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The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride Of Being A New Blogger

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride Of Being A New Blogger

Being A New Blogger Is A Total Emotional Roller Coaster.

Are you a new blogger?  Even if you are not new to blogging, you were new to blogging at one point in your life, so really any blogger should be able to relate to the post I am going to write today.  Today I am going to reveal many of the thoughts and emotions I had as a newbie blogger trying to make my blog become my business.  

I have been blogging for a few years, but only last year did I decide to get serious about blogging and create a new blog, The Makeup Equation.  If you are a new blogger trying to grow and monetize your blog, chances are that you may have had some of the same thoughts and emotions I did.  After you read this article, please let me know if you felt the same way.  You can comment below in my comment section.

Life is tough for a new blogger and your first six months of blogging are filled with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. To help me best explain some of the thoughts and emotions I had in my first six months of blogging, I have decided to use a few animated GIFs and pictures.  Enjoy!

When you gain 50 followers on Instagram in a day.

But then wake up to find that you lost 49 Instagram followers overnight.

When you finally reach 3,000 followers on Pinterest and feel like a total rockstar.

But then realize that all the big movers and shakers in your niche have 50,000 followers.

When one of your posts on StumbleUpon goes viral.

The Thought Life of Every New Blogger

But then none of your posts get stumbled for a month.

When you read that Flipboard is an excellent social media platform and you should really get on it.

The Thought Life of Every New Blogger

But still cannot use Flipboard despite spending 12 hours trying to figure it out.

The Thought Life of Every New Blogger

When you get accepted to 9 different group boards on Pinterest and feel like everyone loves you.

But then get removed from 8 group boards on Pinterest for not following their "one pin a day" rule. ( To your credit, you really don't remember seeing that in the description section...)

As I said, being a new blogger can be a total emotional roller coaster!!

Shout out to all my newbie bloggers everywhere, I feel your pain!

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Great article. I am three weeks in and already trying not to take the precarious rise and fall of my twitter follower number too seriously. "WHY??? WHYY DID YOU UNFOLLOW ME???? Oh hello... new people..." :)


Thank you @Gela and I hear you!! I have found that many times people unfollow and even block by complete accident, and then are back following you a week or two later. Pinterest is especially a confusing mess as you often end up realizing you are not following the group boards you belong to, or that you unfollowed these dear Pinterest friends on Instagram. I guess the lesson in all of it is don't take anything personally haha. I wish you much success in your blogging journey!! xoxo, Petra.


Oh I love this! I have been blogging for only one month. I am sooooo new, but I am loving it right now. I have craved writing since I was a little girl. I have written a weekly column for our local newspaper and written articles for other sites. This is the first time I have freely written my own thoughts. It is so freeing. Getting my thought out of my head and written down feels almost like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Anyway, my last most is the first that I posted on Facebook and Pinterest that received very few likes and clicks. I know I am bias but I think it is one of my stronger post. I'm wondering if it's my title. The title is "How I Ate the Same Amount of Food and Still Decreased my Calories by 500 a Day!" Do you have any title suggestions? Thank you for such a comforting post!


Thanks Lacy! That post sounds really interesting!! I have found that when you title your posts, you want to title them like how people would search them. So if your post is about how you ate the same food but still decreased your calories, maybe you could title it, "decrease calories easily" or "5 ways to decrease calories quickly" or something like that? You want to pretend that you are google searching the topic you are writing about - what would people type in the search box if they were looking for information on what you are writing about? Also remember the first few words in your title are the most important - like first 5 very important so put your most important keywords at the beginning of your title. I also know that labeling - using keywords- in your posts can also be helpful also. maybe keywords for that article would be " weight loss", "nutrition", "dieting" or something and this would help people looking for topics in those areas find your post. Good luck to you on your blogging journey, it sounds like you are doing great! Xo, Petra.


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