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7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

7 Reasons Why I Don't Use Automated Pin Scheduling Services.

Hey everyone!  I have another blogging article for you guys today and it has to do with why I don't use automated pin scheduling services.  I want to preface this post by saying that I am not knocking any of the super awesome automated pin scheduling companies out there!  You will not find any bashing of any of these companies in this post!

I have used an automated pinning service in the past and I found that these services can save you some serious time and literally give you your life back because you no longer have to pin all day long to a thousand boards.  These companies are very valuable in many ways and whoever came up with them was a genius.

Having said that, there are seven reasons why I decided not to personally use an automated pin scheduling service.  This may change at some point in the future as the demand on my time simply becomes too great and I decide to go back to one.  But at this point in my blogging walk, I have decided not to use one.  To hear my seven reasons for not using one, please keep reading.

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

After using an automated pin scheduling service for a short time, I identified seven reasons why it wasn't working for me. 

1. The Holiday Pins.

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

Ah, those tricky holiday pins.  You know, the ones that are super popular during the holiday season, then become completely unpopular and totally off topic literally a day after the holiday is over.  I have a love-hate relationship with holiday pins.  When I was using an automated pinning service, I kept finding my off topic holiday pins in a group board or two and I was horrified to see them there.  "How did it sneak past me?"  "Why did I not remove it from this board?", I thought.  After a few occurrences of this, I saw a reason why automated pinning may not work well for me.  Now, I do admit that this was totally due to me not being organized enough, but regardless, it was enough to make me want to just pin myself. 

2. The Occasion Appropriate Pins.

By "occasion appropriate", I mean, pins that you know will go really  well with something that just happened.  Here's an example - I wrote a post called, How To Get Rid Of UTI Infections Without Antibiotics, and after most candy filled holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's - I pin this post because massive sugar intake increases the occurrence of a UTI.  An automated pinning service will not know this, and it will not know to pin a certain pin heavily on a certain day.  This is another reason why I felt the desire to run pinning myself.

3.  The Time Sensitive Pins.

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

You know how you just know that some pins are "morning" pins and some pins will be really popular at night?  But how does the automated pinning service know which pins are morning pins and which pins are lunch pins and which pins are afternoon pins and which pins are night pins?  It doesn't, unless you go out of your way to create "morning" boards, "lunch" boards, "afternoon" boards, and "night" boards for it to pin from.  This was just too much work for me to think about at the time, and I realized it would just be easiest to do it myself.

4. The Pins That Will Probably Go Viral.

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

Have you ever written a post that ends up getting more views in a day than some of your older pins have ever had in their entire existence? It's a pretty amazing feeling isn't?  These are the rockstars of your blogging posts.  These are the posts that bloggers dream about.  This has happened twice to me, and when I noticed how popular the pins were so early on, I knew the posts had the chance to go viral.  As a result, I made an effort to pin these super popular posts heavily in the next coming weeks in hopes of getting the post to go viral.  A pin scheduling service would not be able to identify a potential viral post, so it would not be able to pin it heavily like a person would.  The only way to get it to do this would be to create a whole board filled with nothing but pins from this one potential viral post and then make the program pin from only this one board.  This is probably something you don't have the time, energy, or desire to do.  These potential viral pins are another reason why I decided to pin on my own, I wanted to give every post the chance to go viral if it could.

5. The unpopular pins.

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

On the flip side of the viral pins, we have the pins that are just tanking and going down fast.  You don't know why they are not as popular as you thought they would be, but they just aren't, and it's time to just let them die with as little attention as possible.  The last thing you want as a blogger is to have your automated pinning service pinning your unpopular pins over and over again.  If it does this, you will get lower views because nobody will be interested in reading the posts they see displayed, and low views translates into a low paycheck at the end of the day.  This was another reason why I decided I wanted to pin myself - so I could identify and weed out any under performing pins and let them die a quick death.

6.  Trying to keep up with re-pin instructions on group boards. 

7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services

I don't know if it is just me or others feel like this, but I often feel overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the vast variety and difference in group board descriptions.  Now I will admit to you that I do have a LOT of group boards.  I love me some group boards.  When I first joined Pinterest, I actually had no idea how to join group boards!  I had to watch some YouTube videos to figure out how to find the group board owner and learn how to get in touch with them.  I have since made up for my initial confusion about group boards, just take a look at my list of group boards ha ha, and I LOVE to join them now that I know how.  With that said, I can tell you that there is a lot of varying instructions out there.  Some people ask you re-pin from the board but don't give you a number, some ask you to re-pin one for every one you post, others ask for you to re-pin two or more, and others don't ask you re-pin anything.

With an automated pinning service, I was constantly fumbling around trying to remember whose requirements I had met that day and whose I hadn't.  It got really confusing, and I finally realized the only way to keep it straight was to just be the original pinner to start with.  This way, every time I pinned to a board, I could check the description of that board and pin correctly per the directions.  This was another reason I chose not to continue with an automated pinning service.

7.  The Cost.

Most automated pinning services are very affordable.  I don't think I have yet to hear of a company that is really expensive honestly.  That said, when you are a new blogger, and literally every cent counts to both you and your husband, who is mad at you by the way that you are spending so much time on blogging and making so little so far - see my post 8 Action Steps To Take When Someone Makes You Want To Quit Blogging if you are in this boat - then those $10s and $20s in expenses can really add up and become a source of discouragement.  I decided early on when I began my blog that I wanted to keep my expenses as low as I possibly could until I started to see some really big results.  It is for this reason also that I decided to stick to pinning myself.  It was another expense that I felt I could eliminate by simply doing it myself.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the seven reasons why I pin everything myself.  I recently heard that with the algorithm change that took place with Pinterest, more preference is given to accounts who are manually pinning.  This is all the more reason why I am sticking to manually pinning right now. 

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