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What If You Completely Ignored Optimal Pinning Times

What If You Completely Ignored Optimal Pinning Times

Do You Know What Would Happen If You Completely Ignored Optimal Pinning Time Guidelines??

If you are on Pinterest, you have probably seen a lot of pins that list the optimal times to post on social media outlets, including the best times for  Pinterest. Most of the pins I have seen seem to agree that the best times to pin are between the hours of 2pm-4pm and 8pm-12am.  There seems to be some difference in opinion about what the best days of the week to pin are, though most posts I have seen tend to list weekend days or almost weekend days as the best days of the week for Pinterest activity.

Let me now pose a question to you:  What do you think would happen if you completely ignored these optimal pin time guidelines, and instead pinned however you desired?  I want to tell you today that this unpopular pinning behavior would not negatively affect your re-pin rate or traffic to your blog, and it may actually do the exact opposite, and even help it!  To read my five reasons why you too should completely ignore all those optimal pinning guidelines, please keep reading.

Here's why I ignore optimal pinning times and you should too. #seo #blog #blogger

If you are new to blogging, let me first say the the number one social media platform you should be on is PinterestPinterest is actually more of a search engine than a social media platform, and it can be incredibly good at driving traffic to a site, i.e. your site, if you know how to use it. The two best things you can do for yourself as a new blogger on Pinterest is to join a lot of group boards, and pin like a mad person!  It is said that the rule for best pinning is that you pin 20% your content and 80% other people's content.  On group boards however, most people pin mostly their own content, as the main objective of group boards is to gain exposure for your site, though don't forget to re-pin other people's content from group boards too!   If I had to pick only one social media platform to use, I would choose Pinterest, no question about it.

Now let's get to the topic of when the best time to pin your stuff is.  There is a lot of information out there that says the very best times are in the afternoon and late at night, and that the best days are the weekend.  I like to test what I read, so I have been testing this theory out for a while now, and I simply don't think it's true.  While it does seem true that on certain days in the afternoon and late at night my pins drive a lot of traffic back to my site, on other days pinning during these times does absolutely nothing.  Further, contrary to the weekend being my best re-pin days, I find that the middle of the week, think Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, are actually my best days.  For all these reasons, I think that you should completely ignore optimal pin and post time guidelines, and here are five reasons why:

1.  Your content appeals to different groups with different schedules. 

I am a women's life and beauty blogger.  One of the groups I appeal to is women that are interested in beauty and makeup.  This group of beauty interested people likely scan their Pinterest during a schedule that is drastically different that say, people interested in cooking, or people interested in traveling.  Hence, what may be an optimal pinning schedule for one type of blogger with a particular type of following may be a horrible pinning schedule for a different blogger with a completely different type of following.  Perhaps the reason why the middle of the week is better than the weekend for my pins is because many of my followers are young women and they  might have active social lives on the weekends.

You really have to consider who your followers are and what their lifestyle is like when you think about the best time to pin.  Don't just take a poster's word for it, it could end up being a mistake that costs you tons of potential new followers.

2.  People don't do the exact same thing every single day.

Let's say that you have noticed that your following is really active during the afternoon hours.  Great!  However, due to sheer human nature, your followers are not going to be active on Pinterest during the afternoon hours every. single. day.  This is because people are involved in lots of life activities.  Maybe your tribe is super active on Monday's and Tuesday's in the afternoon, but then they all go take a class on Wednesday's.  That same following may in turn be more active during Wednesday morning because they know that they will be busy Wednesday afternoon.  This is another reason why you should switch up your pinning times and days and not just avoid morning hours because a poster told you to.  There is no guarantee that your followers and audience will always be active at a certain time, every single day.

3.  You want to find new followers.

Let's say just for argument's sake that your tribe is actually active during the same time of the day, every single day.  That's awesome!  Here's the problem with pinning during this time every day thoughg.  You will never reach potential new followers that may be somewhat out of the norm of your tribe.  Let's take my blog for example.  I am a life and beauty blogger and my niche is primarily young women aged 20-35.  If I discover that most of my niche is active on Pinterest at 1pm and 8pm every single day and only pin during those hours, I am going to be neglecting a lot of potential new followers that may fall outside of my niche, but still be very interested in my content.  For example, I am also a stay-at-home-mom, and I write a lot of mom life articles as well.  If I only pin when my non-mom beauty followers are active, I am going to be neglecting some potential awesome mom followers that may also be very interested in beauty, but are more active in the morning while their kids are away at school.  For this reason, by pinning in both the morning and afternoon hours, I am spreading my net as wide as possible and have the chance of attracting as many new followers as possible.  It's really a win-win for everyone involved because you will be gaining followers and your followers will be finding new blogs with content they are searching for.

4.  Holidays often fall on weekdays.

Let's say that you have an automated pinning service and you set it up to pin heavily during the Thursday-Sunday week range as advised by many on Pinterest.  Well, what happens when a holiday comes along on Monday?  You are going to be missing out on grabbing a lot of new followers that may all be off of work and scanning their Pinterest.  Or what if you only pin at night, and then a three day weekend comes along and everyone is on Pinterest in the morning of that extra day off?  I did an entire post about why I stopped using pin scheduling services, which you can view here:  7 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Automated Pin Scheduling Services.  The best way to insure that you leave no potential follower left out is to pin on all days of the week, not just the weekends, especially since many week days are holidays.

5.  Changing algorithms.

If you are a blogger, you probably are constantly hearing about new Pinterest algorithms.  I no longer waste my time trying to learn or figure out new algorithms anymore.  I have found that I generally can't find a thing out and it becomes a colossal waste of my precious time to even try.  Also, despite all the stress so many have about changing algorithms, many times the new algorithm actually ends up benefiting them. That said, Pinterest does constantly change their algorithm, and what if one of their changes affects your set pinning schedule negatively?  For this reason alone, you should try to pin at different times and different days all the time, no matter what.   

I hope you enjoyed learning about the five main reasons why I completely ignore optimal pin time guidelines.  The whole goal as a blogger is to spread your net as far as possible and catch as many new followers as you can who may love your content.  I feel this can only be achieved by pinning during all days and times of the week.  

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