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7 Reasons Why You Need The Power Ponytail

7 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Rocking The Power Ponytail If You Are Not Already.

The pony tail is back, and back in a big way.  Long gone are the days of the messy ponytail. The new ponytail is high and proud, and is fittingly called the power ponytail.  The power ponytail is pulled tight against the face and placed very high up on the top of the head.  There are seven reasons why every woman should make the power pony part of her hair style collection. 

I love wearing ponytails and I always have.  I have always known they were flattering, but I never really thought about why they were flattering until I started seeing them everywhere on others with the surge of the power pony trend.  Looking at all these ladies rocking their power ponies made me realize exactly why they are so flattering on women.  Here are the seven reasons why you should rock the power pony too:

1. The power ponytail slims your face.

Power ponytails are placed very high up on the top of the head.  This effectively creates high hair, and high hair creates the illusion of a longer face, because your eye counts the hair as part of the face.  The illusion of the longer face shape makes a face look more slender.  This is why ponytails are a great idea for anyone with a round or big face (me!).

2.  The power ponytail accentuates bone structure and creates more angles.

The power ponytail is created by pulling your hair back tightly from your face.  Removing all hair from your face allows all your facial features to show and not be hidden by a hair.  Power ponytails are especially great for those with softer facial features and those that lack strong cheekbones and jaw bones.  I have always hated the fact that I lacked an angular jawbones and cheekbones.  My cheekbones are very high up on my face and don't stick out as much as I would like, and my jaw is more round.  The power pony helps to make my cheekbones and jawbone look more angular.  An angular face is associated with a thin face because lack of fat on the face shows the angles of the face more.  By creating the illusion of more angular face, the power ponytail majorly flatters the face.

3.  The power ponytail makes you look powerful and in control.

As mentioned above, the power ponytail is created by pulling the hair tightly back from the face and placing it high on top of the hair.   There is something about this tightly pulled back and high hair look that brings to mind images of power woman - boss babes in board rooms doing their thing, boss babes killing it in sports, even boss babe ninja warriors in movies.  All these woman either rock a tightly pulled back ponytail or a tightly pulled back bun.  Also, every time your body moves, your ponytail moves, and that swish-swoosh of your hair makes you look really powerful and in control.  There is nothing more attractive and sexy than a woman who looks powerful and in control. 

4.  The power ponytail makes you look busy and independent.

The look of the hair slicked back and pulled tightly from the face gives a woman a look of busyness and independence .  After all, she slicked back that hair and got it out of her face because she's got things to do and places to be, and she runs on her own schedule, not yours.  The power ponytail makes a woman look in independent, and a even a little bossy with that swish-swoosh of the hair, and most men find this attractive.  Because the power pony portrays these attractive traits about you, it is very flattering by default.

5.  The power ponytail will help you hide damaged hair.

If you read the Makeup Equation, you know that I am a total color chameleon.  Please see my posts, DIY Platinum White Hair Recipe and How to Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red if you are interested in reading about how I did some of my past hair colors myself.  I have had most hair colors possible, and my hair has suffered as a result.  The constant dying and stripping of hair color can really do a number on the health of the hair.  See my post, How to Do An Olaplex Treatment At Home, if you'd like to learn more about reversing the damage done to your hair.  I love the power pony because I can pull back all that damaged hair and make my healthy roots the most visible.  Because the eye sees the healthy hair first, it creates an illusion of having healthy hair overall.

6.  The power ponytail make you look more fertile.

There is nothing messy or disheveled about the power ponytail.  All the hair is slicked back neatly into the grab of a tight hairband.  No strand of hair is given the ability to get out of place and fall on your face.  The overall appearance makes your hair look neat, and the neatness has a major clean factor to it.  Men are drawn to clean looking women by instinct.  A woman who is clean also usually takes good care of her health, and good health generally means a woman is more fertile.  This is another way that the power pony is flattering, because it makes a woman look well kept, clean, and more fertile.

7.  The power ponytail makes you look younger and funner.

There is no denying that ponytails are associated with youth and the fun that youth brings.  Ponytails are super popular among little girls all the way through teens.  By slicking your hair back into a ponytail, you are sort of saying, I'm not too old for this, I'm not ashamed of the ponytail, and I'm still young enough and fun enough to rock one.  Because ponytails are so heavily associated with a young crowd, rocking a ponytail definitely gives you some extra youth and fun appeal.

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