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Lavinia Lingerie Bra Review

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My Review of Bras Purchased From Lavinia Lingerie.

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Today I want to do a product review of two bras that I bought from a company called Lavinia Lingerie. I had never heard of this company before and I only found out about them because they were listed as a merchant in the database. To learn more about what is, please read my post titled, 5 Ways ShareASale Changed My Life.

After reviewing their website and liking what I saw, I decided to give Lavinia Lingerie a chance.  Please note that although I am now an affiliate of Lavinia Lingerie & Activewear, the bras I am reviewing were not sent to me for free.  I purchased these bras with my own money, and my review is entirely my own.  If you are interested in what I thought of both the bras and the company itself, please keep reading.
Over Christmas, which is around the time I found them, Lavinia Lingerie was running a great sale.  I was in desperate need of some new bras because all the bras I currently had didn't fit me anymore.

I am a mama of three and pregnancy and nursing changed my cup size quite a bit.  Now that I am no longer pregnant or nursing anymore, I am back to my pre-pregnancy A cup size, and all the bras I had were B or C cups.  Because Lavinia Lingerie was running this great sale, I figured now was a great time to try them out and also get myself some much needed new bras.

Here are some pictures of what I received from Lavinia Lingerie:

lavinia lingerie review

bra from lavinia lingerie
lavinia lingerie bra

My bras arrived very quickly.  I ordered them on Christmas day and I received them just three days later, despite all the Christmas closures!  I was really pleased with how quick the company shipped my stuff.

Now let me get to the bras themselves.  I am going to review Lavinia's bras in three ways:  By size, availability, by quality, and by price.

1.  Size Availability. 

The first thing that attracted me to Lavinia Lingerie was that they carried A cup bras.  It can be very challenging finding A cup bras in stores and sometimes I almost feel like they are not making them anymore.  What is great about Lavinia Lingerie is that they carry many different cup sizes, from the very small, to the very big.  They currently carry bras in cup sizes that run from A to E!

Lavinia Lingerie also carries a great variety of band sizes and currently has bras from 32-40!  This is the biggest variety of bra sizes I have probably seen anywhere!!

Their size chart, which you can find at the bottom of their site under "fitting room help", is extremely accurate.  They show you how to measure your cup size and your band size, and they tell you to measure in centimeters to be the most accurate.  You then plug in your numbers and find your correct cup and band size on their charts.  I followed the instructions listed under their "fitting room help" page and my bras fit me perfectly.  In fact, I don't think I have ever owned bras that fit me so correctly.  Wearing a correctly fitted bra can be life changing ladies!

2.  Quality.

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that as a stay-at-home-mom of three young kids, I am on a strict budget.  As a result, I don't like to pay tons of money for stuff, even if I want good quality.  One thing that I really liked when I looked at Lavinia's website is that they had a lot of stuff available on sale.  I have been on store websites where they have a sale page, but then only list like three items.  This is not the case with Lavinia.  They had 6 pages of sale items and many of them were bras.  I was thrilled to see this and I was easily able to pick a few bras from their sale group that were in my size.

In the back of my head, I was a little worried about the quality of the bras I ordered.  I was really hoping that the bras in the sale sections were not worse quality than the non-sale bras.  I was so happy to find that the quality of my bras was fantastic!! This is not an exaggeration ladies and I am extremely picky with the quality of my bras.  All of my bras before I found Lavinia Lingerie were from Victoria Secret (VS) because I like high quality bras.  After wearing Lavinia's bras for a few weeks now, I can happily say that the quality of their bras is equal to VS! This is something that is pretty hard to find.
3.  Price.

As I mentioned in my quality point in #2, I am always on a tight budget and I don't like to buy from companies that want to charge me a fortune for their stuff, no matter how high quality it may be.  This is the third thing that really drew me to Lavinia Lingerie.  Lavinia's prices are fantastic and they give you high quality stuff!  On top of this, they offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER for US destinations!!!

Not only was I able to find two pretty bras in my exact size that were on sale, I was also able to use their sale promo to get further off of the sale price, along with free shipping.  This resulted in me getting an unbelievable deal on my two new bras!  Currently Lavinia Lingerie is giving all new customers 20% OFF when they signup with email.  When you receive your order, they also will give you another 20% off coupon to use on any future order! 

Explore New Sensual Lingerie Collections At Lavinia
In conclusion, I highly recommend Lavinia Lingerie because they offer high quality bras in literally almost every size, and they do it at very affordable prices.  They also ship their stuff out fast, and they offer lots of great discounts.  If you find that you like buying from them and enjoy reviewing their stuff, make sure to also become an affiliate so that you can earn cash back on all your purchases.  You can apply to Lavinia's affiliate program here:  Join Lavinia Lingerie's Affiliate Program.

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