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Reebok Customer Service Review

Review of Customer Service Offered by The Reebok Company.

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Hey!  Today I want to do a review of the level of customer service I received from the company.  I am doing a review primarily on the customer service aspect of this company because I don't feel like I need to do a review on their products. Most of you already know of and also know their shoes and apparel are pretty awesome, so the main thing I want to focus on here is the level of customer service this company offers customers.  Please keep reading if you'd to hear about my personal experience with this company and what I thought of the customer support offered me. 

I recently became am an affiliate of the company and after I became an affiliate, I used their welcome discount code to purchase a pair of completely gorgeous sneakers. I purchased their Reebok Furylite FG's in Blue.  These shoes are currently on sale and I was able to use my discount code on top of the sale price.  I was also able to qualify for free shipping because it took the before sale price. So far, so good!

I ordered my Reebok Furylite FG's on a Thursday, and the shoes came lightning quick and arrived that following Tuesday- four days total from placing the order to receiving it, and that included the weekend.  After placing my order, I also received another discount code to be used for a future purchase in email, and another coupon code came with my purchase in the box.  All good at this point.

Here is what my Reebok Furylight FG's looked like:

Can we say obsessed?  Yeah, it was pretty much love at first sight.  I absolutely adored the pink flower design and the teal and pink colors made the shoes so gorgeous.

The shoes were really comfortable and a great fit for wide feet, just like I had read they were in the reviews about them. I absolutely loved the shoes and those that were home with me when the package arrived really loved them too. Even my husband, being totally anti-flower, loved them.

Now, here is a little-known fact about me - my feet are different sizes!  Yes, I know, this is totally weird.  Having feet that are slightly different sizes can make it really hard to buy shoes too.  They are not drastically different sizes, but my right foot is slightly larger than my left foot.  I am a right handed gal, so it may just be that I use the right side of my body more and so it has grown bigger?  Honestly, I really don't know why I have different sized feet.  But because of this, I felt like my big right toe was rubbing the shoe slightly.  My left foot felt perfect, and the rest of my little toes on my right foot also felt perfect, but my one big annoying party pooper right toe was uncomfortable, and it just kept bothering me.  Because of this, I knew I was going to have to return them, and I was incredibly bummed about it because the shoes were so comfortable and gorgeous and unique.

The benefit of this however is that I would get to experience the full level of customer support offered by this company and would be able to tell you guys about it.  I clicked on their site and quickly found their return policy.  The return policy stated that they would provide me with a completely FREE shipping label and that all I needed to do was to pack up the shoes, smack the complimentary return label on the box, and drop the package off at any UPS store or drop box location.   So far, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was looking.  Many companies try to charge you for using their return shipping label, or they make you pay for your own label, but was giving me a pre-paid label for free.  After printing out the label for my item, I packed up the shoes, stuck the new label on the box, and dropped the box off on a Wednesday afternoon.  I am not lying to you when I tell you that I then received an email that very same Wednesday night, that the refund had been processed!  WHOA!!!  How did that just happen? Same day? What?  Okay, I was uber impressed now.

I have never experienced a faster refund than this from any company!! In fact, thinking about this entire process from start to finish, I think that offers the best customer service that I have ever seen from any company!! From lighting fast shipping, to free return shipping, to same day refunds, has the best customer service I have ever experienced ever when I think about it.

So, not only are their products super fly, their customer service is just stellar, and now I can say with complete confidence that I highly recommend this company and love everything they are about, from their amazing products to their fantastic customer service. 

If you are a blogger and also a huge fan like I am, let me suggest joining their affiliate program too.  This will allow you to earn cash back on all your purchases every time you buy with them because you can always use your own links!  Pretty cool if you ask me, I know that I love earning cash back on my purchases.  They also give new affiliates a generous welcome discount on their first purchase.  You can join their affiliate program here: Join the Reebok Affiliate Program

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