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Find Your Mommy BAE By Matching Parenting Styles

Find Your Mommy BAE By Matching Parenting Styles

How To Identify & Find Your Mommy BAE.

Are you a mama?  Have you been looking for a mom bae but haven't been able to find one?  Today I am going to tell you how to identify, and match, your parenting style so that you will be able to pick your mommy bae out of a crowd easily from now on.  Every mom needs a mommy bae, am I right?  To learn how to find yours, please keep reading!
Find Your Mommy BAE By Matching Parenting Styles
First, before we start, let me make sure everyone knows what BAE stands for.  Bae is an abbreviation that stands for: Before Anyone Else.  Typically you will hear people refer to their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend as "bae".  It's just that person that comes before anyone, or anything, else.  That most important person.  So, for example, if you are married, obviously, (I hope), your spouse is bae. But what about a mommy bae?  As moms, we all need to find that soulmate mom bae that is going to make our lives so much happier.  This is why I am writing this post today.

In order to find your mommy bae, you first need to identify your parenting style.  For the purposes of this post, when I use the term parenting style, I mean that thing that dominates all other aspects of your mom life.  It doesn't really need to be a "style" per say, but just the overwhelming influence in your mom walk that effects all your other parenting choices and decisions.  Once you have read this post and correctly identified your own parenting style, you should be able to quickly identify other mamas with the same parenting style as yours.  Once you find a mama with the same style as yours, cling to her like she's going out of style. 

Without further ado, let's get into my 8 mommy bae parenting styles.

1. The Vampire Mom.

The vampire mom is the mom that runs on zero sleep.  There may be different reasons as to why she runs on zero sleep.  She may always have a nursing baby in tow.  She may work a night job, or two.  She may be a blogger.  She may do all of these things and more.  Regardless of why she is getting zero sleep, the fact here is that she is getting markedly less sleep than the general population of people.  Here are some signs of a vampire mom so that you can quickly identify one if you should see her:  She is generally late to everything.  The whites of her eyes are more red than white.  Sometimes she looks to have her eyes closed during mom meetups, though they are probably just more lowered, not really closed, due to the strain of being up all night.  She generally sends emails and texts out between the hours of 10PM- 2AM. She is unreachable by most forms of technology in the morning hours.  And she is most definitely NOT a morning person.  If you ever have to drop by her house in the morning hours, you better have a delicious Starbucks for her in your hand. 

2. The Insanely Talented Mom. 

the insanely talented mom type

This mom often goes undercover as an ordinary mom, but a quick visit to her house will reveal that she is anything but ordinary.  Here are a few signs of the insanely talented mom:  While visiting her house, you may see a few Van Gogh-esque paintings hanging up.  Yeah, she painted those.  The beautiful curtains you see hanging on her windows, yeah, she sewed those, like, all of those.  She may give you a beautifully designed and terribly intricate hand knit blanket as a gift before you get ready to leave.  Yeah, she knit that, it took her about two hours, just something she quickly threw together.  "It's nothing really", she will say to you.  This mom has some seriously talented skills, but she won't ever tell you she does.  If you are the insanely talented mom, I would like to be your mommy bae even though this is not my style, because I want to copy every single skill you have. 

3.  The Whatever Mom.

The whatever mom is sort of the go-with-the-flow mom.  This mom takes her mothering duties seriously, but at some point, you know, it's kind of just like, whatever, am I right?  This mom tries hard to be strict, but there is a limit to everything, and kids will be kids no matter how hard you try. You can identify a whatever mom if she does any of the following:  Looks effortlessly chic and completely stress free every time you see her,  always seems to have a smile on her face when you catch her out and about with the kiddos, laughs at her kids mischievous behavior, and is always eager to engage in play dates and have the kids come over. 

4.   The Don't Mess With My Kids Mom.

the don't mess with my kids mom type

Most moms are protective of their children, it's that maternal instinct of course, but the don't mess with my kids mom takes it a little further than most.  This mom is a little over-protective of her kids if we want to be brutally honest.  Here are some ways you can spot the don't mess with my kids mom.  Firstly, her babies are often not in nurseries.  This is, of course, because her babies don't want to be in the nursery, and she is going to suffer through any class or meetup regardless of how much screaming they may do, and make you suffer too.  If one of your kids happens to do or say something mean to her kid, you better be sure that she will find out about it,  and she is not going to forget it either.  This mom may also have homebirths and/or homeschool.   She'd just rather do it herself than endure the thought of people messing with her kid.  The don't mess with my kids mom is the definition of the mama bear.  
5.  The Sports Mom.

the sports mom type

The sports mom is the mom that you see at literally every sporting function.  This mom is a dedicated mama and she takes her kids extra-curricular activities seriously.  You better believe she knows the signup deadlines and age and height cut-offs for every sport offered in your area.  While you may constantly struggle to figure out when the signup deadline is for even one sport, not to mention where on earth it's being held at, this mom could read you those stats in her sleep.  Some other signs of the sports mom may include: a minivan, a fridge full of juice boxes, and an over abundance of sports gear in her yard sales every year.  Even if this is not your mommy bae type, I'd still stay in touch with her so you can make those signup deadlines. 

6.  The Alien Mom.

the alien mom type

The alien mom is that mom that is so perfect, you are really just not that convinced that she is actually a human.  This mom always looks stylish and effortlessly amazing.  She will be bursting with energy every time you run into her.  You will have a hard time finding a single wrinkle on this mama's face, despite the fact that she has a gaggle of kids, of all ages.  Some other signs of the alien mom include: Seeing her everywhere.  Having perfectly dressed and well-behaved children. And having an eerily neat and super crafty house.  Alien or human?? It's really hard to tell with this mama. 

7.  The hippie mom.

the hippie mom type

This mom dances to the beat of her own drum.  She is most likely vegetarian or vegan.  She knows where to buy all the organic stuff, and for good prices too.  She's had homebirths, only, and drinks lots of tea when she gets stressed out.  She can tell you all the different types of tea out there and when you should drink each type.  Other signs of the hippie mom may include:  Tie-dye clothing, natural deodorant, lots of essential oils, and maybe a yoga mat or two.    
8.  The volunteer mom.

This mom is a volunteering ace.  Not only does she have her own family to worry about, but she is constantly signing up to volunteer, and may even be signing you up to volunteer too if you are not careful!  This mom  thrives on the vast array of volunteering activities available.  A few signs of the volunteer mom is that she becomes insanely busy during the holiday season,  her house is stocked with unique gifts that help her whip up gift baskets in a flash, and her kids could name most of the volunteer associations in your area with their eyes closed. Whether you are a volunteer mom yourself or not, stick around this mama for too long and you are sure to become a much better person yourself.

I hope that these 8 styles will help you find your mommy bae soulmate.  Life is much better with a mommy bae, or two, or three.  PS - If you happen to be any of these styles, no judgment intended, because I am a few of them myself.  If you are too, you really should contact me, because we are probably mommy baes.

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