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6 Types of Very Bad Yard Sale Sellers

6 Types of Very Bad Yard Sale Sellers

6 Types of Very Bad Yard Sale Sellers You Don't Want To Be.

With spring, comes yard sales, and if you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I am all about my yard sales!  When it comes to yard sales, there is yard saling for fun, and then there is yard saling professionally, and I'm a professional, baby.  I get up very early - we're talking 5am here because I live about two hours from the community I yard sale at - and I have a list and map of yard sales that I plan on hitting that morning.  Why am I a professional  yard saler?  It's simple -  because its saves me thousands of dollars!  You can read more about how I save so much money with yard sales in these two posts: 10 Ways To Sucker Punch Your Bad Spending Habits In The Throat and 5 Money Saving Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year.

Because I have been yard saling professionally for many years, I have seen lots of different types of sellers.  Some sellers are just so bad that they really deserve their own post, and today I am giving them one.  If you'd like to learn what types of sellers you should definitely strive to NOT be, please keep reading!

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Before I get into six very bad types of yard sale sellers, let me say this:  I am a yard sale seller too.  Not only am I a professional yard sale buyer, but I have held more than a handful of my own yard sales as well over the years.  I say this only to say that I understand how it is to be a seller, and I understand the stresses and pressures of hosting your own yard sale.  Unfortunately, all those stresses and pressures are simply not enough of an excuse to be one of these six types of bad sellers.   Please, please, please, don't be one of these types of sellers!  If you avoid becoming one of these six types, your wallet will thank you, I promise you!  Good sellers always make way more than bad ones.

Without further ado, here are the six very bad types of yard sale sellers out there:

1. The Anti-Early Bird.

I understand most sellers don't like early birds.  There is nothing fun about someone showing up at your house at 5:30AM when you clearly said the sale starts at 7AM.  What I am talking about here with the anti-early bird seller is someone that hates any eager buyer that shows up even within 10 minutes of their listed starting time.  Anti-early bird sellers will not allow buyers to show up literally one minute prior to their start time.  They wear a watch and they will look at it and tell you that you are two minutes early.  I have run across this type of seller a few times and it was the most shocking and distasteful yard sale etiquette I have ever seen.  These sellers will turn car loads of eager buyers away because it is not their exact starting time yet down the second.

What is even more tragic about these sellers is that once the starting time rolls around, they most often are still not ready!  The anti-early bird wants to hold everyone to the law of starting exactly on the listed start time, but then they violate their own law by not even being ready to sell once their start time rolls around.  Anti-early bird sellers almost always only allow buyers to look after their own listed start time because they simply aren't ready yet.  I heard one anti-early bird seller say to a buyer, "we still have a few minutes, if you don't mind".  The buyer looked at her stunned and angry and responded, "I do mind!".  What a great response from that buyer!  You as a seller should be honored that buyers have spent their precious time and gas money to even show up to your yard sale.   Being this type of seller is incredibly bad for your wallet, because many buyers will get completely outraged at you and drive off and not return at a later hour.  Do you really want to bring all your used stuff right back into the house ??  If not, please, don't be anti-early bird seller! 

2.  The More Expensive Than A Store.

This type of seller is the seller whose prices are so steep, they are even more than a store would charge for the same items, but brand new!  I've always wondered if this seller simply doesn't understand what a yard sale is?  I'm convinced these sellers definitely don't go to yard sales themselves.  If you want top dollar for your stuff, please do not sell it at a yard sale, because you are bound to be very disappointed and offended by the offers you get from buyers.  There is a place to sell used things that you feel are worth a lot of money, and that place is not a yard sale.  Ebay and Amazon are two places where you will have much better luck selling your stuff for near new prices.  Heck, even Craigslist will bring you more money for something than a yard sale.  And if it's an antique, try some antique consignment shops or dealers.  Yard sales are simply the wrong place to get top dollar of used items.  

The more expensive than a store seller is forgetting that their buyers can buy the exact same item, but brand new, at a store for less than what they want.  Professional yard salers like myself spend good money at yard sales, but we know full well what is worth the money, and what isn't.  What's interesting is that this type of seller is also sometimes merged with the anti-early bird seller.  I'm convinced that these two types of sellers simply don't understand yard sales because they don't attend them.  Again, being this type of seller is awful for your wallet.  Just plan on hauling most of your stuff back into the garage when the sale ends.  

