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Candy Corn Lip Polish Scrub DIY

Candy corn scrubs are going to be all the rage this fall since candy corn is a major trend this season.  Learn how to make this super easy and very inexpensive candy corn lip scrub at home.

DIY Fall Candy Corn Lip Scrub.

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I love lip polish scrubs.  As I mentioned in my post, The Right Way To Use A Lip Scrub, I use my lip scrubs for one main purpose, which they work fantastically at.  Since fall is almost upon us, I wanted to make a fun fall lippie scrub, and nothing screams fall like good old candy corn does.  If you read my posts, Candy Corn Party Favors and Gifts and Candy Corn Soap Recipe DIY Neon Colors, you will learn that I am just slightly obsessed with all things candy corn.  But to my advantage, since candy corn is going to be a major trend this fall, I will just blame my obsession on the current trend!

Today I am going to combine my passion for lip scrubs and candy corn into one to make a candy corn lip polish scrub.  Please keep reading to get my DIY recipe and see how it turned out!

Below I am going to show you what I used to make my DIY lip polish scrub:

First, here are the supplies you will need:

Candy Corn Lip Polish Ingredients & Supplies:

-2 cups sugar - can use granulated white, sugar cane, etc.  I use granulated.

(only raw unpasteurized honey offers all the health benefits, which you can read more about in my post, Deep Cleansing DIY Bentonite Clay Mask Recipe.)

-4 tsp. of Vitamin E Oil 

-10-20 drops of essential oils desired - For these candy corn scrubs, I used about 10 drops of pure 100% Pure Vanilla Oil 3% in jojoba oil for scent, and wild orange essential oil as an antibacterial agent.  You can whatever essential oils you like, but you want to try to stick to ones that will give a sugar-candy smell for these.

A Note on Scenting Your Scrubs:  I personally do not use fragrance oils in my lip scrubs because they are going on the skin and fragrance ingredients are often implicated with health concerns.  To recreate a candy like smell, I used this item: 100% Pure Vanilla Oil 3% in jojoba, not a Vanilla fragrance oil.  There is a difference between the two.  Although the fragrance oil is obviously much stronger in smell, the 100% Pure Vanilla Oil 3% in jojoba is healthier for products used on the skin.  I have linked to the exact 100% Pure Vanilla Oil 3% in jojoba that I use and have used it for many years and am very happy with it.

If fragrance does not concern you, there is a wide variety of candy corn fragrance oils that you can use, such as this one: Candy Corn Fragrance Oil - Premium Grade Scented Oil - 30ml.  One of my personal favorite candy scented fragrance oils is this 1 fl oz Oatmeal Cookie Dough Fragrance Oil (Glass Bottle w/ Euro Dropper) - GreenHealth one.  The scent is strong but not over powering and very natural.  You could use this to make candy corn scented candles.  See my recipe, Homemade DIY Scented Candle Gift, to get my recipe for making DIY scented candles.

Red and yellow food coloring.  You can get these here: McCormick Food Colors & Egg Dye, Four Assorted, 0.25-Ounce Vials

Healthcom 1oz 12 Pack Metal Steel Tin Flat Silver Metal Tins Empty Slip Slide Round Tin Containers With Tight Sealed Twist Screwtop Cover 

(You want the tins that screw off, not the ones that you just push on and pull off because those will become hard to take off when sugar gets stuck between the top.  The ones that screw on and off do not get stuck. )

Mason jars - These are good if you want to use some of your lip polish as a body scrub.  You can fill up your mason jars with the scrub and stick them in your shower. You can get them here and they are on sale right now too: Ball Mason 4oz Quilted Jelly Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12.

One big bowl and three smaller bowls.  

Three spoons

Before we begin, I also want to say a word on sugar to oil ratios:

I make my lip scrubs on the moister side because of what I use them for, mostly removing liquid lipstick and hydrating my lips.  I aim for a sugar to liquid ratio of about 2:1, meaning double the sugar to the total amount of liquids created from oil and honey.  If you desire your scrubs to be more coarse and less oily, which is seen more with body scrubs, I would increase to the amount of sugar from 2 cups to 2.5-3 cups.  If you desire your scrubs to be even more moist than mine, then I would use a 1 to 1 ratio of sugar to liquids, meaning equal parts sugar to total liquids from oil and honey.

Now that we have assembled all our ingredients, let's get to the steps of making our candy corn lip polish.

Instructions for Candy Corn Lip Polish:

1.  In your big bowl, mix the oil and sugar together.  Mix well.

2.  Add your vitamin E oil, mix well.

3.  Separate 1/3 of your mixture and put into one of your three small bowls.  This will be your white color.

4.  In the 2/3 mixture remaining in your big bowl, add the honey.  We do not add honey to the white color portion of this scrub because it will discolor it.  Mix well.

5.  Add your essential oils or fragrance oils to the 2/3 mixture and 1/3 mixture.  I do about twice as much vanilla as I do of the other essential oil I am using for antimicrobial purposes.

6.  Separate your 2/3 mixture into thirds and put into the remaining two small bowls.

7.  Add a few drops of yellow food dye to one bowl, mix well.

8.  Add a few drops of red and yellow to one bowl, this will make your orange.  To make orange, you want about a 2:1 ratio of red: yellow.  Meaning, you should add double the red drops to yellow drops, you always want more red than yellow to make orange.

9.  Start filling up your containers.  Yellow is always on the bottom, orange is always in the middle, and white is always on top, or next to orange, as that is the pattern of candy corn.

10.  Enjoy using or giving your scrubs!

Here are some pictures of what mine looked like:

Lip polish and body scrubs are very inexpensive to make because once you buy the ingredients, you can make many scrubs over and over again.  These lip polish scrubs will save you lots of money because you won't have to buy expensive makeup wipes and lip balm to remove your liquid lipstick and hydrate your lips.  These candy corn lip polish scrubs also make wonderful fall gifts for just about anyone.

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