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8 Surprising Sex Hygiene Tips To Prevent UTIs

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8 Highly Effective Sex Hygiene Tips That Will Keep You Free of UTIs & Cystitis.

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Hey everyone!  Today I want to talk about a subject that isn't too widely disccussed, even though its the number one health problem women suffer from.  The subject I want to talk about concerns urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs for short.  If you have ever had a UTI, you know that these things are one of the worst things in life.  UTIs cause extreme discomfort, burning, pain, bloating, and can even lead to deadly kidney infections if not treated quickly and correctly.  I have suffered from UTIs all my life, even as a child, because I was born with a condition called reflux, which is where one or more of the tubes that goes from the kidneys to the bladder is defective.  This is an extremely common condition, it's just not widely talked about.  Although I had surgery to correct this as a child, I have always had a weakened immune system in my bladder area, and it has made the struggle of avoiding urinary tract infections all the harder for me.  

After I became sexually active, I suffered from chronic UTI infections.  I felt like I would develop a UTI infection every single time I had sex.  The constant rounds of antibiotics gave me some pretty bad side effects, including nerve damage in my extremities that I am very thankful to Jesus to have healed from.  After living in misery for so long,  I became determined to figure out how to avoid getting UTI infections from sex.  After many years of trial and error, I now practice an eight point routine that has kept from virtually free of UTIs for years, despite my active sex life with my husband.  It is this eight point system that I want to share with all my readers today.  I know the power that UTIs have to ruin a women's life and I want to free as many women as I can from this wretched bondage.  Please keep reading to learn my eight point system to become UTI free.  This stuff will truly change your life.

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Here is the eight point system I developed to prevent UTI infections from occurring after sexual intercourse.  Doing one or two of the things on my list will not be as effective as doing all of the things on my list.  As I mentioned above, this eight point system has keep me virtually UTI free for years, despite have an active sex life and having a weakened immune system in that area.  

Here are my eight sex hygiene tips to prevent UTIs.  I apologize if some find the language used in this post to be gross or graphic.  I intend absolutely no offense to anyone.  I am simply trying to make these points as clear and easy to understand and practice as possible. 

1. Shower before having sex.

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This is the most important tip on my list and hence why I put it first.  Ladies, let's be real with ourselves:  A two second wipe with a tiny bit of toilet paper is not going to remove the fecal matter left in the anus area after a poop.  That fecal matter contains a lot of bad bacteria, including E. Coli, which is the number one cause of UTI infections.  E Coli has a special ability to hang on to the walls of the bladder and avoid being washed out with urine.  Thankfully, a product has been developed called D Mannose that binds bacteria like E. Coli in the bladder and prevents it from sticking to the walls of the bladder, hence allowing the bacteria to be washed out during urination.  This is a breakthrough product that I am going to discuss a little later in my list, but the most important thing you can do to avoid getting a UTI infection in the first place is make sure that your butt area is squeaky clean and contains no fecal matter.  You do this by washing the area with soap and water.  Do this every single time before you have sex.

2.  Shower after you poop.

As I mentioned in my first point, the chances of removing all fecal matter from your anus with a swipe of toilet paper is very low.  In order to prevent bacteria in poop from creeping up to the vagina or getting on your husband's penis, which will then introduce it directly to the vaginal area, you need to wash your butt every single time you poop.  I understand that sometimes this is impossible to do if you go number two in a place that is not your home, but whenever you do it at home, if you can, take a shower immediately afterwards.  This will prevent a buildup of bad bacteria in the area during the day that can migrate frontwards toward the vagina, and it will serve as extra insurance above and beyond just taking a shower before you have sex.

3.  Pee after sex.

This is something that many women widely neglect, and the reason for this is simple:  We like to cuddle afterwards.  I was guilty of this.  Us women like to snuggle and cuddle with our men in bed and it seems to go against our instincts to get up and go to the bathroom after or between sex activities.  Unfortunately, when you don't pee after sex, you allow any bacteria that has been thrust up into the urethra to multiply and travel further up into your bladder.  Try to pee after any sessions of penetration as this will wash out the bacteria that has been introduced into the urethra immediately and prevent it from sticking to the walls and traveling further up.  If you can't force yourself to do it between sex, please do it at the very end before you go to sleep.

