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My Home Birth Experience In Interview

My Home Birth Experience In Interview. Are you curious about a home birth? If so, this post is for you.

My Home Birth Experience Told Through An Interview.

Today I want to talk about my home birthing experience.  I thought the best way to do this would be through an interview.  I am going to answer a lot of common questions I get about my home birthing experience so if this is something you are interested in, please keep reading.

newborn baby looking up

I am going to be interviewing myself in this post, but the questions used will be common questions people have asked me about my personal experience with home birth.

1.  Why did you decide to have a home birth?

I left the standard OB/GYN medical practice to avoid being induced if I went past my due date.  I had read that being induced is actually more painful than natural child birth is.  

I also didn't feel right about rushing my baby out if he wasn't ready, and it didn't even make sense to do that since we didn't know for sure the day he was conceived and he might not have been as far along as the charts told us.

2.  How many home births and hospital births have you had.

I have had three home births, one for each of my three children, and zero hospital births.  

I started out with an OB/GYN practice with my first son, but I eventually left and switched to a licensed midwife that was not associated with any hospital when I was about 5-6 months along in my pregnancy.  

During the short time I was in OB/GYN care, I was given a ridiculous amount of antibiotics as well as the drug Zofran for morning sickness.  Zofran now has a class action lawsuit against it for being implicated in heart defects.  

3.  How big were your babies?

My first was 9lbs 1 oz, my second was 9lbs, my third was 8lbs 10 oz.

4. Did you tear?

I only tore once with my first son because I didn't pause in between pushes when my midwife told me to.  I tore in the urethra area only, not in the dreaded and serious perineum area that separates the front form the back.  Midwives are specifically trained on how to support the perineum tissue to prevent tearing. 

My midwife was able to stitch up the small tear in the urethra are quickly and easily and I've never had a problem since.

I had zero tearing with my other two as I was more sensitive to following the instructions of my midwives.

5.  Did you have any complications?

No, nothing.  My third son had very wide shoulders.  When he was coming out he got stuck for a few seconds because of his shoulders.  My midwives immediately had me change positions with my legs and that did the trick right way and he came right out. 

6.  What did you use to give birth at home?

With my first son I used a birthing chair.  The midwife thought it would be a good idea because the first is often the hardest to push out and the birthing chair makes it very easy bear down and push.  

With my other two I didn't use anything, it was just me on the floor with a pillow. 

7.  What positions would you recommend for natural childbirth?

As I mentioned above, I used the squatting, birth chair position for my first.  Birth chairs make pushing easy but they can also increase tears because the baby comes out quicker.

For my second and third, I did the hands and knees position and it worked wonderfully for me.  I would recommend the hands and knees position for birthing mamas. 

8.  What did you do to manage the contractions?

Contractions are basically the most painful part about childbirth.  Pushing a child out hurts, but at this point you are so ready for the baby to get out of you that you don't really feel too much.  The hours of contractions leading up to the pushing part is always the most painful and miserable part of child birth in my opinion.

For my first, I managed my contractions by yanking down on my husband's shirt every time I had them.  For my second two, I managed my contractions by burying my head into a pillow and grabbing the pillow every time I had the contractions.

And for those that haven't given birth yet, I would describe contractions as feeling like menstrual cramps on steroids.  They are in the same area as menstrual cramps, but they are much, much more painful.

9.  How long were your labors?

12 hours with my first.  About 6 hours with my other two.  It does get quicker, I promise you.

10.  What did you buy to prepare for your home births?

Not too much.  Some receiving blankets for the baby.  A small birth kit that contains big period pads and extra gloves for midwives - the midwives tell you where to buy them online.  My husband threw a tarp and some blankets down on the carpet to protect it from staining. 

11.  Anything you didn't like about home birth?

I loved every thing about home birthing, all three times.  I loved the control it gave me over my body.  I loved the privacy it gave me and my family.  I love the instant bonding time it gave me with my baby.  And I loved how fast my body healed.  

The only thing I would mention is that home birth can be expensive.  We paid  between $2,000-$3,000 out of pocket for each child, and although it was hard to come up that money, it was worth every single penny.  My husband and I felt that you simply cannot put a price tag on the well being of mommy and baby.

12.  Any advice you would give first time home birthing mothers?

First, make sure the midwife you are working with is licensed and certified.

Second, and this is really key for first time moms, find yourself a very experienced and fearless midwife.  If a midwife is inexperienced and fearful, she can impart that fear to the first time mom and dad and it can actually ruin the natural birthing process as fear can slow contractions.  Find yourself a very experienced midwife who has had home births herself and who understands and respects the power of the female body to give birth naturally.  The midwife I had with my first child was a pro and completely fearless, and it was her attitude that helped give me and my husband a sense of confidence and reassurance that I could push my baby naturally.  That confidence and reassurance allowed me to have a great first time home birth experience, and this ultimately led me to go on and have two more great home births with more great midwives.  It is crucial to have a strong, professional, and very experienced midwife.

Third, make sure that your midwife is not overly busy, and that she can guarantee that she will be able to attend your home birth.  It's sad that I even have to mention this, but it does happen. Your midwife needs to have a system in place where she is not taking more clients than she can handle.  There is no replacement for a midwife present during your birth, she MUST be there. This is non negotiable and must be considered seriously when choosing one.

Fourth, don't panic.  Go into your home birth knowing that God designed women's bodies to push out babies naturally.  The size of a woman's hips have nothing to do with it.  My midwives have seen many "little" women have easy home births.  

Home birth is widely practiced throughout Europe, Latin America, and many other parts of the world.  

I hope you found this interview helpful.  Please feel free to comment down below if I missed a question you have.

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