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5 Reasons Ride Or Dies Make The Best Husbands

5 Reasons Ride Or Dies Make The Best Husbands

Why A Ride Or Die Is Always The Best.

The topic of today's post was inspired by being completely sick of hearing about failed marriage after failed marriage.  I understand that marriage is incredibly complex and that it takes two to tango.  I also know that there is no full proof magic formula for a successful marriage.  That said, I still think there are definitely some things you can do to set yourself up for success from the start.

I think one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for a strong marriage is to pick the right person.  I talk about some of the qualities you should look for in a future husband in my post, Husband Material Checklist To Prevent Future Heartache.  Today I want to touch on the subject of finding a ride or die husband.  To learn my five reasons why I think you should only marry a ride or die man, please keep reading.

Let me start off by explaining what a "ride or die" person is.  Ride or die is a term used to describe a person that sticks by you through the good, bad, and really ugly times.  A ride or die person doesn't leave when things get rough.  A ride or die stays by you always and forever because they are into you - not your life, your stuff, or the moment you both happen to be in at the time you meet them.   The best way I can describe a ride or die is someone that will be loyal to you until their death.   

I truly believe married women would be so much better off if they only married a ride or die man .  How do you know if you have a ride or die man?  Simple - just date them for a long time.  Over time, your significant other is going to be forced to go through some pretty bad and downright ugly situations with you as you both do life together.  Watch how this man reacts to the bad, and see if they even stick around.  If you have a person who is able to handle the bad times and your bad traits with a level head and continues to stick by you, you probably have a ride or die. 

When you say your marriage vows, one of the things you commonly will say is that you vow to stick with your spouse "through better or worse".  You want someone that understands what this really means.  Trust me, life will definitely give you those "worse" times, and when it does, you need a ride or die BAE that is going to get you through it all and stick by you instead of jumping ship.  Another thing commonly said in marriage vows is "till death do us part".  That means, you vow to stay with that person until your dead.  How many people actually stay married to their spouse until death?  In this age, it's getting pretty rare.  A simple look around and you'll probably find that everyone seems to be on there second, third, and even fourth marriage.  If you don't want to be part of this statistic, marry a ride or die from the start.  If a man is really crazy about you and into you for you, chances are he's going to tune out all that other bad stuff when things get hard and stick by you no matter what.  And ladies, this is exactly what you want in a future husband.  

Here are my top five reasons why you will seriously benefit from marrying a ride or die man:

1.  True love will be cultivated.

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If you are fearful that your husband is going to leave you because of bad times or bad personality traits, true love will never blossom.  If you are fearful that your husband is going to try to get you back for doing something stupid to them, true love will never blossom.  If you are fearful that your husband is going to blab all your crazy moments to his family, friends, work colleges, etc, true love will never blossom.  True love cannot grow in an environment full of fear.  True love for someone flows out of an abundance of gratefulness and appreciation for that person.  You appreciate and have gratefulness for a person who sticks by you through thick and thin and allows you a safe place to be crazy every once and a while.   

True love can only be created in an environment of stability, and a ride or die gives you that stability by sticking by your side no matter what and not speaking badly about you to those outside of the marriage bed.  Feeling true love and giving true love does wonders for your health and happiness.

2. You will become a better person. 

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When you are married to someone who sticks by you and loves you despite flaws in your personality, it will be easier to grow and mature into a better person.  It may sound counter-intuitive, that someone that tolerates your bad traits will actually cause you to change, but it's true.  People are less motivated to change their bad behavior if they have a hostile partner that is constantly criticizing and bashing them.  Over time you will see how your partner suffers under your bad traits, and you will be motivated to change and improve your bad habits out of sheer love for them.  The principle of catching more flies with honey than with vinegar definitely applies here.  Your ride or die, by being loyal and loving to you, will motivate you to change and become a better person.

3.  You will be more successful in your work. 

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When people's emotional and physical needs are being met, they become more successful.  The reason behind this is simple:  If you are happy in your relationship, you won't be wasting time worrying about it, and you will instead be able to focus on becoming successful in your work, whatever that may be.  I am a better mom when I feel like my emotional and physical needs are being met by my husband, and my husband has advanced and grown in his career since getting married because his emotional and physical needs are being met.  Ride or die men satisfy your emotional and physical needs by loving you through thick and thin, and this allows you to become successful in whatever work you choose to perform.

4.  You will create a secure environment for your children.

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If you have children with your spouse, you will want your children to grow up in an environment filled with loving interactions and behavior between you and your husband.  When children see this loving relationship played out between parents, they feel secure.  Children become very insecure when parents are constantly fighting, bashing each other, or leaving each other.  The best thing you can do for your future children is to marry a ride or die man that is going to be by your side and theirs for the rest of their lives. 

5. You will avoid hurting yourself.

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When people stray from their marriages, they do a lot of stupid stuff that ends up just hurting them in the end.  Why do you want to marry someone that is going to cause you to stray in your marriage and do stuff that is going to end up hurting you in the end?  Ride or die lovers care about you more than anything else in life, so the chances of you straying from your marriage or doing stuff to hurt them is much lower.  By lowering the chances of you straying, you are lowering the chances that you are going to hurt yourself too.  

Just ask people who have been through divorces how much they have spent - it's enough to throw any sane person into a complete depression.  You can read more about the agonies of divorce here: Affairs Are Great At Removing These 5 Things From Your Life.  Avoid putting yourself through a divorce in the first place by marrying a ride or die man. 

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