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10 Fashion Affiliate Programs

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10 Fashion Affiliate Programs That Every Fashion Blogger Should Be A Part Of.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase or subscribe using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

Are you a fashion blogger?  Are you looking for some good affiliate programs to join where you can promote a brand you believe in and get paid for it?  If so, this post is for you.  Today I am going to list ten fashion companies that I am an affiliate of.  All of these merchants are affiliate friendly and the commission is good. Some will even send you discount or gift card for your purchase if you ask them for one.  If you'd like to find out what ten companies you should be an affiliate of as a fashion blogger, please keep reading.  

10 Affiliate Programs Every Fashion Blogger Needs To Join

I am very picky about the affiliate companies I join.  I examine what the company is about, what they believe in, and their reputation on the blogosphere.  I am also not a fan of merchants that require a ridiculous amount information about me and my blog before they send me something to review.  I am promoting their products and I am driving business to their company with my reviews and pictures, so when a merchant asks for way too much private information, I decide that it is not going to be a good fit for me and I remove myself from the program.

With that said, the companies I am going to list for you are ten fashion companies that have passed all my requirements.  I am very happy with all of them.  I like what their company is about and I like the way they treat their affiliates.  Some of these companies have provided me with a discount or gift card for my purchase in exchange for a review, and I note this and provide a link to my review for all that have done this.

Many of the companies listed below are members of the affiliate network ShareASale. If you are unfamiliar with ShareASale, which in my opinion is one of the best affiliate networks out there, please see my post, 5 Ways ShareASale Changed my Life.

If you do not wish to join ShareASale at this time, you can simply use my links to join any of the individual programs I list directly.  When you apply to these programs, you do not need to type anything in box where it asks how you plan to promote, just leave that part blank, it will not affect your chance of being accepted into the program.  I always leave the boxes blank.

A few other companies listed are part of the Awin Affiliate Program.  This is also a very popular affiliate programThere is a one time fee of $5 to join Awin, but they give this right back to you in your first payout.  Awin has the lowest payment threshold I have seen - just $20!!  And they also payout twice a month, which is very uncommon!

After you have been emailed that the company has approved you into their affiliate program, simply email them back and ask if they provide their affiliates with samples or gift credit to review an item on your blog.  If you have a media kit, see my post - How To Create A Free Media Kit in 5 Minutes, if you want to learn how to easily make one - send it with your email.  Also send them some links of any other product reviews you have done if you have any.  Don't worry if you don't have any yet, some companies will still be happy to provide you with a sample even if this is your first time.   

I am very loyal to companies that have treated me well, and if I need a product or a gift, I will try to buy it from my affiliate companies first if I can.  You, and any friends and family, may purchase products using your own links.  Many affiliate programs, such as Amazon, do not allow you or family/friends to use your own links when purchasing, but all the companies in the ShareASale program do allow it, and this is a huge plus for me!!  This means that you will automatically earn cash back for any purchase you make from your ShareASale merchants.  I promote my affiliate companies through both my product reviews, which you can view under my page, Product Reviews, and through my page, Coupon Codes.  Both of these pages are always located at the top of my site.  I also promote them on my other social media platforms, especially on my Instagram.

There are now more than ten affiliate programs listed since I update this post frequently.

Join the Julep Affiliate Program!
Most people are familiar with Julep nail polish as it is very high quality.  They offer affiliates free products seasonally, just email them to be put on the list if they aren't doing it at the moment.  This is a very popular beauty affiliate program naturally.

Join the Flirty Aprons Affiliate Program
 They sells stylish aprons for the whole family & offers matching designs for women & girls. 
Flirty aprons  is offering deep discounts on many aprons and home items under their On Sale section.

Palm Beach Jewelry 
One of my favorite jewelry companies, Palm Beach Jewelry always has great flash sales going on!  
To learn how to save lots of money at Palm Beach Jewelry, see my post, PalmBeach Jewelry Shopping Hacks Plus 5 Stunning Big Bling Jewelry Pieces.  You can join their affiliate program via ShareASale

Join the Gymboree affiliate program today!
One of the best children's clothing stores out there! You will get to join the Janie & Jack & Crazy 8 affiliate program by default because they are all owned by same company.

 (I am not an affiliate, they don't offer an affiliate program)
A place to find authentic, gently-used, designer items like Louis Vuitton handbags and more.  
See the Louis Vuitton shoulder bag I bought here:  3 Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts For Women Under $250.
Get $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more using my link: Get $20 OFF!!
Get $50 off of a purchase of $400 or more with newsletter signup.

You can join the Target affiliate program through Impact Radius. 

You can join the Etsy affiliate program through

Missguided recently joined ShareASale and now you can earn money back while you shop!  Very popular company, beauty youtuber Carli Bibel has a collaboration with them.

This is another very popular women's fashion site that constantly offer big discounts on orders.
You can join their affiliate program through the Awin Affiliate Program.

Obviously Reebok is an extremely popular brand and they are another Top 100 Power Rank company in SharASale.  They provide their new affiliates with a welcome code for a generous discount off on their first purchase.   See my post, Reebok Customer Service Review.

Lavinia Lingerie provides bras and other lingerie items in all size ranges that are high quality but also affordable.  They offer lots of great promo codes too. 
See my post, Lavinia Lingerie Bra Review, for my review of some of their bras.

 FashionMia provides their new affiliates with a few free clothing items in exchange for a picture review.  I got some really cute and warm sweatshirts from this lovely company. 

You can join their affiliate program via ShareASale here: Claire's Affiliate Program.
Zazzle provides their new affiliates with a gift card to try out some of their items in exchange for a blog post.  See my post, Zazzle Will Help You Brand Like A Boss

Goodie Two Sleeves provides their new affiliates with a few free items in exchange for a blog post review.
See my post, 5 Things You Need To Know About Goodie Two Sleeves.
I have been a long time customer of this company way before I became an affiliate.  I am a long time lover of their jeans, they are really cute and will hug your curves in all the right places.
Lulus is another super popular company this is also a Top 100 Power Rank company in ShareASale

I hope you have fun joining these affiliate programs. 

Here are three other posts in which I list some great affiliate programs for bloggers and influencers in other categories that you may also be interested in:

10 Beauty Affiliate Programs

Wedding Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Influencers

Etsy Affiliate Program Offered Through New Network

Many of the merchants listed will send bloggers free samples or gift credit in exchange for a review.

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