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7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

7 Life Habits To Have Youthful Skin At Any Age.

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If you are out of your 20s, you know that the struggle to keep your skin looking youthful is real.  I started to feel the pain after having my first child at 26.  I suddenly began to notice dark circles and fine lines under my eyes.  Luckily, there are a few great ways to fight the natural aging process, and fight it good.  Below I will share my biggest and best 7 secrets to reverse the aging clock and keep your skin looking 20 something.

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

Below I will discuss the top 7 best ways to keep your skin looking youthful and gorgeous.  I practice all of these habits, and I think following them has made a big difference in the age of my own skin.  I am in my thirties, but my skin looks a decade younger, and I think it's because of these 7 habits.  Without further ado, let's get into what can help to keep you looking fabulous and young at any age.

1. Don't drink.

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

If you read The Makeup Equation, you probably know from my posts that alcohol can cause a lot of really bad health problems.  I discuss some of these negative effects in my posts, 11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin, The Number One Best Way To Get Rid of Bad Breath , and Makeup Causes Wrinkles in 3 Ways.

Put simply, alcohol is incredibly bad for the body, including the skin.  Alcohol dehydrates the body and dehydrated skin looks less plump and shows more fine lines and wrinkles.   Alcohol is also toxic to liver cells.  Because the liver is responsible for removing toxins from the body, when alcohol damages your liver cells, more toxins remain in the blood and this further damages the skin.  Alcohol also causes inflammation in the body, and inflammation triggers the production of histamine.  Histamine creates a red, flushed look in the skin.  This is why alcoholics have that signature red, flushed tone to their skin.  If you want to look older than you really are, drink alcohol.  If you want to keep your skin looking young and beautiful, cut out the alcohol or reduce it as much as you possibly can.

2. Don't smoke.

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

Tobacco smoke breaks down existing collagen and reduces production of new collagen.  Collagen is the elastic fiber responsible for skin elasticity and that youthful appearance seen in young skin.  Tobacco smoke also reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the skin by narrowing your blood vessels.  This causes blood vessels on the face to dilate to try to get as much oxygen as possible, and this shows up as red lines on the face. Smoking dehydrates your skin which increases fine lines and wrinkles.  It also causes uneven skin color and a yellow or grayish appearance.  Smoking also doubles your risk of getting skin cancer.  It also causes inflammation in the body, which results in over production of histamine and red tone, and it reduces your immune system, which negatively impacts your skin health in many ways.  

It is actually said that the skin of a smoking 40 year old equals the skin of a non-smoking 70 year old!! I don't know about you, but that fact alone is enough to scare me into never smoking!

3.   Reduce your sugar intake.

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

Sugar is so, so bad for your skin!  Sugar causes your insulin levels to spike, and this results in inflammation in the body.   Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin.  Sugar also negatively affects the proteins that are used to produce new collagen and elastin.   With less of  these fibers around, the skin starts to sag and show fine lines and wrinkles.   Sugar also weakens the immune system, which allows bacteria to increase and this clogs pores and creates acne.  Sugar also dehydrates the body.  This triggers the skin's oil glands to produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, and this can also increase breakouts.  One of the most fascinating negative effects of sugar is that it causes an increase in testosterone production, which causes your skin's pores to increase in size!  This is why men have larger pores than women do.

I personally am a huge sugar head, but I have always known that sugar was bad for my skin because of how my skin looked after periods of candy binging.  High sugar- low fat candy like jelly beans, gummy bears, and lollipops, seemed to make my skin looks its very worse.  The lack of fat in these high sugar-low fat candies makes the sugar hit the bloodstream quicker and cause a stronger insulin reaction, which wreaks havoc on the skin.  If you have a serious sweet tooth, try to switch to healthier options like chocolate or smoothies.
4.  Cut out as much dairy as possible.

Speaking of chocolate, do you know why chocolate seems to cause breakouts?  The answer lies in the milk in the chocolate.  Cow milk contains hormones including progesterone and insulin growth factors.  These hormones cause inflammation in our body, and as we have already discussed, inflammation produces three things: Enzymes that reduce collagen and elastin; A weakened immune system, which increases bacteria that clog pores and cause breakouts; And an increase in histamine which flushes the skin and gives that red undertone.  

The hormones in milk also stimulate our oil glands, and this can further cause pimples and breakouts in the skin.  There are so many testimonies online from people who say that cutting out dairy has done miracles for their skin.  I really liked this article I found by a beauty editor who gave up cheese after she discovered it had been destroying her skin for years.  You can view the article here: I Gave Up Dairy And All I Got Was The Best Skin of My Life.

