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Ecocentric Mom Will Slay Your Baby Shower Gifts

ecocentric mom boxes are great for baby shower gifts

A Box From Ecocentric Mom Will Help You Slay Your Baby Shower Gifts Every Time.

This is a sponsored post and it contains affiliate links.  If you use the links provided to purchase or subscribe, I may be given a small commission, never at any extra cost to you.

As a young mom of three, I have a lot of friends and family that are having babies.  This results in lots of baby showers and lots of baby shower gifts.  Up until very recently, I was always at a loss for what to get the expecting mother.  My train of thought usually went like this:  What can I buy her that she doesn't already have?  What can I buy her that will pamper her and not just be for the baby.  What can I get her that will be unique and not like all her other gifts.  I found it really hard to find a gift that satisfied those three goals and I usually just ended up buying some sort of boring gift card that only somewhat satisfied my aims. 

This was, until, I found Ecocentric Mom - cue the angel singing please!   Ladies, this company is going to slayyyy your baby shower gifts.  I am not exaggerating!  I don't know where this company has been all my baby shower life, but now that I found it, every single expecting mother I know is going to be getting a box from Ecocentric Mom from me.  And you know what, I'm pretty sure that my gift is going to be her best gift ever! 

If you want to know what is so great about Ecocentric Mom and how exactly their boxes are going to make you the best baby shower gift giver ever, please keep reading!
So what is Ecocentric Mom you ask? Let me explain.

Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box service.  Ecocentric Mom will send you $40 dollars worth of eco-friendly and non-toxic product in every single box.  So far so good.  But here is what makes them very different from other box subscription companies:  You don't have to do the subscription option.  You can order these boxes using the gift option, and can order them only one time, or only three times.  This is one of the reasons this company is great for a baby shower. You can buy the box using the one-time gift option and the mama will be able to sample all the products.  If she likes the stuff, she will be able to reorder the products directly from their online shop herself, or she can sign up for the subscription service if she wants to keep sampling and discovering all their awesome products.
Ecocentric Mom box

You can also order the box using the gift option for yourself if you want to do the same thing - try them out and see what you think.  I don't know of too many subscription box companies that offer this type of non-subscription option.

Ecocentric Mom offers three types of boxes:  Pregnancy Box, Mom+Baby Box, and Mom Box.   The products are catered to fit each type of box.  When you sign up with your email address, you automatically get a 30% OFF COUPON which you can apply towards your first box.

They offer a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month option for both the subscription, and the gift (non-renewing) options.  All boxes come with free shipping, whether you choose the gift options or the subscription options, and regardless of how many months you choose.  Ecocentric Mom also offers an option to send an e-gift card so that she can pick which box and products she would like herself.

These boxes will be one of the most unique gifts an expecting mama will get.  They contain a bunch of different awesome products that she will likely not have tried yet, and all the products are ecofriendly, non-toxic, and cruelty free. Ecocentric Mom will send you $40 worth of products in every box, but you will only pay $20 and change, depending on the option you choose.  This ads up to big savings for you and big benefits for your receiver.  

I asked Ecocentric Mom to let me review the Mom box as I am done with the pregnancy and baby stage of my life.

Here is what my box looked and what I received:

ecocentric mom box

ecocentric mom box

goodies in ecocentric mom box include hand cream and microderm scrub

The packaging of an Ecocentric Mom box is so pretty as you can see from the pictures above.  You open the box to find pretty pink tissue paper sealed with a their heart logo sticker.  Baby pink confetti covers their products contained within.

Now let's take a look at what I received:

kala coconut oil, natural deodorant, natural lip balm, natural hand lotion and microderm scrub, swedish dish cloth, organic dark chocolate, non toxic laundry detergent

1.  One Swedish dish cloth. 

Swedish dish cloth came in ecocentric mom box

ecofriendly natural dishcloth found in ecocentric mom box

This was by far the most unique product I received!  This is a very cool alternative to the usual stinky dish rag!  It does not smell after it absorbs water. 

I was ecstatic to find a whole bunch of new natural skin care products I had not yet heard about. If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I am a firm advocate of natural and healthy skincare products.  You can see my article, Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid, to see a list of ingredients you should try to avoid if possible when buying skincare and makeup products.

All of the products in my box were cruelty free, organic, and great for the skin and body in general.

Here's what I got:

natural skincare products from ecocentric mom

2. American Provenance Aluminum-Free Women's Natural Deodorant.

natural deodorant from ecocentric mom

If you have read my post, Hippie Boho Chic Gift Guide, you know that I love me some natural deodorant as I do not want any of that toxic aluminum stuff in my body!  I absolutely love the natural deodorant product I received from Ecocentric Mom!  This natural deodorant is by a company called American Provenance in the scent "Pinups & Paramours".  It smells great and goes on really smooth.  They have four scented options, with very cute names by the way, and one unscented option.  You can buy this product directly from their online store.  The names of the scented deodorants make for very funny and cute gifts.

3. American Provenance Natural Lip Balm in Grapefruit.

natural lip balm in grapefruit flavor from ecocentric mom box

This is another great product from American Provenance.  Who does not need a great lip balm in the winter months? This product contains mango seed butter, which is super hydrating, and pink grapefruit oil, which makes it smell amazing.  Grapefruit oil also has a hoast of health benefits.

4.  Micro-dermabrasian Scrub and Hand Cream.

I think these two products may be my favorites.  My skin gets very dry and flaky during the winter months.  If you love to show your nails off, you know that a pretty manicure can be ruined by hands covered in dry skin.  I use the scrub to remove dead and dry skin on my hands, then I wash my hands with with warm water and dry them, and then I apply my hand cream.  The scrub and the hand cream go on really smooth and they smell amazing.  The scrub smells like fresh lime juice and the hand cream smells like fresh cut roses as it contains rosewater.

5.  Kala Coconut Oil.

kala coconut oil from ecocentric mom box

This was probably the most expensive item in my box.  If you purchase coconut oil, you know that the stuff is not cheap.  Further, if you want high quality coconut oil, it will definitely cost you.  I received a huge package, 6.8 oz, of 100% pure coconut oil. As it states on the back of the package, this coconut oil is:

-fair trade
Can I just say, wow?!  This is about the purest coconut oil you are going to get, and this product would likely cost you more than what you would pay for an entire box from Ecocentric Mom! This is huge savings!  Coconut oil can be used for so many things.  I personally have used coconut oil to treat baby acne, remove  cradle cap, banish eczema, moisturize my hair, and keep my skin soft during the winter months.  I also love to cook with it and make a great zucchini bread using coconut oil.

6. Orange House Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent.

I received two packets of this non-toxic laundry detergent.  This was probably the neatest product I got in my mom box!  I did a load of laundry using this detergent today and the clothes came out smelling like fresh cut oranges and were very clean!  The detergent contains orange oil and that is why is smells like fresh orange juice.

7.  Chuao Chocalatier Organic Dark Chocolate in Raspberry Rose.

organic dark chocolate from ecocentric mom

This was hands down the most thoughtful product I received in my box.  I don't need to say a whole lot here other than I am a chocoholic and this stuff was delicious.  I felt a little better about eating it because it was organic and dark ha ha.  It was a much appreciated addition to my box, thank you Ecocentric Mom!

As you can see from the pictures, Ecocentric Mom boxes contain some seriously cool stuff.  I  honestly don't know of any mother that wouldn't enjoy receiving these products as a gift.  I also cannot think of any gift better than this for an expecting mother!

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