strengthen that marriage bond.  You will view your spouse through eyes that have seen the fantastic successes of what your marriage has produced, and this is another reason why marriage is more enjoyable with time.

7.  Hard work pays off.

This is a principle that applies to many things in life and blogging and raising children are just two examples.  It also definitely applies to marriage.  Marriage is hard work, and it will pay off, just like other things that you work hard at do.  You will learn very early on that you will have to fight to stay in your marriage.  There are forces of darkness that hate marriage and this Holy institution designed by God, and they will want to destroy it.  You will be forced to fight for your marriage and do everything you can to keep it together.  And the wonderful thing is that all that hard work will pay off.  All the hard work of learning to get along with a total stranger, of learning to compromise on finances and parenting styles and relatives, all of it is going to pay off, and one day in the future you are going to wake up and realize that your marriage is rock solid and has survived the arrows and darts of the world.  And it's going to feel amazing.  

When I look at my husband, I see so many things that I didn't see when he was just my boyfriend. When I was dating my husband, I saw a young man that was carefree and relaxed.  When I look at my husband now, I see a  real man of incredible strength, both physically and mentally.  I see a man that has sacrificed so much of his own wants and needs and a man that puts his family first.  I see a man that has learned to accept all of my faults and flaws, and a man that loves me anyway despite them all.  I see a man that helped me through the long and painful hours of childbirth, three times, and held our tiny newborn babies in his hands right after they made their entrance into the world.  Fight for your marriage you married couples, because all of that hard work will pay off, and your marriage is going to be something you are really proud.

Have you ever heard the saying, "the end of a thing is better than the beginning"?  That passage actually comes from the bible.  The passage is from the Book of Ecclesiastes, and is in Chapter 7, verse 8.  It reads, "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride."  I could not think of a better verse to sum up marriage than this verse.  The later part of marriage is truly much, much better than the beginning of marriage.  Just wait until the honeymoon is over before you tell the bride and groom that!

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