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That Time I Got A Speeding Ticket Going To Church On Daylight Savings Sunday

That Time I Got A Speeding Ticket Going To Church On Daylight Savings Sunday

The Sunday I Got A Speeding Ticket Right Outside of My Church & What I Learned From It.

Hey everyone!  How is everyone doing today?  Have all you beautiful mamas survived the dreaded daylight savings switch?  I know, it is pretty unpleasant for just about everyone.  It is also the topic of my post today.  Today I want to talk about the time I got a speeding ticket rushing to church with my entire family on daylight savings Sunday.  Do you guys want to laugh, cry, and rejoice with me all at the same time?  If so, then you are in for a real treat!  Please keep reading.

That Time I Got A Speeding Ticket Going To Church On Daylight Savings Sunday

The bird in the poster at the top of this post is a road runner bird.  Road runners are known for racing around every where they go.  Have you guys seen the movie "The Angry Birds Movie"?  You know how in the movie there is the yellow road runner bird Chuck, who races around and does his life at like warp speed?  Well I am sort of like the Chuck bird.  I am pretty speedy.  Actually literally, I am speedy.  I am a runner, so by nature, I am physically speedy.  I also sort of do my life at warp speed like Chuck does.  I dived into marriage at warp speed, I dived into home birthing and raising three children at warp speed, and I dived into the whole blogging thing at warp speed, (to see more about my blogging excursions, please see my page: Blogging and Tech).  So yeah - I am basically that bird. 

Now that you know a little bit more abount my nature, it probably won't surprise you to hear that I have had a speeding ticket or two in my day.  Now, to my defense, all of those speeding tickets were in my younger days before I was married or had any kids.  And those tickets slowed me down and made me a much safer driver and I thank God for them.  However, very recently, I got another speeding ticket, despite being the 30-something, safe-driving, mom that I am.  I got this speeding on my way to church, on daylight savings Sunday, with my entire family in the car, minutes from reaching my church's doors.    Yeah,  it was kind of a shocker.  And it put me in tears, for about half the day, and made me incredibly sad and discouraged.  Let me explain why.

Before I explain why the ticket upset me so much, let me give you a little background about where my church is located.  Our church is located inside of a gated community.  I know - super weird.  I am completely unsure why this church was built inside of this community and I completely wish it wasn't.  I myself do not live in this community, and many people that do live there do not go to the church, so none of it really makes any sense.  The community itself is almost a senior citizen community because about 70% of its residents are 65 years old or older.  Due to the age limit of the community, it's not too surprising that the speed limits inside this community vary from 15-25 mph.  Despite all of this, I am extremely happy with the church itself, from everything from its teaching, to its kids programs, to its classes and members in general.  Very unfortunately for me however,  it is located where it is.

Back to the story at hand, daylight savings Sunday rolled around and I wasn't planning on going to church because I knew I would not be able to make it there on time.  Being on time is something that is really important to me.  It's probably just my personality, but I literally get so mad being late, it just completely ruins my mood.  So, since I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to church on time with the time change moving clocks forward an hour, I had no plans of going.  But - my dear husband wanted to go.  My husband has a crazy work schedule and he had missed a few prior Sundays because of it.  Because of all of this, I decided that I would get myself and my three kids ready at lightning speed in a time span of about twenty minutes and go with him to church that morning. 

Well, let me just say that this plan backfired magnificently.  We left our house about 15 minutes late and I raced the entire way there.  After clearing the entrance gate of this gated community, I continued going about 10 miles faster than I should have been in their 25mph zone and BAM!  A safety patrol officer with the ability to write speeding tickets in the community saw me and pulled me over.  And he proceeded to give me a ticket, complete with "guest of church" on it.  And I suddenly burst into tears.

Why did I burst into tears?  I think for a variety of reasons.  First, because it caught me completely off guard.  I'm not sure why I felt so off guard, but I guess in my head I never thought I would be given a ticket heading to church and literally minutes from it's doors.  Somehow this had become a safe route to me and I didn't view it like the rest of the road.  It felt like someone had just stabbed me with a knife when I received that ticket because I was on my way to do a really great thing - allow myself and the rest of my family to sit and learn about God's Holy Word.  

The second reason I think I burst into tears is because I immediately became incredibly discouraged about going to that church ever again.  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I love Jesus with all my heart and soul and I try to go to church as much as I can.  It took me a while to find our church after moving to our new area, and I was thrilled to find that I really loved the church.   When I received that ticket, I immediately felt the desire to never go back to this church again, and that grieved me really deeply inside.  It grieved me because I loved this church, and I loved the programs they offered my kids, and I knew we would all suffer if we never went back because there were no other churches like it within 50 miles of us. And that made me really sad.

