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Etsy Affiliate Program Offered Through New Network

The Etsy Affiliate Program Is Now Offered Through A New Platform.

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Who out there loves Etsy?  It's pretty safe to say that almost everyone does.  I can spend hours and hours searching through Etsy.   I love Etsy because it brings so many talented artists together in one  spot.  There is an unlimited amount of gorgeous and breathtaking handmade goods available for sale on Etsy.  If you are a big fan of Etsy, you may also know that they offer an affiliate program through a certain network.  Today I am going to tell you about a different network that is now also offering the Etsy affiliate program.

For a long time, the Etsy affiliate program has been offered through the Awin Affiliate Program.  This is a very popular affiliate program that offers you the opportunity to be an affiliate of loads of name brands such as GlossyBox, Etsy, and PrettyLittleThing.  There is a one time fee of $5 to join Awin, but they give this right back to you in your first payout.  Awin's Etsy affiliate program allows everyone, including Etsy sellers, to participate in the Etsy affiliate program.  Very recently however, the Etsy affiliate program became available through another well known network, in addition to Awin

The network that is now offering the Etsy affiliate program is If you are unfamiliar with, which in my opinion is one of the best affiliate networks out there, please see my post, 5 Ways ShareASale Changed my Life.  It is completely free to join, all you need to signup is your email address and your website address.

The only caveat to joining the Etsy affiliate program through is that Etsy sellers may not join.  So if you are an Etsy seller, you will need to join the affiliate program through the Awin Affiliate Program.

I am not an Etsy seller, so I was able to apply to their program through  Please note that if you click on the affiliate tab on the Etsy website, it will still direct you to the affiliate program from Awin.  You will need to apply directly through to join their affiliate program that way.  

There are many more awesome affiliate programs within

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by The Etsy Affiliate Program Is Now Being Offered Through A New Network.

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