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10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Those Bad Spending Habits And Create Massive Savings.

Hey everyone!  Today I want to talk about a subject that most people don't like to talk about  - money!  Not only do I want to talk to you about money, but I want to talk about all the ways that most of us completely waste our money.  But wait! Before you stop reading this article, I want to say that this is not going to be your typical budgeting post!!  You know why?  Because I myself completely hate budgets!  I hear the word "budget" and my eyes literally roll back into my head.  Talk about a killjoy!  My husband has tried many a time to teach me about budgeting, and I just can't do it.  I literally stop listening like half way into anything that has to do with making a budget and keeping a budget.  So since I am anything but a "budget" type of person, this post is not going to be a budget post.  I will not be telling you to write anything down or make any sort of budget whatsoever, because I myself don't do that. 

Having said all that, you may find it hard to believe that I am actually pretty good with money!  I know, this sort of sounds like an oxymoron right?  I hate budgets but I am good with money.  The simple reason why I am good with money is because I have identified some really stupid ways I have spent my money in the past, and I have simply stopped doing them.  The result of stopping these bad spending habits is massive savings.  If you would like to learn how to create massive savings yourself, no matter what your income is and without writing a budget, please keep reading.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat
Let me start of by telling you a little bit about my financial situation. My husband and I are a one income family as I am a stay-at-home mom of three. Not only are we a one income family, but our one income is anything but six figures, and not even close to it.  I would classify our one income as being on the low-medium range of the salary spectrum. Now, having said all that, would you believe that despite our income and despite having no budget, my husband and I have built up a savings for ourselves? 

It's true, and it is the result of practicing and following some really good money habits.  Back when I made the decision to leave the work world and come home to raise our first child, I realized that I had a lot of really bad money habits, and in order for us to survive as a one income family, I was going to have to stop doing them.  I have now been a stay at home mom for almost seven years, and our financial situation continues to get better and better all the time, and it is simply the result of getting smart with how we spend our money.

There is zero budgeting involved here, I promise you!  Our success is simply the result of cutting out some seriously bad money habits.  Without further ado, here are my top ten ways to sucker punch your bad money habits in the throat!

1. Change your view on food.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

This is going to sound pretty radical guys, but I truly believe that people need to stop viewing food as a chance to indulge in the latest luxury, and start viewing food as simply material that keeps us alive.  People waste so much money chasing the latest and tastiest food out there and indulging their cravings.  Why spend so much money on something that gives you just a few moments of happiness and ends up going in the toilet at the end of the day?  I know that it will be hard to start thinking about food as simply something that keeps you alive, but the sooner you adopt this mentality, the sooner you will stop spending so much on food in general.  Food should not be a source of happiness.  When food becomes the source of happiness for a person, a person usually suffers negative consequences such as weight gain, loss of health, and loss of wealth.  The quicker you stop caring about what you eat, the sooner you will start to see some savings in your bank account.

2.  Stop eating at restaurants.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

This second point is heavily tied to the first one, but I feel its enough to be its one point.  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that both my husband and I have worked in the restaurant business when we were young.  Not only is restaurant food loaded with fat, salt, sugar, and tons of extra calories - please see my post, 11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin, to read more about the negative health effects of eating out - but it's also super expensive.  I waited tables for a few years while I was in college and I learned very quickly that restaurants will drain your savings.  Everything is overpriced at restaurants, especially alcohol and soda.  People waste tons of money by indulging their appetites and ordering a plethora of drinks, appetizers, and deserts, in addition to the main meal.  I won't deny that eating out is a lot of fun and if you have the money to burn, then please, by all means, keep doing it.  If don't have the money to burn and want to build some savings, then cutting out all restaurant meals is one of the best things you can do for your financial success. 

3.  Move out of the city. 

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

Living within city limits is so much more expensive than living even a little bit outside of city limits.  Take a good hard look at what you are paying in rent or for a mortgage payment and ask yourself if you are really happy paying this much for where you live.  My husband and I quickly realized that our buying power more than doubled when we left the city and suburbs and headed to the "countryside".  Although I would not classify where we live as "the country", it's still outside of the city limits, and there are so many big and beautiful homes out here that cost a fraction of the price that they cost in the congested city.  As our family grew in size with each new baby, we found ourselves needing a bigger house, but we weren't willing to sell our souls and pay every last dime we had just to live in a bigger house.  The compromise was moving further out where the bigger houses were cheaper.

Now I do understand that there is something to be said for having a really long and miserable commute, and if this is something you just cannot stomach, then this point may not be for you.  I am fortunate in that my husband doesn't mind the longer commute and is happy to trade a longer commute time for a better quality of life for his family.  If you are struggling to afford living where you live, or if you are living in a house that you feel your family has outgrown, I highly encourage you to explore moving a little further out.  Besides, they say that country life is a healthier life anyway.

4.  Buy used cars.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

I do not understand why so many people spend a fortune buying new cars from the dealership when the value of these brand new cards goes down so quickly.  It is almost guaranteed that you will never get back what you spend on a new car, unless you sell it within months of buying it.  There are so many good used cars for sale these days because so many people are constantly buying newer ones.  Buying used cars has been a huge way my husband and I have saved serious money.

