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Candy Corn Party Favors and Gifts

Parties abound during the fall season.  Whether you plan on having a party for National Candy Corn Day, a harvest party, a halloween party, or just decorating your space, these candy cane accessories and gifts will work perfect for whatever fall projet you take on this year.

Candy Corn Party Favors, Gifts, & Accessories.

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Do you like candy corn?  Some people are crazy about it, and other's cringe at the mention of the name.  But regardless of which taste camp you fall into, almost everyone can agree that candy corn accessories are super cute.  I don't know if this is because the colors of yellow, orange, and white just go so perfectly together, or because the candy is just so cute in and of itself?  I know that I personally can just never say no to all things candy corn.

National Candy Corn Day is Monday, October 30th this year.  Whether you plan on celebrating National Candy Corn day with a party, plan on having a Halloween or harvest bash, or just want to decorate your space for the beautiful fall season, the candy corn items I am about to list for you are perfect for just about any fall activity and decorating project.  I have included a few candy corn beauty items to this list as well for all my beauty readers out there. 

candy corn with pumpkin

Here is a list of some of the cutest and most useful candy corn party favors, gifts, and decor items from around the web:

 candy corn gift bags
These candy corn gift bags will come in handy for any fall themed party you throw.  These price is pretty much unbeatable too!

 candy corn pinata

What party is complete without a pinata?  Kids go wild for pinatas, and they are pretty fun for the adults too.  This candy corn pinata will complete any party you throw this fall, whether it be for National Candy Corn Day, Halloween, or a fall themed harvest bash. 

 hershey's candy corn

If you are throwing a candy corn -themed party, these candy corn flavored Hershey's bars are definitely a must. What can be better than Hershey's + candy corn??? 

 candy corn lip gloss

This party favor is for all my beauty lovers out there. What can be better than candy corn lip gloss?? Philosophy creates a delicious and fun candy corn lip gloss that would definitely be a favorite party favor among your guests. This Philosophy I Love Candy Corn Lip Shine, 0.5 Ounce does sell out frequently but usually comes back in stock - just check back often if it's currently out.  Philosophy also sells a wide range of other flavors of this lip shine such as Philosophy Coconut Frosting Lip Shine and Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Lip Shine.

 candy corn rubber ducky

If you plan on throwing a kids party, or work with children in any capacity, this party favor is a must-have for any fall party.  This candy-corn rubber ducky also makes a cute decoration for any space.  This item comes with 12 duckies.

 jelly bean candy corn

We can't forget the actual candy corn for any fall themed party!  Jelly Belly makes their own candy corn and yes, it is drool-worthy good, I had to hide the bag from myself!

 candy corn mug
 candy corn slay mug

These candy corn colored mugs would make great gifts for anyone that drinks a lot of coffee- think moms, bloggers, and teachers!

 candy corn bath product
This stuff looks so good I am tempted to eat it! Very sweet, 100% natural, ingredient list too!

9.  Candy Corn Lip Polish & Body Scrub

Candy Corn Lip Polish Scrub

Candy Corn Lip Polish Scrub

These candy corn lip polish and body scrubs are very easy and inexpensive to make and just about anyone will love to receive one.  These are definitely great items to make in bulk for party favors if you are having a large party.  You can view my DIY recipe here: Candy Corn Lip Polish DIY.

10.  Candy Corn Soap

Candy Corn Soap

Candy Corn Soap gift

These candy corn soaps make fun and inexpensive party gifts.  Learn just how easy they are to make yourself here:  Candy Corn Soap Recipe DIY Neon Colors.

I hope this list of candy corn items will help you with whatever project you take on this fall, whether it be a party or a decoration task.  Fall is one of the best seasons to be outside.  Let this list save you time so that you can enjoy more of fall this year! 

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by Candy Corn Party Favors and Gifts.

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That pinata is really cool, I actually have always wanted to taste candy corn but no where sells it here in Aus that I know of.

Julia // The Sunday Mode


Thanks Julia!! You are probably way healthier for all the years you have not eaten the sugary confection ha ha :) It's pretty delicious but definitely super high in sugar. I usually feel pretty sick when I eat too much of it. Maybe you can taste it if you order it from Amazon? Xo,Petra.


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