Now, can I confess something to you?  I am a total chocolate addict.  I love the taste of chocolate and I also love that it helps me stay awake and gives me energy.  I completely know how painful it can be to be told you have to cut out chocolate, and I am hear to tell you that actually, you don't have to! You are able to still eat chocolate even if you cut out dairy, just look for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.  There are tons of great brands out there and dark chocolate can be just as tasty as milk chocolate and is healthier for you also.  Read the ingredients of the chocolate to scan for hidden dairy ingredients like milk or whey. 

5.  Get more sleep.

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

As a stay at home mom of three and a work at home mom blogger, I know that getting enough sleep is a very hard thing to do.  Unfortunately, "beauty sleep" really is a thing, and lack of sleep can really wreack havoc on your skin and age it prematurely.    Here's how it happens:  First, sleep deprivation reduces blood flow to your skin, which causes it to loose its healthy glow and shine.  Sleep deprived people get a "dull" look to their skin as a result.  Also, when you sleep, the body removes dead blood and brain cells, and the brain removes toxins from the body. When you don't get enough sleep, there is an increase in dead cells and other toxins floating around, and this can clog your pores and increase breakouts, and also reduce the health of your skin cells overall.

During sleep, the body produces growth hormones that repair your skin cells.  A lack of sleep means less of these hormones are produced, and your skin receives less repair.  Lack of sleep also weakens the immune system, which as I mentioned above, increases bacteria and breakouts.  Also, when I have had very little sleep, I crave sugar like crazy, and this high sugar consumption further deteriorates the appearance of my skin as I already discussed.

I understand that as a mom, it can be very hard to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep, but any increase in sleep that you can do is so helpful for your skin and body overall.  Something very encouraging that I want to share with you is that studies have shown that a single good nights sleep can actually erase the effects of a many nights of very little sleep!  So even if you have to pull a few all-nighters during the week, if you can catch up on your sleep over the weekend, you should be okay.

6.  Exercise.

7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age

The primary way that exercise improves skin appearance is through increased blood flow.  When you exercise, more blood goes to your skin.  Since blood contains oxygen and nutrients, you are feeding your skin cells when you exercise.  The best oxygen facial you can give yourself is a workout, plain and simple.  The increased blood flow also serves to carry away free radicals and waste produced by the cells, which helps to clean pores and reduces breakouts.  Because exercise reduces stress, and stress hormones cause increased oil production by the oil glands, exercise helps to further reduce the chance of breakouts in the skin by reducing oil production.  

Here is something very encouraging about exercise that should help to motivate you to try to do more of it:  Studies have shown that 40-year old women who exercise regularly have inner and outer layers of the skin that mimic the inner and outer skin layers of 20-30 year olds!  If you'd like to read more about ways to make exercise more enjoyable, please see my post, 4 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight For The New Year.

7.  Take your vitamins.

Vitamins are so important for the skin!  People who are deficient in vitamins generally have a poor skin appearance and it's because vitamins and minerals are really vital to healthy skin.  Some of the most vital skin vitamins are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and all the B Vitamins.  Vitamin C has antioxidant and anti-aging properties that keep skin look healthy and youthful.  Vitamin C also helps produce collagen and elastin.  Vitamin D has been shown to fight conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  Vitamin B3 has been shown to help the skin retain moisture, which reduces fine lines.  Vitamin B5 has been shown to help the body break down fats, which reduces breakouts.  Vitamin B12 helps to even out pigmentation of the skin.  Biotin is also a great supplement for skin health.

I like to take my vitamins by adding a vitamin powder to my water.  My favorite brand of vitamin powder is the Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, 1000 mg, Super Orange, 0.3 Ounce Packets 30 packets.  This is a high dose vitamin powder that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. I have tried a lot of flavors and my favorite one is the orange, I think it tastes the best.  I can always see a difference in my skin after a few days of taking this powder and I have also found that it helps to dry out fresh acne that has just appeared on my face.

This is the exact brand of Biotin that I take and I know it works because my nails and hair grow longer, faster, and my skin improves when I take it.  You can read more about why this exact brand of Biotin works while other brands don't in my post, Faster Hair Growth 4 Secret Tricks.

I hope these 7 tips will help you fight a good fight when it comes to the aging of your skin.  There is truly no better compliment than to be told you look years younger than you really are!  To view more skincare articles I have written, see my page  Skincare.  To get coupon codes, and some free stuff, for brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes

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