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Man Crates Review

man crates review. man crates customer review. men gifts.

Man Crates Review.

This post contains affiliate links and I was sent these man crates complimentary for review purposes.  If you purchase using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

Christmas is just around the corner ladies, and if you are like me, you are probably scratching your head and wondering what on earth you should get the special men in your life this year.  I always have a really hard time picking the right gifts for the men in my life.  This may all come down to the fact that I am simply a women, and I just am not that interested in the things that men are.  As a result, men gift ideas just don't come naturally for me.  Year after year I would get my husband gifts that I secretly knew he really didn't care too much about, but I just felt completely out of ideas and options.  This was until I found Man Crates.  Please keep reading to learn how Man Crates has radicalized the men gift giving process in my household!   

Man Crates is a company that decided to take the guess work out of gifts for men.  Man Crates prides itself on providing awesome man gifts that men will actually want to get!  Something unique about Man Crates is that they provide gifts for all different types of guys.  The people at Man Crates understand loud and clear that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to men.  Men are all different and naturally they have different careers, hobbies, and interests, the same way women do.  Man Crates works hard to provide gifts for lots of different types of men.  In addition to provides a variety of unique gifts, they package their gifts in just about the mostly manly container possible - a hand crafted wooden shipping crate!  My husband loved the packages so much he kept them as souvenirs! 

Today I am going to review two different Man Crates for you, the Hot & Spicy Man Crate and their Pro-Tool Crate.  I chose these crates for two reasons.  One, because my husband and I are completely addicted to eating hot and spicy stuff!  I even wrote an article on the myriad of health benefits found from eating hot sauce, which you can view here:  5 Reasons Why You Really Should Put Hot Sauce on Everything.  And two, because my husband is a master carpenter, and I knew he would be thrilled to get a present related to his profession and skill. 

Let's take a look at what these babies look like: 

man crates crat size

Can we stop for a second to admire just how beautiful and HUGE these crates are?  Wow!

Let's take a closer look:

I loved the funny warnings printed on the outside of the box such as, "intense high fives", and "extreme joy".

man crates review

After opening up the shipping box, we found a wonder bar on top of each crate.  Oh yes, you guessed right, your guy is going to have to pry his man crate open with this wonder bar!  There isn't going to be any sissy, easy opening stuff, going on here!  My husband seemed to thoroughly enjoy opening up his boxes. 

Here is what we found inside:  I will do the Hot & Spicy Man Crate first, and the Pro-Tool Crate second:

hot & Spicy man crate review

How adorable is that the Hot & Spicy Man Crate welcome insert??  Here's what we found when we looked underneath it:

hot & spicy man crate

How cute is this big bag of "carnivore candy" in the flavor Volcanic Jalapeno???  My husband liked it so much he ate it all in a few hours.

Here's what else we found in the Hot & Spicy Man Crate:

hot sauce kit gift

spicy man crate review

A trio of incredibly fancy and very spicy hot sauces in three different flavors: Pure Ghost, Boobslang, and Reaper.

My husband also found a few more spicy goodies in the Hot & Spicy Man Crate :

Hot & Spicy Man Crate Review

Now let's check out the Pro-Tool Crate:

My husband and I totally laughed when we saw the welcome kit for the Pro-Tool Crate!  Too funny!

Here's what we found inside the box:

pro tool man crate review

Wow!  My husband was really excited to pull all these tools and tool accessories out of his box.

Here are the contents of the Pro-Tool Crate:

Magnogrip Drill Holster - the magnets inside of it allow you to keep nails and screw stuck on it

Magnogrip Wristband - A wristband designed to stick to nails, screw, and even ladders and metal shelves

Sheffield 4 in 1 Lighted Screwdriver - A 3 LED light multi-tool.

Sheffield Folding Utility Knife - A handy foldable utility knife.

Lava Soap Bar - A heavy duty cleaner that cuts through grease and smells great.

Red Shop Towels - A man always needs more cotton work towels!!

My husband's favorite item in the Pro-Tool Crate was the Magnodrip Wristband, which you can see him wearing here:

Pro Tool Man Crate review

I think my favorite item was the Lava Soap Bar.

pro tool man crate review

My husband is always using chemicals to degrease his hands and this is a product that will do the job and also make his hands smell nice!

 Man Crates Customer Review

It's pretty obvious to see that these man crates make pretty awesome man gifts! Give a gift you actually know the men in your life will love this year!

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