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Pregnant Or the Flu and How To Spot the Difference

Pregnant Or the Flu and How To Spot the Difference

How To Tell If you Have Morning Sickness Or A Stomach Bug.

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I have had a very interesting, and rather rare, month.  It started with a bad middle ear infection and very sore jaw, and it ended with me thinking I could be pregnant.  Definitely not a series of events that happen every day.

For the past two weeks, I have been feeling mildly nauseous and light headed.  Because these symptoms have lasted for two weeks, I began to wonder if I could be pregnant for a fourth time.  Below I'm going to list how the symptoms differ for pregnancy and stomach flu, what I guessed based on the symptoms I had, and whether or not I was right.  If you'd like to hear more, and learn whether or not I'm pregnant, please keep reading.
Pregnant Or the Flu and How To Spot the Difference

For about two weeks I have felt queasy and light headed.  For some reason, I always seem to get a bad stomach bug in the month of January, so I initially assumed this is all that it was.  Except that I didn't have any vomiting, which I always have when I get a bad stomach bug.  So this lack of throwing up stuff sort of bothered me, but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.  

I was also feeling dizzy and light-headed in the mornings and at night.  As time went on, things didn't get better, and I started wondering if I could actually be pregnant.  This would be a big shock because one of us, I am not going to tell you who, has had something done to prevent further pregnancy.  Still feeling sick, and possibly sicker with the new thought that I could be pregnant, I started trying to remember the early pregnancy symptoms I had with my three kids.  Here's what I came up with:

Please note that all the symptoms I list below showed up within two weeks of fertilization and before I even knew I was pregnant.  They were very early pregnancy symptoms. 

First child early pregnancy symptoms:

-Overly emotional and prone to crying easily

That was all I had with my first child because, like a lot of first-time moms, I wasn't that in tune with my body yet and I was not really paying attention to how my body changed.

Second child early pregnancy symptoms:

-Emotional and easily prone to crying
-Drop in sex drive

Third child early pregnancy symptoms:

-Lower Backache
-Drop in sex drive
-Needing to pee more frequently

After recalling these symptoms, I then compared them with the symptoms I was currently having:

-Mild nausea, worst in morning and night
-Light headed, dizzy, and just feeling off, worst in morning and at night when I was still tired
-Possible increase in feeling like I needed to burp randomly

I asked myself if I felt overly emotional?  No, not more than my usual. I asked myself if I had a backache?  No, definitely not.  I am very aware of lower backaches because they can be a symptom of a UTI, and I have had a lot of UTIs in my life.  If you are interested in reading more about this and how to get rid of a UTI quickly without antibiotics, please see my post, How to Get Rid of a UTI Infection Fast Without Antibiotics.  Lower backaches occur in early pregnancy because they kidneys are being strained as the body requires more fluids.  I asked myself if I had been peeing more frequently? No, I was not.  And did I notice a drop in my sex drive?  Not that I could tell, but that really all depends on whether my husband is being lovable anyway ha ha. 

Okay, so far so good I thought, I do not have any of the early pregnancy symptoms I have had over the years, other than the nausea.  But since my symptoms were not going away, I still wondered if I really could be pregnant?  What else could it be?  I didn't fit a stomach bug, and it didn't fit the Flu, so what could it be?  At this point, I turned to Google.

Since I was currently out of my bulk pregnancy strips, I began googling pregnancy symptoms, as I have done so many a time in my younger years.  It was a place I did not want to return to, I will admit that.  Let me show you what my face looked like while I was googling pregnancy symptoms late at night:


Yeah, I was mad all right.  

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some cute, chubby, precious little babies.  I love my kids, but when I hit my number, I hit it, and I was done.  So to be pregnant again, especially after one of us had done something to help us achieve that "done" stage, was going to take some adjusting to.  

What's funny, though, is that despite knowing how hard it was going to be to make a big life adjustment like this, I was actually getting a tiny bit excited.  I didn't want to be pregnant, but if somehow it happened, I couldn't help but be excited for that little chubby baby God was sending me.  Children are a ton of hard work, don't get me wrong, but they are also incredibly cute, lovable, and rewarding, and you find that you don't love anything more in the world than your precious children. 

Well, I googled away, and I really didn't see anything that made me think I was pregnant, until I came to this one comment about an increase in burping.  I did think I had noticed feeling like I needed to burp more.  That's it, "I'm going to have to buy a pregnancy test", I thought to myself.

Pregnant Or the Flu and How To Spot the Difference

I ordered 20 pregnancy tests in bulk since I knew I was probably going to be taking a few of them and the store bought pregnancy tests are way over priced.

I have bought them from both of these sellers over the years and had great results with both.  This is what came in the mail:

Pregnant Or the Flu and How To Spot the Difference

I was now ready to test away! At this point, I will now ask you what your guess is.  Am I pregnant or not?  Final guesses please.

Well, after the pack of 20 pregnancy tests came in the mail, I actually never ended up taking one. Because I got my period the day they arrived!!!  So, I guess that answers it, I am definitely not pregnant.  I feel like I should have known this because I had none of my early pregnancy symptoms that I listed above.

As for why I am feeling this way?  Honestly, I still don't know.  I do feel slightly better this week than last week, so I am sort of thinking it was a viral thing going around.  I also reduced my caffeine intake this month, so that may have caused the light-headed and dizzy feeling that I have been having when I am tired.

Babies are precious, wonderful, and ridiculously cute little beings.  They should be cherished as the gifts from God that they are and I am honored that I have been chosen to be the mother of three precious little souls.  That said, not knowing whether there is a little on the way or not can definitely drive a woman crazy.  I hope my experience will help anyone who may be up late at night and loosing sleep because they are trying to figure out if they have the stomach flu or morning sickness.  

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