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20 Blogging Acronyms You Need To Know

20 Blogging Acronyms You Need To Know

Save Yourself Time With This List of 20 Blogging Acronyms I Created.

I have seen a lot of acronym lists for social media going around the internet and it occurred to me that there is no acronym list for bloggers specifically.  Why must bloggers be forced to type everything out when everyone else can simply use acronyms?  This is why I created my own personal list of 20 blogging acronyms that you may find yourself texting or writing to someone if you are a blogger.  Come read my own personal list of blogging acronyms and learn how to use them correctly.  You will save yourself some serious time by using these blogging acronyms.

Here is my own personal list of 20 blogging acronyms that every blogger needs. I find myself texting this stuff all the time.

1.  STU
Seeing The Updates
When you are on the internet and blogosphere so much that you actually can see the updates being made as they are happening. 

2.  PIS
Pinning In Sleep
When you are so addicted to Pinterest, that when you wake up in the middle of the night, you start pinning.

3.  ZFL
Zombie For Life
Very applicable for newbie bloggers who are so sleep deprived from their blog startup that they basically walk around like zombies all day for months on end.

4.  ACD
Amazon Cloud Down
When one of Amazon's cloud servers go down and nothing works on the internet, but you spend all day trying to get things to work and submitting customer support tickets because you didn't get the memo.

5.  SRN
Stumbling Right Now.
When you can't do something because you are busy stumbling so that your posts can get stumbled too.

6.  PRN
Pinning Right Now.
When you still can't do something because now you are busy pinning.

7.   CFL
Canva For Life
Canva is our ride or die for life, because Canva gives bloggers LIFE!

8. UU 
Unfollowing Unfollowers
Yes, its a nasty world out there, am I right? #FollowForFollow

9.  DMFI
Doing Makeup For Instagram
The beauty blogger struggle is real. 

10. TMC
Too Much Coffee
What us bloggers text pretty regularly.

11.  JBIS
Just Bumped Into Something
Something that often happens when you are on your phone too much.

12.  RV
Reviewing Products.
Something us bloggers do pretty regularly.

13.  ASN
Another Sleepless Night.
Getting zero sleep for a variety of reasons that all have to do with blogging such as waking up from sleep to write down future post ideas, pin on Pinterest, check our followers, etc.

Taking Picks Of My Kids
Something us mama bloggers do way too much of.

15.  CMF
Checking My Followers
Another thing us bloggers do way too much of.

16.  BO
Burned Out
All of us bloggers have been there.  See my post, 8 Action Steps To Take When Someone Makes You Want To Quit Blogging

16.  NAV
Need A Vacation
Something all of us bloggers need pretty badly every now and then, especially during the cold winters.  See my post, Seasonal Affective Disorder Picture Test and 9 Ways To Cope If Your SAD, if you are wondering if you need to schedule vacations during the winter months.

17.  IQB
I'm Quitting Blogging.
Something many of us bloggers probably say pretty regularly if we want to be honest.

18.  HWAB
Husband Whining About Blogging
Something my husband does pretty regularly.  See my post, 8 Action Steps To Take When Someone Makes You Want To Quit Blogging

19.  DHDC
Dirty Hair Don't Care
Yes, I use this acronym on the regular as a mama blogger.  #TheStruggleIsReal.

20. JGB
Joining Group Boards.
Something you should be texting on the regular if you want to drive traffic to your site.

I hope you enjoyed this list of blogging acronyms.  If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy my other blogging posts.  You can view them under my page, Blogging.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes

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