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8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status

8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status

8 Beauty Resolutions That Will Give You Beauty #Goalz Status.

Since it's the beginning of a new year, you have probably seen a lot of New Year's resolutions floating around out there on the internet and blogosphere.  Since I am a beauty blogger and confessed makeup addict, I have always been more interested in beauty resolutions than general New Year's resolutions.  Today I want to share with you my own personal list of beauty resolutions.  Although these resolutions are mine, anyone can do them, and they are resolutions that will help anyone out there achieve serious beauty #goalz status.  I will also share how good I am doing on keeping these beauty resolutions about two months into the new year with  ✔ and ✘ marks next to each resolution.

8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status

Here is my own personal list of beauty resolutions for the new year.  If there is a ✔ next to the resolution, that means that I have kept this resolution and not broken it.  If there is a ✘ next to the resolution, that means I have failed to keep the resolution and broken it, (probably a few times).

1. Let my hair get healthy. ✔

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I am a huge color chameleon.  I have had just about every hair color possible - black; all shades of brown; all shades of red including auburn, ginger and magenta; all shades of blonde including dirty blonde, honey blonde, white platinum, and grey; and probably some more in between colors that I can't even remember.   You can read more about my escapades in dying my own hair in my posts,  How To Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red DIY and DIY Platinum White Hair Recipe.

The only colors I have not had, though secretly really wish I could have, is the pastels.  This is simply because by the time pastel shampoo and conditioner hit the market, my hair was so destroyed that I simply couldn't touch it anymore.  After my last episode of dying my really damaged hair bright red, and then stripping my really fresh red, I realized that my hair simply could not take anymore, and vowed to completely stop dying it once and for all.  You can read more about what I did to keep my hair alive in my posts, How To Do An Olaplex Treatment At Home and How To Brush Your Hair To Stop Hair Loss.

What's hilarious about all of this is that after dying by hair for about 20 years, I suddenly realized that my natural hair color actually looked the best on my face!!  I know, I know, it's one of those realizations where it's really not a realization because everyone else already knows this but you have been refusing to listen to them.

I also recently discovered a safe way to color my hair without damaging it.  On the contrary, this product actually nourishes and moisturizes the hair while it colors it.  You can read more about what product I use to color my hair safely here:   Beauty Favorites September 2017.

So far I have been keeping this resolution!

2. Grow my hair really long.

8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status

This resolution sort of ties in to my first resolution.  I have always done pretty good at this resolution because I have always had super long hair.  However, after the last episode of dying and stripping my already super fragile hair, I was forced to cut the ends because they were basically straw and were nothing but split ends.  I have cut the ends a few times now and although my hair is a little past my bust, it's the shortest I have ever had it in years.  The new length is really upsetting to me because I have always had the desire to grow my hair really, really long - I'm talking past the butt long.  I have realized that all the dying and stripping of colors was going completely against my long hair goal, and this is another reason why I have vowed to stop dying it and let my natural color come in and stay in.

If you too are trying to grow your hair long, you may enjoy reading my post, Faster Hair Growth 4 Secret Tricks.

So far I have kept this long hair goal and I hope to keep it through the long hot summer by wearing it in a bun and pony tail a lot.  I love ponytails for so many reasons and you can read more about this in my post, 7 Reasons Why You Need The Power Ponytail.

3.  Stop picking at my face.

Okay, this is one of those resolutions that I really, really need to keep, and yet probably broke the second day of the new year.  I am a huge picker.  If I see literally anything on my face, I will pick at it, and I am fully aware how terrible this is for my skin.  I have a lot of scarring on my face because of my own hands, and I understand how silly and sad this statement is.  I think the picking habit is sort of just my nature, but also I know it relates to stress and lack of sleep.  When I am extremely tired yet not able to go to sleep, I will stand in front of a mirror and just start picking.  When I go on vacation I almost never pick and my skin looks a thousand times better because of it.   Having great skin is really important because even if you wear makeup, your makeup application will look a million times better over great skin than bad skin.  This is a hard resolution for me that I am so far failing at but I will keep trying.

4.  Drink more water.

8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status

This is another really important resolution for the skin.  Water is so vital for the skin.  Among the many benefits of staying hydrated are the fact that water carries away toxins and dead skin cells, and also that drinking enough water helps keep your skin looking plump and youthful.  You would think I would be succeeding at this resolution because I only drink water, (and coffee), because my system cannot handle drinks with sugar in them.  Please see my post, How to Get Rid of a UTI Infection Fast Without Antibiotics, to learn more about why I don't drink sweetened beverages.  The primary reason I am failing at this resolution is because I am so busy.  And when I say busy, I mean insanely busy.  As you probably already know, I am a mom to three little kids, and also a blogger.  Those two words, mom and blogger, should sum it all up for you.  Simply put, I just forget to drink anything, and my skin suffers as a result.  This is another resolution I am failing at but will keep trying to succeed at.

5.  Get more sleep.

8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status

This resolution is another resolution that is seriously vital for beauty, and yet so hard to do as a busy mom, wife, and blogger.  To learn more about why sleep is so critical to your beauty, please see my posts, 11 Skinny people Habits That Keep Me Thin and 7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age.  Currently as I write this post I should be sleeping!  Yes, I am failing at this big time.  The biggest cause of lack of sleep for me is my phone.  I am going to try hard to put the phone down more and also catch up on my sleep during the weekends when my husband is home and can help out with the kids.

6.  Buy more glitter makeup.

8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status
This is sort of one of those beauty resolutions I don't think I even need to explain because who doesn't need more glitter makeup??  I really want to buy more high glitter eyeshadows and also have a list of some glittery highlighters I need to buy.  I have not bought any new glitter makeup yet so I am currently failing at this, but I am hoping to fix that soon.

7. Learn more makeup techniques.

Okay, finally another beauty resolution that I am succeeding at, I know things were looking pretty bad there for a while.  Getting good at makeup is all about learning, learning, and more learning.  My makeup skills are where they are today because of all the amazing beauty gurus I have learned from on YouTube and Instagram.  I know that I still have a ton of learning and growing left to do in my makeup journey and I am definitely not where I want to be, so this is a really important beauty resolution for me that luckily I am succeeding at so far because I am constantly learning new stuff.  I hope to continue to do this forever.

8.  Practice better makeup hygiene.

Good makeup hygiene includes things like washing your brushes regularly,  throwing out expired products that are full of bacteria, and removing all your makeup every night.  You can see my full list of good makeup hygiene here: 7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker.  I am very prone to skin allergies, so having good makeup hygiene is critical for me.  So far I am succeeding at this and plan to continue as the year goes on.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my eight beauty resolutions.  We are all just human beings and it's totally okay to fail at resolutions.  My personal tip for keeping a resolution is to try to not focus on your past failures and instead focus on your success in the future.

I'd love to know what your beauty resolutions are!  You can let me know down below in the comment section what your personal beauty goals are and how you are doing with them thus far.  And there is no shame or judgement here!  We are all learning and trying our best, and everyone has to start somewhere. People that are very good at things have been practicing those things for many years, always remember that!

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