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3 Reasons To Go Vegetarian

Three Big Reasons Why Every Woman Should Consider Becoming a Vegetarian.

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You may already know that vegetarianism and veganism are becoming very popular.   Despite being the current trend, there are actually some very good reasons to become a vegetarian or a vegan, especially if you are woman!  I recently went vegetarian over six months ago, and based on my own personal experience, I think there are three very serious reasons why every woman should consider this type of diet.  Here is my story on why I became a vegetarian and will never go back.

I have never been one to diet or follow the latest diet trends.  For most of my life, I ate whatever my body craved and whatever made my body feel good, and things generally went smoothly for me.  About a year ago however, I started questioning whether my current way of eating was still working well for my body. 

If you read, The Makeup Equation, you know that I have suffered from UTI infections all my life.  About a year ago, I also started to suffer from eczema and psoriasis.  I was getting rough scaly patched around my nose and mouth, and on other areas of my body as well.  I was also not at the weight I wanted to be. 

Around this same time, my mom decided to go vegan.  In her journey into veganism, she started reading lots of books on the subject.  She found a few books in particular that she thought I would benefit from reading.  At her suggestion, I read the books, and I was shocked and appalled by what I read.  The books offered me real reasons for my current health issues, and I was willing to give vegetarianism a shot in an effort to rid myself of them. 

Before I begin, I want to quickly give a definition of what a vegetarian and vegan is.  A vegetarian is someone that does not eat certain animal meat and animal byproducts.  There are many types of vegetarian diets.  Some vegetarians eat fish, but not chicken or red meat.  Some vegetarians cut out all animal meat including fish, but they still eat dairy.  The main idea with vegetarianism is that a person has cut out some, but not all, animal meat and animal byproducts.  A vegan, on the other hand, is someone that has cut out ALL animal meat and byproducts, and eats only a plant based diet.  Vegans also typically do not use any animal products as well.

Here are my three reasons why I am a vegetarian now, and why I believe every woman out there should be one also. 

1.  A dramatic reduction in UTIs

If you read, The Makeup Equation, you know that I have struggles with UTI infections all my life.  I was born with a condition called vesicoureteral  reflux (VUR), which is where there is something wrong with one or both of the ureters that transports urine from the bladder to the kidneys.  A small part of one of the ureter tubes on one side of my body was rotten.  Even though I had surgery to correct the reflux by removing the diseased section of tubing, my system has always remained weakened down there.  

If you too struggle with UTI infections, please read these three posts that I have written on this subject: 

In these post, I discuss the two product that every woman needs in her pantry to wipe out and prevent UTI and vaginal infections naturally.  These natural products have helped me to stay off of antibiotics and prevent the occurrence of deadly UTIs.  I also discuss good hygiene tips that will also help reduce the occurrence of these nasty infections.

It is wonderful that these natural products exist to help women wipe out these nasty infections and get off the antibiotics.  But the ultimate goal should be to never have this bacteria, which is generally E. Coli or Staph, in our bodies in the first place.

Now that you know my background, you will understand why I was completely floored and angry when I read that, according to these authors, chicken and turkey meat is a big source of type of E. Coli found in the majority of UTI cultures, and that chicken eggs are a source of Staph.  

Here are the exact articles and books that stated this link between poultry and UTI causing E.Coli :

An article by the HuffingtonPost by Amanda Chan: UTIs Can Be Caused By Eating Contaminated Chicken: Study

 What The Health Book

 ProteinAholic Book

After reading this article and these two books, I banished all poultry and fowl products from my home.  No meat, and no eggs, for anybody in my family.  And did anything change?? YES!! I immediately stopped feeling like I was getting UTI and vaginal infections all the time, and all of us, especially the kids, stopped getting diarrhea occasionally!  This was all the evidence I personally needed to cut out poultry products.

2.  Better skin and a reduction in eczema and psoriasis.

Nobody really knows the exact cause of eczema and psoriasis.  Research seems to show more and more that these terrible skin conditions may be brought on by a myriad of things, and just any specific one.  While I believe these findings, I also believe that you cutting out certain things will definitely help improve these unpleasant skin conditions.

Here is a very intriguing article by, written by journalist Vanessa Chalmers, that discusses the link between cow milk and eczema: Seven Steps To Take To Rid Yourself of Eczema.

In this article, the book she mentions following is called  The Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne.

When I became a vegetarian, I greatly reduced my milk, cheese, and ice cream consumption.  (It was very hard to reduce my cheese, I am a HUGE cheese lover!).  Incredibly, my skin got better and the scaly patches on my skin started to dry up and go away.

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, I also do want to stay that I strongly believe there is a huge link between stress and these skin conditions.  My skin, and my eczema, get dramatically worse when I am under a lot of stress.  I know very well that it can be hard to limit the amount of stress we subject ourselves too, but a good way of coping with stress is to try to actively participate in stress relieving activities each day as well.  Exercise, listening to music, and reading the Bible are all great methods of stress relief.

3. Weight loss.

Remember how I said I wanted to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight?  I still had the stubborn last 10 pounds on me, and it wasn't budging, no matter how much I seemed to exercise.  But when I went vegetarian, those ten pounds??  They just started melting off my body!! I credit the weight loss to my lack of cheese.

I have always been the type to get shaky easily, and because of this I used to eat a lot of cheese to keep me feeling strong.  The problem was that I was eating way too much cheese!! Not only is cheese super fattening - I know this because I ate nothing but cheese during my pregnancies and I gained 40 pounds during each one - but it is also very high in salt.  I was constantly thirsty, and it was because of all the cheese I was eating.  I replaced my cheese with Boca's veggie burgers, which are delicious by the way if you haven't ever tried them.  After I made this switch, I really started noticing the weight loss.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my my story.  The advantage of being a vegetarian is that you get to decide what animal foods you want to cut out, and what animal foods you want to keep.  Vegetarianism allows you to tailor your diet to your unique needs.  Become a vegetarian of any sort, and I promise you will start to see some benefits!!

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