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5 Skincare Must Haves For Women Over 30

skincare for women over 30. #skincare #antiaging #dryskin #wrinkles

  5 Skincare Items Every Woman Over 30 Needs. 

This post contains affiliate links and images with affiliate links.  If you purchase using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  I received the Lancer Skincare products mentioned in this post complimentary of Lancer and Influenster.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

If you are a woman over thirty, or even close to thirty, now is a great time to start taking your skin seriously!  Our 30s are usually the busiest time of our lives.  During our 30s we are usually working, raising kids, or doing both at the same time.  All this busyness tends to cause us to get less sleep, produce more stress hormones, and eat poorly.

Unfortunately, these three things - lack of sleep, stress, and poor diet, can wreak major havoc on our skin.  See my post,  7 Ways To Have 21 Year Old Skin At Any Age, to read more about the negative health effects of stress, lack of sleep, and a bad diet.  Because of this, it is more important than ever to start nurturing your skin and give it everything it needs to stay healthy when you are in your 30s.  Below I have compiled a list of five skincare products that I believe are essential for any woman who is thirty and over. 

skincare essentials for women 30 and over. anti-aging skincare products. #skincare #ant

We all want to turn the clocks backward when it comes to the skin on our faces, and now some seriously cool beauty products have made it possible for us to do just that!  Here's my list of my favorite, top five, must-have skincare products for women over thirty.

1.  Lancer Skincare - Polish

I cannot stress enough how important exfoliation is in your 30s, and really even in your 20s too!  Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells, old makeup, dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris from your skin cells.  Exfoliation is also absolutely vital for good makeup application!  Makeup does not sit on the face well when it is layered on top of dead and dirty skin.

This exfoliator, called "Polish", as it is the polish step of a three product kit sold by Lancer Skincare, is the best exfoliator I have ever used.  I first heard about  Lancer's Polish when Influenster sent me a complimentary sample to try out, and I was totally hooked after I started using it.  Polish exfoliates gently but firmly and removes unwanted debris as thoroughly as any cleansing brush would.  I noticed a dramatic difference in both the quality of my skin, as well as the way my makeup looked, once I stared exfoliating my face with this Polish.  My makeup sat perfectly on my skin and didn't seem to flake off and get caught on dry patches anymore.    This is another product that I cannot recommend enough to any more who is thirty or over.

This is also available in Lancer's The Method Kit, which includes a cleanser, the Polish, a moisturizer, and an Eye Contour Cream.  I discuss the Eye Contour Cream which I talk about further down on my list here.

2.  Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser

I am not one to run out and buy the latest skin laser on the market, as these things are often very expensive and can be mediocre at best when it comes to giving results.  This Eye Wrinkle Laser has proved an exception to my rule however.  The Laser does deliver on its promise and both reduces puffiness and wrinkles.  There are a few reviews out there that say it broke on them, but if it breaks under the year warranty they say you can easily exchange it for a new one.

I have really struggled with fine lines around my eye orbits since becoming a mommy, and then again after becoming a blogger, because of how sleep deprived these two jobs can made me.  I am very grateful to have found a skincare product that is finally doing something to erase the damage I did to my skin through lack of sleep.

3.  goPure Retinol Facial Serum 

goPure Retinol Facial Serum Cleopatra's Choice

If you are unable to get prescription strength retinoids, over-the-counter retinol products are the next best thing for your skin.  I have tried a lot of retinol products in my life and this goPure Retinol Facial Serum sold by Cleopatra's Choice is my absolute favorite.  Not only is this product incredibly afforadable, it is also a very highly concentrated, meaning you get a LOT of retinol!  I notice a dramatic difference in my skin quality when i use goPure Retinol Facial Serum on a regular basis.

Cleopatra's Choice offers very low cost shipping and you get 3 FREE samples with every single order.  Cleopatra's Choice frequently offers great promo codes and they accept Paypal in addition to all other major credit cards.  I can also say from experience that their customer service is one of the best I have experienced.

Right now for a limited time, Cleopatra's Choice is giving away a Adovea Dead Sea Hand Cream for just 1 cent with any purchase! Just add the item to your cart and it will be .01 cents!  Limit one hand cream per customer.  They will also give you 10% OFF your entire order with this coupon code!

4.  Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream With Diamond Powder

Lancer Eye Contour Cream The Method

This Eye Contour Cream by Lancer is another product that I discovered complimentary of Influenster.  I started noticing a dramatic difference in the fine lines and puffiness around my eyes after a week of using this product.  My makeup also went on much smoother and didn't cream in my eye lines.  I have tried a lot of eye cream, but this is definitely one of the best ones in my opinion.  This is also available in Lancer's The Method Kit, which includes a cleanser, the Polish, a moisturizer, and the Eye Contour Cream.

5.   Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter

Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter

As a mom and makeup lover, I wash my hands constantly!  During the winter, the skin on my hands gets so dry and raw from all my hand washing and the cold weather that it actually starts to cut and bleed.  This is very unsightly and it looks like I have old lady hands for most of the year.  But not anymore, thanks to this Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter, which is my NEW FAVORITE hand cream!!

This stuff immediately healed my hands!!  Not only that, I am so in love with the smell of this stuff I literally cannot stop smelling my hands.  It smells just like a lemon donut!!  Each time I take a whiff of my hands I feel like I just walked into a pastry shop filled with lemon donuts!  If you are looking for a really strong and high quality hand cream that will prevent old lady hands, and also smells like a heavenly mix of lemon, sugar, and pastry, you need this Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butte.

Every woman should be proud of her age, because with age comes wisdom and so many hard-earned learning experiences, but no woman should ever feel like she has to be defined by her age.  With all the wonderful technologies available these days, skincare products are better than ever and winding back the aging clock has become an easy thing.   All the items on this list would make really great gifts for any special women in your life.  You can view my complete list of gift-guides here: Gift Guides.  

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