3.  The False Advertiser.

If you have ever been to a yard sale, you have probably run into this type of seller a time or two.  This is the seller that promises tons of great finds, but has nothing but a bunch of junk.  The false advertiser can be spotted a mile away because you will see lots of people quickly getting back into their cars and driving off, or not even getting out of their cars.  

There is no benefit to being the false advertiser seller.  No matter how many people you trick into showing up to your yard sale, you will still have very little sales if you are advertising things that you aren't actually selling, or if your items are not as you described them in your add.   What worse, professional yard salers like myself may actually write down your address on a list of sellers to avoid every single year, and you will never get these good buyers back.  Being the false advertiser seller is also very damaging to your wallet at the end of the day.  Please, only give an accurate representations of what you are selling!  Adding pictures to your online adds are very helpful and can help you avoid falling into a trap of false advertising through your own descriptions.    

4. The Kids.

Yes, I have been to yard sales where there are no adults anywhere in sight!  At these yard sales all you will find are children, not a single parent overseeing anything.  At first this may seem great to any yard sale buyer because kids often don't know the real cost of items they are selling.  However, if you have kids yourself, you are going to think of your own kids when you see these kids, and you are going to have a very hard time wanting to bargain with children.  I love getting a good deal, but there is something about bargaining down dollars with children that I just have a very hard time with.

When there is a yard sale being run by children, your adult buyers are most likely going to feel very uncomfortable about offering less for anything, or even buying things for the stated prices if they are too low.  As a result, many buyers will only spend a few seconds at a yard sale run by kids - I have seen this over and over again.  Adults are in and out of sales run by kids because nobody wants to take advantage of the children.  Not attending a yard sale with your children can also be dangerous.  Evil is everywhere, and God forbid some stranger in a car try to snatch a child from a yard sale.  It is easier than you might think with all the cars and people everywhere.  For all these reasons, please, please, never let your children do a yard sale all by their lonesome.  For all these reasons, adults should always be running the yard sales. 

5.  The Dads.

This type of yard sale seller is pretty self explanatory.  These sellers are, well, dads!  I'm just going to come right out and say that I LOVE dad sellers!!  Do you know why I love to see dad sellers??  Because dads practically give everything away for free!  I'm honestly not exactly sure why dads let buyers get things for so cheap.  Some reasons for this that have occurred to me include:  They didn't want to have a yard sale in the first place and just want to sell as much as they can so it can end.  Another possible reason is that their wife didn't communicate the prices she wanted to them, or that even if she did, they didn't listen and are just making up numbers on the fly when asked.  Another reason could be that they truly think the stuff is worth that little, maybe because they are not interested in the stuff, or maybe because they weren't the ones that purchased it.  Whatever the reasons may be, dad sellers are great for buyers, but they make lousy yard sale sellers.  Ladies, unless you want to give your stuff away as part of charity event, don't let your husband run your yard sale!!!

6.  The Disorganized.

The disorganized seller is just that, completely disorganized.  These are the people that are just spreading their blankets and tarps out after the said starting time of their yard sale.  These sellers generally look very sleepy and are full of excuses about why they were not able to get up earlier this morning.  The disorganized seller also is not very good at organizing the stuff they are selling.  I have seen a box full of hundreds of dollars of legos placed haphazardly at the back of a sale and then buried by other items.  The disorganized seller generally doesn't know or is not aware of what items are hot selling items and will often let these items go for way less than they should if their buyer happens to even find them in their disorganized mess of boxes.  

Being a disorganized seller hurts your wallet in many ways.  One, if your not set up by the starting time, you will see many potential buyers driving straight past your sale.  Two, if you don't know what items are popular, you will likely take much less than you should for them.  And three, if you are not fully aware of what you even have in those storage boxes, you are missing out on the opportunity to advertise your items online and bring in many more potential buyers than you will without proper advertising.  For all these reasons, being a disorganized seller is very bad for your wallet.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these six types of very bad yard sale sellers.  If you want to maximize your yard sale profits this year, please, avoid being one of these types of sellers for all the reasons I listed.  And if you have been one of these sellers in the past, well hey, no judgement here, we all have to start somewhere!  Now that you know the pet-peeves of most yard sale buyers, you can easily avoid doing these things in the future and will make bank at all your future yard sales!

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