4.  Take D Mannose after sex.

I briefly mentioned D Mannose in my first point but this product is incredible and an entire point on its own. D Mannose is a sugar that is naturally found in cranberries.  What is special about this sugar is that it binds to the walls of the bacteria in your bladder. By coating the bacteria, the bacteria is no longer free to cling to the walls of your bladder, which they love to do, making them hard to wash away.   Because the sugar coats the bacteria and keeps it from hanging on to your bladder, when you pee, the bacteria is washed right out with the urine.  This is why people recommend cranberry pills when you have a UTI, because this sugar is in cranberry, but you would have to take so many cranberry pills that you would become sick.  I have done this and I made my blood overly acidic by taking too many cranberry pills.  This product is a miracle product because they extracted only the d-mannose sugar from the cranberries, and this sugar doesn't make you sick like too many cranberry pills will.   The VitaminShoppe does carry this product however they charge much more per ounce than Amazon does, which is why I only order this product in bulk from Amazon. D-Mannose is not cheap, but it is worth every single penny.

After sex and before I go to bed, I take 1 tablespoon of D Mannose in about 1/4 cup of water.  By doing this, you are ensuring that any bad bacteria that got introduced into the urethra and bladder during sex will be bound by the D Mannose and washed out as soon as you pee.  This is a fantastic preventative maintenance measure that will really help you to avoid getting cystitis and a possible UTI infection.

To see the proper dosage procedure for taking D Mannose once you feel you have developed a UTI infection, please see my post, How To Get Rid of UTI Infections Fast Without Antibiotics.  I have completely wiped out many a stubborn UTI infection using the dosing procedure I mention in this post.

5.  Require husband to shower and wash fingernails thoroughly.

This is a very important, but often overlooked, point.  I have always been lucky to have a man that is great about showering.  My husband is very clean and has always given me the respect of washing himself before we get intimate.  I assume that most men probably do shower or are completely willing to shower if asked.  What is often be overlooked about a man's hygiene however is his fingernails.  Did you know that nurses that work in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) are not allowed to have fake nails because the bacteria that can be harbored under nails can actually be deadly?  Last summer I got a horrible case of poison ivy because I was wearing very long fake nails and these nails were spreading the poison ivy oil all over my body.  Fingernails contains some seriously bad bacteria under them and if your man does not thoroughly soak or scrub his fingers, he could be introducing some of that really bad bacteria into your vaginal area.  This leads me to my sixth point.

6.  Limit oral sex and finger play.

I know that I am now venturing into personal preferences of sexual activity and I do not mean to offend anyone by doing this.  What I want to say in this point is simply that the mouth and fingers contain lots of bad bacteria.  When they touch the vaginal area, they introduce this bad bacteria.  If you enjoy these aspects of foreplay, try to limit them as much as you are able.  If you enjoy finger play, try to keep it away from the top of the vagina, around the urethra area.  Also, a better substitute for finger play may be to keep it on the outside of the vagina, not the inside.

7.  Avoid shaving creams and soaps with strong scents.

Perfumes and fragrances can get the delicate PH balance of the vagina out of wack.  When it comes to using shaving creams and soaps, try to use ones that have very little fragrance.   Products that derive their scent from essential oils are the best. 

8.  Keep your thongs and G- strings for night-time use only.

shoes and panties

Thongs and G-strings are all the rage these days and so many ladies where these sexy types of underwear all day long, day after day.  The problem with this type of underwear is that the string they are made of frequently moves from the anus to the vagina area.  When the string moves like this, it can be introducing bad bacteria from the butt into the vagina.  You cut down on this happening by showering after you go number two, as I mentioned in point two above, but the best way to prevent any transfer of bacteria is to simply not wear this type of underwear during the everyday.  I agree that thongs and G-strings are very flattering on a woman's body, so I am not saying to never wear them.  Just try to wear them at night during time with your husband after you have showered and are squeaky clean down there.  And don't be misled by my title- when I say night-time use, I only mean time when you are with your man.  Please take these off when you are ready to sleep.  Sleeping sans panties is the best thing you can do for your vagina.

I hope you enjoyed learning my eight point system for avoiding UTIs after sex.  If there was ever a person to test this system on, it was me, as I have suffered so many UTIs in my life.  I have been practicing this system for a few years and it has radically changed my life and set me free from the bondage of urinary tract infections.  A healthy vagina means a healthy sex life, and a healthy sex life translates into a healthy marriage. 

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This is a very good list. I've never had to suffer through a UTI before but I have many family members who have. My sister especially, gets them frequently and it is always a drawn out and miserable time for her. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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