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3 Easy DIY Non Scary Halloween Costumes For Women

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Non-Scary Halloween Costumes For Women. 

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It's that time of the year again, and Halloween is just around the corner ladies!  Because I am a mom of littles, I try to find costumes that don't have too much scare factor to them.  Today I am going to be showing you three easy, non-scary, Halloween costume ideas that I did this year.  All three of my costumes are simple to put together and can be created using stuff you have lying around the house. 

Here are the three Halloween costumes I did this year.  Enjoy!

1.  Balthazar Brat from Despicable Me 3.

If your family is as crazy as mine is about the Despicable Me movies, this costume may be perfect for you!  Since Despicable Me 3 was just released this summer, this is a very new and fresh costume idea.  We all know that the star of the show was definitely the 80's music-loving character, Balthazar Brat.  Famous for his line, "Dance Fight", Balthazar showed off quite an assortment of awesome dance moves throughout the movie.  

Recreating Balthazar's signature look is pretty easy.  Balthazar always has a purple suit on with very high shoulder pads attached.  You can pretty much use any purple top for this, and for the shoulder pads, I used.... get ready for it.... menstrual pads ha ha.  Balthazar has a gold earring in one of his ears, and he wears fingerless gloves.  I just cut holes in one of my child's old gloves to create the gloves.  Balthazar also loves to chew wads of bright pink bubblegum, so if you have any bubblegum, this will make a great addition to this look.  You can buy fake mustaches at the dollar store, which is what I did to create his signature long mustache look.  I used black lip liner to draw on thick and heavy man eyebrows.  

2. Poison Ivy.

I knew I had to do a Poison Ivy look because I am practically Poison Ivy in real life.  My entire house is full of tons of plants of all varieties.  I love plants not only because they are beautiful, but also because they have great health benefits.  In addition to giving off oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide, plants also filter many bad chemicals out of the air.  

There are lots of variations to Poison Ivy's signature look from the The Adventures of Batman & Robin .  This is good because it gives you lots of freedom to choose how you want to recreate her look.  I chose to use a red pony tail hair extension I had lying around to give myself her signature red hair.  A red wig works even better.  I glued some plant leaves onto my face to make here look a little crazy, and also a little bit like she was turning into a plant.  I added spots and scales to further add to her edgy, and half plant, signature look.  You can really have fun with this Halloween costume because you have the freedom to create her look any way you desire. 

3.  Crazy Cat Lady.

Of my three Halloween costume ideas, I had the most fun creating this one.  This is a very creative, but also very clever, non-scary Halloween costume idea and is an especially great one for moms of littles.  We all have a crazy cat lady in our lives, and maybe it is even ourselves?  Why not have some fun and represent this cat lover for Halloween?

Creating the crazy cat lady is pretty easy as long as you have lots of cat stuffed animals in your house.  My daughter is crazy about kitties, so she has plenty of stuffed animal cats.  I borrowed three of hers to create this look.  I threw a shower cap over my hair to make myself look a little more disheveled and busy with my kitties, and added a pair of fake glasses to make myself look extra eccentric.  Fake kitty litter or scoopers make another great addition to this look.   Don't forget to glue the fake cats onto yourself before going out or they will surely fall off.

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