5.  Turn the heat down.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

This is a million dollar tip you guys!  My husband and I have saved so much money by simply turning down our heat even just 5 degrees!  We keep our thermostat between 65-70 degrees during the winter time.  We can do this comfortably because we wear warm clothes in the house like sweatshirts and socks.  I have been to so many homes where the heat is being blasted at like 80 degrees during the winter and the people are walking around in summer clothes.   This just makes no sense to me, unless you just want to throw money down the drain.  Turn your heat down and dress warmly in the house and you will be astounded at the money you cut from your heating bill.  My husband and I can testify that this tip definitely helps create serious savings.

6.  Stay away from the shopping malls.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

This is one area that I had to seriously work on when I became a stay at home mom.  I love to go shopping and I always have.  Just walking into a shopping mall would seriously improve my mood.  I loved the lighting, I loved the smells and sounds, I loved looking at all the awesome stores and things to buy.  Unfortunately, I had to eventually admit to myself that I was wasting a lot of money that we simply didn't have every time I went shopping at a mall.  

The worst thing about walking around at a shopping mall is that the chances of you buying things you don't need are very high.  I understand if you really need an item and you buy it, but buying things just for the fun of it can really hurt your savings and waste a lot of money.  I was such a shopaholic that I literally got a high every time I bought something, even if I didn't need it.  I have since changed my thinking so that now I get a high when I see a really low credit card bill.  If you can switch into this mentality and get excited about saving money instead of buying things, you are guaranteed to become great with money and grow your savings.

7.  Stop shopping online.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

Yes, you have to stop shopping online too, sorry guys.  As an ex- shopaholic, online shopping was another one of my great passions too.  I do believe that online shopping is better than window shopping because with online shopping, there are less chances to impulse buy and you are able to save more money by using the wide variety of promo codes offered by so man stores these days.  That said, when you are on a tight budget and every cent counts, all shopping is bad, even online shopping.  I know that many times I have ended up purchasing more than I wanted online because I wanted to meet the requirements for free shipping.  This is a widely used gimic.  The stores know that if they offer you free shipping at a higher cart total, you will probably fill that cart up so you can get their free shipping.  To avoid the slippery-slope of online shopping, stop browsing stores online all together.  I have gotten into a habit of deleting store sale emails to help me stop shopping online.

8.  Get serious about Yard Sales.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

Yard sales is one of the biggest way I save thousands of dollars each year.  I primarily shop for children's clothing at yard sales, and year after year I find like-new children's clothing items at dirt cheap prices at yard sales.  Here's the caveat though - Just like there is a difference between blogging and blogging seriously, there is a difference between going to yard sales and going to yard sales the serious way.  What is the serious way to yard sale you ask?  Let me tell you how I did it. 

As I already mentioned, I live outside of the city limits.  If a yard sale is starting at 7AM, I wake up at 5AM, drive an hour, and make sure I get to that yard sale exactly on time at 7AM.  By getting to the yard sales on time, you are ensuring that the best stuff will be available.  I have heard people complain that they have a hard time finding anything of value at yard sales, but the reason for this is because they are showing up a few hours after the sale started and all the good stuff has already been taken.  Also, make a list the day before of all the yard sales you want to go to and what they have that you want.  This way on the day of, you will be able to quickly navigate to the best sales.  If you found a ton of girls clothing items at one yard sale, you may want to skip the next one offering more girls clothing items, and instead go to one that has other stuff that you haven't found yet.  The key to yardsaling successfully all comes down to being organized and showing up on time. 

9.  Stop taking so many vacations.

10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat

Vacations are wonderful and needed, don't get me wrong here.  As a stay at home mom and a work at home mom, I totally understand that everyone needs a vacation or two every year.  Vacations recharge people physically and mentally, and help to strengthen family bonds that grow weary under the stress of day-to-day living.  That said, I have a feeling that some people take a few more vacations then they really need to.  There is nothing inherently wrong with vacations, but nothing drains your bank account quicker than a vacation.  So, simply put, if you want to start saving money, stop going on so many vacations.  If you have the money to burn, then by all means, keep traveling and enjoying yourself.

10.  Start tithing to church.

The Cross

If you have read my post, 5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year, you know that the biggest secret to financial success is tithing 10% of your earnings to church on a regular basis.  I cannot understate how extremely crucial this is to creating financial wealth.  All of your money belongs to God, because God owns it all.  God is also the one who gave you the talents and abilities you have that allow you to make the money you do.  When you tithe, you are acknowledging that all you have comes from God, and you are giving back a very small percent to Him.  The Church then has the responsibility to do God's will with your money.  When you get to Heaven, you are going to be very glad you tithed.  Tithing to church is one of the ways that Christians "store up for yourselves treasures in heaven", as instructed in the Bible in Matthew 6:19-20.  

My husband and I both noticed a huge change in our financial situation once we started tithing regularly to church.  Events that were destroying our savings, such as cars breaking down and unexpected medical bills, suddenly stopped happening.  We started getting unexpected monetary gifts in the mail out of the blue.  Tithing to church radically changed my family's finances for the better!  So please, don't be greedy.  Acknowledge that all you have came from God, and give Him back a small percentage of what He has given you. 

I hope you enjoyed learning my ten ways to sucker punch bad spending habits in the throat.  Did you know that most wealthy people practice these very habits?  It may seem counter-intuitive, since the wealthy have the money to burn, but studies have shown that the spending habits of the wealthy are actually very frugal.   Wealthy people didn't become wealthy overnight, and it seems that many wealthy people learned how to use their money wisely before they came into wealth.  I hope that these ten habits will help you discover financial freedom and wealth as well. 

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Great tips! I am a stay at home mum and shopping is my biggest vice! Sometimes it's just a nice excuse to just leave the house!


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