After the patrol officer handed me the ticket, I looked at my husband and said, "what are we supposed to do now?  I cannot walk into church like this, I still have tears streaming down my face".  Since the patrol officer was still parked and watching us, I decided to head in the direction of the church anyway so he didn't think I had been lying about where I was headed.  But of course I didn't actually go into the church.  My family did, but I didn't.  Instead I sat in the car and cried.  It was just another stressful and incredibly unpleasant experience on top of a month and year filled with stressful experiences.

Before I knew it, my family was getting back in the car and we were headed home.  After parking the car, I went directly back into my bed and just laid  there and cried for a few more hours.  The entire experience had shaken me, and it was so upsetting to feel discouraged from going to God's House.  But here's where the story gets good.  Are you ready to start rejoicing with me ladies?

The Sunday before the ticket episode, I had went to church as usual and upon entering the foyer of the church, I found a few tables with books laid out.  There was a sign that said someone had closed a library and the books were free to a good home.  I looked over the books and found some really great ones that I can't wait to read.  And I thought to myself, "Every time I go to church, I get blessed"!  God had blessed me with all those free books that Sunday, and He had reminded me of a simple yet profound truth that I get blessed every time I go to His house to hear what He wants to say to me through the pastors.  It was this truth that I remembered while I lay in my bed, my cheeks still wet with tears.  Somehow this terribly upsetting episode of being ticketed on the way to church was going to be a blessing to me.

After thinking about it for some time, I came to the conclusion that it was a blessing because God was using the experience to remind me to slow down.  It would be devastating to get into a serious car accident, and God was using this to help remind me that He loves and cares for me and my family and he wants to keep us from getting hurt like this.

Here's something else I think He wants me to share:  As you know, all speeding tickets come with fines.  If you read my The Makeup Equation, you know that we are a family of five on one income.  You also know that I am careful with money.  The fine was upsetting to me and I decided that I was going to take it out of our tithe.  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I talk about tithing a lot, and that it is incredibly important to me - see my posts, 10 Ways To Sucker Punch Bad Spending Habits In The Throat, and 5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year.

Tithing consistently allows God to bless you, and it also helps you store up treasures for yourself in heaven.  Tithing is not something I take lightly.  So why did I decide to take it out of our tithe?  Because I understand the nature of God and I am secure in my relationship with my Father.  God is not some nun with a ruler waiting to slap you on the hand, though many try to portray Him as such.  God loves His kids the way we love our own kids, and His personality is incredibly loving and forgiving.  And I think He is willing to make exceptions for us when we need it.  Tithing is incredibly important, but you know what is even more important - understanding the relationship you have with your heavenly Father.

Here's what I said to God that night - "God, you know how tight we are with money right now, and I want to take this out of our tithe for this week, and I know that You are not going to punish me or slap me on the wrist for this, but that You understand everything about our lives and will make an exception for me this one time.  And I thank You for paying for a lesson that is mine to learn, and I love You because You are always so understanding and loving with me."

I woke up the next day feeling better and less discouraged and decided that I would continue to go to this church that I loved.  That night while checking one of my affiliate accounts, I noticed that I had received a bonus in an amount that was exactly equal to the amount of the fine.  God had not only payed for my lesson, but He had then given me back the exact money I spent on paying the ticket as a bonus.  Writing these words still chokes me up because it just shows the nature of God so well.  He is so loving to His kids.  Nothing happens to Christians unless God allows it, and He blesses us even through the hard lessons.

Let me close with this.  I am thankful that God reminded me to slow down.  God created me in my mother's womb and He knows better than anyone what a speedy, road runner of a girl I am.  He gently reminded me to slow it down with this ticket, which He not only paid for, but then doubled and gave me back twice.   He remind me that I get blessed when I go to church the previous Sunday so that my soul could rest on this truth the following Sunday when I felt so discouraged about going to church ever again.  He is such a good and loving Father.

Concerning this community and the safety officer who is ticketing young families on their way to church, there are two verses specifically from the Bible that comes to mind.  I mention them here because its an incredibly serious subject and I hope that neither I, nor you, nor anyone is ever caught doing this, and that if we are, we immediately apologize and make amends with the one we have wronged.

The verses are from Matthew 18:6-7 and are as follows:  "but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.  Woe to the world because of its stumbling blocks!  For it is inevitable that stumbling blocks come; but woe to that man through whom the stumbling block comes!"

God allowed me to speed, and God allowed that man to give me that ticket on my way to church that Sunday, but God will also deal with those who discourage His little ones from attending church and hearing His Holy Word.  God is a loving Father, but God is also a very protective Father and parent.  When someone messes with God's kids, they mess with Him.  Please never forget that in your walk through life.

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