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3 Amazing Tinted Moisturizers For The Summer No Makeup Face

3 Amazing Tinted Moisturizers For The Summer No Makeup Face

Three Amazing Tinted Moisturizers To Help You Slay Summer Makeup Free

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It has been a very warm spring, and all this heat has had me thinking about how I am going to pull off my no makeup face on a regular basis this summer.  Nobody wants to be wearing layers of makeup and sweating underneath it all summer long.  Not only does melted makeup look silly, but it can also be downright bad for your skin - see my posts, Makeup Causes Wrinkles in 3 Ways and 7 Signs You Are A Makeup Lawbreaker to read more about how not wearing makeup properly can damage your skin.

But what do you do if your bare, no makeup face needs a little pick me up?  I have always envied the beauties on Instagram who look as beautiful without makeup as they do with.  Their bare skin is as flawless as their makeup face.  But what do you do if your bare skin has more than its fair share of blemishes and scars?  As I mention in my post, 8 Beauty Resolutions To Help You Achieve Goalz Status, I am terrible about constantly picking at my face.  All that picking has left me with quite a lot of scars and dark spots.  As much as I absolutely love the feel of bare skin, I am too embarrassed to go makeup free in public because of all my imperfections.  And this is exactly why I am a huge fan of tinted moisturizers. 

Today I am going to discuss three tinted moisturizer products that I use very often to achieve a flawless no makeup face.  When I use these moisturizers, I do not need to use any other products with them.  Below I am going to review each tinted moisturizer, assign it a grade rating, and tell you what color shade I wear in it.   

As I mentioned above, I have a fair amount of imperfections on my bare skin.  Fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring from lots of picking at my face has left me embarrassed to show my bare face in public.  Wearing full makeup all summer long is just not practical, or even healthy for my skin. Wearing a medium amount of makeup can end up looking silly and like you don't know how to apply makeup at all.  There really is no substitute for a bare face, especially during the hot summer months, but what do you do if you still need some coverage?  This is where tinted moisturizers come in!

Tinted moisturizers are skincare products that contain light weight makeup coverage for the face.  Tinted moisturizers usually contain SPF and other ingredients that are healthy for the skin, while they also contain ingredients that provide coverage for imperfections of the skin. Tinted moisturizers can go under many names and are almost identical to to BB creams and CC creams in makeup and function.

Today I am going to list three products that I personally use myself.  Each of these products are called slightly different things but all fall into the category of a tinted moisturizer because they contain sunscreen and skincare ingredients, and also provide coverage for blemishes.

When I do a no makeup face, I only use a tinted moisturizer and nothing else.  Each of these three products provides enough coverage that you will not need to apply any other product.  They also don't provide too much coverage and make you look silly without other products. These are truly perfect stand alone products.  Nothing else is required when you use them.

In addition to reviewing each product and giving it an overall grade, I will also tell you what color shade I wear in the product.  I know that it can be very hard to color match online, so I will tell you the color I use.  I have had all my shades specifically color matched to my skin by awesome beauty consultants in store.  Please know that this is always available to you if you are unsure of what color shade you may be. 

1. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream With SPF 50+

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

Grade: A++

Why I like it: The ingredients in IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream With SPF 50+ are completely fantastic!  This product contains hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, peptides, and vitamins.  There is also no sulfates, parabens, or waxes - to read more about why I avoid wax, see my post, Wax Free Lip Product List.  This product also provides excellent coverage and covers my scarring and blemishes, but it doesn't look or feel heavy like a foundation.  It blends into my skin seamlessly and looks as if I have nothing on my face.  I love wearing this CC Cream because it moisturizes and nourishes my face when I have it on.  It also contains a small amount of glow in it that illuminates your face nicely and prevents a dull look to the face.  

My Color Shade:  Light.  I would say that "Light" in this product is about a medium and will work well if you are fair to medium, have scarring or age spots you want to cover, and if you get tan in the summer.  If you are more fair and/or have lighter colored blemishes on your face, I would go with this product in "Fair".  For a darker color than "Light", I would go with their color "Medium".  The product comes in five colors total:  Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Rich.

Dr. Jart BB Beauty Balm SPF 45

Grade: A-

Why I like It: Dr. Jart+ BB Beauty Balm has a fantastic list of ingredients.  It is also formulated without sulfates and phthatales and it contains antioxidants, peptides, and SPF to help protect and nourish the skin while you wear it.  The only reason I give it an A- is that I felt the coverage looked slightly heavier than IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ and has less glow and tint to it.  I tend to like the illuminating glow look in my products because it keeps my skin from looking dull, but this is completely personal preference and some prefer products without that glowing look.  If this is you, than this is the product for you.  The coverage was very good and did not feel heavy.  The other reason I gave it an A- grade is because it didn't come in too many color shades, which you can read about below.

Color Shade:  Light to Medium.  This product only comes in two shades: Light to Medium and Medium to Deep.  I was the Light to Medium shade however I would probably need a lighter shade during the winter when I get quite pale.  The Light to Medium shade works well for me during the spring and summer months however when I get a bit more tan.  The light to medium shade is a bit more beige/bisque in color than the light shade in the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream With SPF 50+.

3.  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Grade: B+

Why I Like It:  I have been using this product longer than the other products listed here.  I initially received this product as a sample from Sephora and I loved it immediately. This product is really great for a bare face look.  It provides light coverage and looks incredibly natural and also feel quite nice and light on the face.  The only reason I am not giving this product an A grade is because of the ingredients and because it is the most expensive of the three products mentioned here. There is nothing wrong with the ingredient list and it does contain SPF, but I would really love to see more nutrients for skin health included in this product.  As far as the price goes, the price is fair for the high quality of the item, but since I am always on a tight budget, (stay at home mom of three!),  I love bargains and I love to save money on makeup when I can.  I would really love to see this go down in price for these personal reasons. 

Color Grade: I wear the shade Natural.  If you are very fair, I would go with a lighter shade.  Natural is a very good medium, middle-of-the-road type shade.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the three tinted moisturizer products I use on my no makeup days off.  As I mentioned above, you do not need to use any other makeup products when you use these products.  These products look very natural and good all on their own, and, unlike foundations products, they do not need the addition of contouring products or concealers to avoid looking silly.  Each of these products contain ingredients that will moisturize and nourish your skin while also providing your face light weight coverage to hide blemishes, dark spots, and scaring.  Here's to wishing all you beauties a flawless and very fun filled summer!

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