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Husband Material Checklist To Prevent Future Heartache

husband material checklist

The Husband Material Checklist Every Girlfriend Should Read Before Saying I Do.

Hey everyone!  Today I am doing my second post in my marriage series.  You can view my other posts in the marriage series under my page, Relationships, which is found at the top of my site.  Please just view in web version, not mobile version, to see all my page tabs.

The topic of today's post is what qualities women should avoid in a future husband.  The purpose of this checklist is to help women avoid marrying someone that will give them much heartache and tears in their marriage.  

Nothing is fool proof and nobody is perfect, but I think its pretty safe to say that there are some big warning signs that should cause women to run the other way.  If you are interested in learning what warning signs your boyfriend may be giving that should be causing you to seriously rethink a life time commitment with him, please keep reading.

boyfriend proposing to girlfriend to become husband

Here is my 16-point husband material checklist that I hope every girlfriend will read before walking down the isle with a man that will become her lifetime partner.

The checklist works like this:  If your man does any of the 16 things on this checklist, I beg you to please seriously reconsider marrying this man.  If you marry a man that does the things on my checklist, you are setting yourself up for a lot of future heartache and grief.  And let's just be real ladies, tears ain't fun!

Please keep this in mind as you read my list:  Boyfriends are easy to get rid of, husbands are not.

My 16 -Point Husband Material Checklist: If He Does These Things, Run The Other Way!

1. Likes to flirt.

This indicates a questionable ability to be faithful to you.

2.  Tells dirty jokes often.

Dirty jokes can indicate a lack of respect for women in general.  A man that doesn't respect women will be a hard man to be married to, especially when the infatuation stage wears off.

3. Has really terrible financial credit in many areas.

Everyone makes mistakes, but really bad credit tells you he may have some serious flaws of moral character. If he has no problems lying financially, he may have no problems lying to you.

4. Ever hurts you or threatens you physically.

I cannot stress this one enough.  Ladies, if your man ever hurts you even once, he is guaranteed to do it again. Real men don't hurt women, ever, no matter what. No excuses, no pleas to be better. You need to show this man the door and never let him into your life again!

5. Has a wondering eye.

This indicates a questionable ability to be faithful to you.  If he cannot keep his eyes down and to himself with a passing attractive woman, I'd bail, unless you don't mind him staring at other women once he becomes yours.  I may be a little possessive, but when I got married, my husband became mine, and every inch of him became mine, including his eyes.  I want his eyes for me only.

6. Doesn't trust you and is constantly questioning you.

Your life could become a living hell if you marry a guy that is constantly suspicious of you.  He will use his suspicions to justify cutting you off from the world and restricting your freedoms in many ways.  Get. Out. Now!

7. Can't keep a job for a long period of time.

If your man doesn't have a proven track record of hard work, get ready to be paying your own bills, which will eventually lead to resentment and heartache and obvious financial stress.  Men were designed to do the full time grind, women were not.  Working women are amazing, but your man needs to know that you should not be forced to always have to work and pay the bills.  As the man, he is the one that needs to provide, whether you help him or not.  If he has a long history of quitting or being fired from jobs, don't expect him to suddenly become a great provider after marriage.  Please know what you are getting into here.

8.  Watches Porn.

This is a huge one here ladies that somehow is not taken as seriously as it should be.  Porn changes a man's brain and the images he's seen are very hard to remove from his mind.  If you marry a man that watches porn or has a history of watching a lot of porn in his past, get ready for serious problems in the bedroom.  Porn will absolutely destroy your sex life with your husband.  If you care about having a good sex life with your husband, run from any man that is into porn.

9.  Has no interest in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

When a man has a personal relationship with Jesus, he will follow what the bible says about how to treat his wife with love and respect.  He will understand that he has to answer to Jesus for the way he treats you.

10. Spends all his money on himself.

This shows he's self centered and won't be good at getting used to spending all his money on his wife and kids, which is essentially what a married man does. 

11. Isn't kind to animals.

Case studies have shown that most serial killers are mean to animals. 'Nuff said. Run the other way now!

12. Doesn't like children.

Who wants to marry a man that doesn't like children if there is a possibility you will have children with him.  If he doesn't like children, he may be self-centered and if that is the case, he will have a hard time sacrificing himself and his time for his kids.

13.  Can't control his alcohol consumption.

Ladies, this is another huge one!  Alcohol is addictive.  If you marry a man with an addiction to alcohol, get ready for a lot of heartache.  Alcohol will change his personality and can lead to many other destructive behaviors.  An addiction to alcohol is also almost guaranteed to lead to numerous financial crises such as DUIs.

14. Engages in destructive life habits such as drugs or gambling.

Similar to #13, if your man does drugs or gambles, your financial future will constantly be in danger if you marry this man.   You will suffer a lot of heartache, that is a guaranty. 

15. Lies often.

If he has a habit of lying to others, he most likely also lies to you.  Who wants a husband that they won't be able to trust.  Run the other way!


If he has been unfaithful to you  in the past, be sure that he will do it again in the future, no matter how many excuses he gives you.  Avoid spending a fortune on divorce now and don't marry a cheater.

I sincerely hope this article will help lead you to the best husband for you.  If you are currently looking for a husband or trying to decide whether a boyfriend may be the "one", I highly recommend reading this fantastic article written by Rick Thomas: Open Letter to Any Girl Who Wants To Be Married.  

You can view my other articles on relationships under my page: Relationships.

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