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How To Slay The Summer Scene Like An Island Girl

How To Slay The Summer Scene Like An Island Girl

How To Slay Summer Like A Beautiful Island Girl.

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Summer is coming! Summer is coming!  Did I mention that summer is going to be here soon?  If you can't tell, summer is my favorite season.  I was born during a summer heatwave and I have always wondered if this influenced my body temperature preferences in some way.  I feel freezing all fall and winter and this is a really unpleasant way to live for so many months.  My body and mind feel best in 80-90 degree weather, and the only season that gives me these temperatures is summer.

Today I want to talk to you about how I slay summer style like an island girl, also pronounced island "gyal".  I have always adored island girls.  Everything about island girls is beautiful.  They look stylish, sexy, and carefree.  If you want to learn how you too can let your inner island girl shine bright this summer, please keep reading.  I have included some great coupon codes for a few of the items in this post.

As I mentioned above, I have always admired island girl style.  I wish that I could say that I hailed from the warm beautiful islands, but God decided to put me in the cold north instead.  I did the next best thing, though, and I married a man who was basically raised on a tropical island.  Okay, my husband isn't technically from any island, but he grew up right on the Pacific coast in El Salvador, so I consider it sort of the same thing.  The inner island girl in me could feel his island vibes when I laid eyes on him, and the rest was history.  See my post, 5 Unknown Things About The Author of TME, to read more about our story.

Now that you know that I am obsessed with island girl style, you will believe me when I say that I try very hard to slay my summers with island girl style.  Below I am going to list a four key things you will need if you want to give off that beautiful and sexy island girl vibe too.

1. Confidence.

If you don't have confidence, the other things I am going to mention here won't do too much for you.  A confidant woman is a sexy woman, period.  Confidence is an attitude that says, I know that I am sexy and beautiful, and I am worthy of love and respect.  I don't care if you have stretch marks, back rolls, a muffin top, cellulite thighs, or something else - a woman with confidence is always sexy.  Confidence beats everything else.  If you compare a woman who has a perfect body but no confidence to a woman who has has many body imperfections but also has confidence, the one with the confidence always wins and looks better.  So this summer, in order to slay all day like an island girl, make sure you have confidence!  Island girl's are confident girls!  Be proud of the body God gave you and remember that you are beautiful.  (If you would like to read more about body, self esteem, and self worth issues, please see my post,  A Valentine's Love Letter To Ugly Ducklings.

2.  A Killer Swimsuit.

Do you know what I love?  I love that finally there are designers and clothing companies out there that make flattering apparel for all body types.  Gone are the days where only a certain body type could look good in a swimsuit!  When I go to the beach, I see so many ladies with so many different body types and they all look so beautiful in their swimsuits.  I love that!  That is truly a "win" for the designers and clothing companies, they finally got it right! 

3.  Bracelets and Anklets. 

If you look at any beautiful island girl, swimsuit model, surfer girl, or anyone that spends a lot of time at the ocean, chances are that they are wearing some pretty cute and colorful bracelets and anklets.  There is something about paying attention to the details that makes women look just look so sexy and beautiful.  I myself an obsessed with bracelets and anklets, especially anklets.  I feel like anklets instantly make legs looks sexy, there is just something about them that never goes out of style.  Here I am wearing two of my favorites:

ankle anklet bracelet

I truly believe every woman should own an anklet or two.  If you are looking for some cute bracelets or anklets that ooze island girl - summer vibes, check out BohoBeachBijou's store on Ebay.  She is a really nice seller that ships her items out lightening quick.  The bracelet I have in the picture below came from BohoBeachBijou's store.

4.  Sun Hat.

floppy sun hat beach hat

Island girls know that the hot sun can be very damaging to their hair.  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I am a color chameleon and have had almost every hair color imaginable.  Please see my posts, DIY Platinum White Hair RecipeHow To Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red DIY, and How To Do An Olaplex Treatment At Home, to read more about my escapades dying my own hair.  Because I have colored and stripped my hair so many times, it is very damaged, and even a few hours of hot sun can cause my  super fragile hair to start splitting.  Because of this, I always wear a floppy sun hat to protect my locks.  Sun hats also help protect your face from the sun, and since sun can cause age spots and wrinkles on the skin, this is a huge plus.  Please see my post, 7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age, if you are interested in learning more about how to keep your skin looking youthful and gorgeous.  If you are looking for some feminine and stylish sun hats, this clothing company carries some seriously nice ones:  Lulus.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to slay the summer scene like an island girl.  To get coupon codes for many other brands that I work with, please see my page, Coupon Codes.  You may also be interested in my product reviews, which can be found under my page, Product Reviews.
Here's to wishing you a beautiful, happy, and very stylish summer in 2017! 

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