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Zazzle Will Help You Brand Like A Boss

Zazzle helps you brand your business like a boss

Zazzle Will Help You Brand Your Business Like A Boss.

This is a sponsored post and it contains affiliate links.  I am an affiliate of Zazzle and I asked them to let me review one of their items.  If you purchase or subscribe using the links I provide, I may be given a small commission, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

Hey everyone!  I am excited to do a new product review for you guys.  Today I am going to be reviewing the online company Zazzle.  The Zazzle company sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids; home decor, electronics, cards and invitations, and lots of other unique gifts and accessories of all kinds.  What's unique about Zazzle is that they allow you to put your name on, or brand, many of their products.  You can put your business name on shirts, hats, mugs, stationary and so much more with Zazzle.

If you'd like to hear about my experience using Zazzle to brand a clothing item, please keep reading.  I have included a coupon code for up to 50% OFF brandable merchandise such as mugs, totes, tees, and more, and 15% OFF site wide from now until April 7, 2017 in my review.

Have you ever dreamed about putting your brand or business name on clothing and accessories?  Well now you can with Zazzle!  The Zazzle company allows its customers to customize, also known as "brand", many of its products, and the process is very easy and self-explanatory.  I ordered a sweatshirt from Zazzle and I branded it with my site name, The Makeup Equation.

Here is the sweatshirt I chose:  I am Freaking Cold Sweatshirt.  I ordered the sweatshirt is a size small using their size chart and the sweatshirt fit me perfectly.  For reference, I am a 34'' bust and a 28'' waist.  I am very picky about things being too tight on my arms and I was thrilled to discover that my sweatshirt fit perfectly on my arms and was not too tight.  They seem to build an appropriate amount of room into the arms of their shirts which is really awesome.

I changed the original words on the shirt, "I am Freaking Cold", to the name of my website, "The Makeup Equation".  I did this by simply clicking on the blue tab on the top right side of the screen that said "Customize".  As I already mentioned, the process of customizing my shirt was very simple and easy to do.   I kept the color of my sweatshirt black.  As a makeup artist (MUA),  90% of my clothes are black and it's also my favorite color...sort of just an MUA thing ha ha.

Something that I think is really cool about Zazzle is that you can buy designs that others have created.  Talk about a super awesome way to support someone!  So this means that anyone is able buy my sweatshirt with the words "The Makeup Equation".   Here is the link to my exact sweatshirt if you are interested:  The Makeup Equation Sweatshirt.  If you buy one, please post a picture of yourself wearing it and tag me on Instagram, I will share it.

Here is what my sweatshirt looked like.  Please note that the words appear backwards in the pictures of me wearing it because I am in front of a mirror.

the makeup equation sweatshirt from

zazzle will help you brand like a boss

the makeup equation sweatshirt branded by zazzle

I was able to get free shipping on my item by signing up for a free trial of Zazzle Black.  This program gives you free shipping for 30 days.  If you don't wish to continue with the membership and be charged after the 30 days, you simply need to cancel Zazzle Black before the 30 days are up.  Canceling it is very easy, you simply go into your account, (the circle icon on at the very top right of the website), then click settings, and then find the "Zazzle Black Settings" section on the bottom left and hit "do not renew". You will be able to use your free shipping for the full 30 days but it will not renew and you won't be charged after the end of the subscription.

If you customize your item, you should expect that it can take a few weeks to be processed.  Just plan ahead and know this if you have a deadline.  My item took a few weeks to process and shipped out on time.  For some reason the post office in my state lost my package for a few days, so I emailed Zazzle support and they responded within 24 hours.  They promised to send out another one of my item quickly, and also investigate where my package was.  After Zazzle support got involved, I received my original package the very next day.  I was really pleased with the awesome customer support I received.

Another thing I really like about Zazzle is that they seem to always offer great coupon codes.  Right now until April 7, 2017, in honor of Mother's Day, you can get up to 50% OFF All Brandable Merchandise and 15% OFF Sitewide.  Simply click the offer link to get the coupon code.  This offer is good for a limited time until April 7, 2017. 

If you are a blogger or a business owner, Zazzle will help you brand merchandise like a boss. Their items are good quality and the process of customizing your stuff is easy and simple. If you are a blogger, I also recommend the Zazzle affiliate program. You will be able to earn cash back when you make purchases or recommend their products to others. You can join the Zazzle affiliate program here: Make 15% Per Sale when you join the Zazzle Affiliate Program .

I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you liked it, can I ask you one favor?  Can you please share it with others?  Thank you so much!  And if you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy some of my other product review posts.  You can view all my product reviews under my page, Product Reviews.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes

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