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Oras Amazing Herbal Review Plus Coupon Code

High quality herbal skincare. #eczemacure #dryskin #herbalskincare

Ora's Amazing Herbal Beauty Product Review.

This post contains affiliate links and I was sent these products complimentary for review purposes.  If you purchase using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

Today I want to talk about a company that sells some of the highest quality skincare products around. Ora's Amazing Herbal is a cruelty free, organic, and vegan skincare company that creates skincare products that are infused with powerful herbs. Ora's Amazing Herbal is also a family business that is ethically and sustainably run.  Today I am going to be reviewing some beauty products from Ora's Amazing Herbal.  Please keep reading if you'd like to learn more about Ora's products.

Ora's Amazing Herbal sells a wide range of beauty and skincare products.  They have skincare products for the face, lips, body, and feet.  They also sell product for mom & babybeard oil, and gift sets! Many of their products are also fragrance free!    

Since I am a makeup girl, I was primarily interested in their skincare products.  I am also always looking for good hand creams because my hands become very raw with constant washing after makeup applications.  The beauty products I am going to review for you today are primarily for the face and hands.

Let's take a look at what I got:

Oras Amazing Herbal

From left to right in the picture above you have: Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter,  Advanced Nightly Skin Repair Face Oil, Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil, and Touchy Skin Salve

Now let's examine each one of these skincare products one by one:

1. Touchy Skin Salve

Touchy Skin Salve cure for #eczema

This Touchy Skin Salve is designed to be a natural cure for eczema.  Apply it twice daily to sooth affected areas and protect the skin.  My daughter struggles with bouts of eczema, especially during the cold and dry winter months, and her skin loved this Touchy Skin Salve.  I also use this Touchy Skin Salve on cuts and scratches and have noticed that it dries up the cuts and seems to really speed up their healing.  This salve is also excellent to use on sunburns.  Ora also offer a variation of this salve called Tattoo Salve that is great for after tattoo aftercare.  

The secret to this powerful salve is definitely in the ingredients.  Just check out this list:

Touchy Skin Salve natural cure for #eczema
If you suffer from eczema, give Touchy Skin Salve a try.  By using this powerful herbal salve, you may be able to get off or avoid using antibiotics and steroids altogether!

2.  Advanced Nightly Skin Repair Face Oil and Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil

Advanced Nightly Skin Repair Face Serum

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I love me some good face oils!  I apply oil under my makeup as a primer, I use oil to remove my eye makeup, and I apply oil to my eye area at night.  There is nothing more hydrating for your skin, especially the delicate eye areas, than high quality carrier oils!  This is why I was dying to try some of Ora's facial serum oils.

pre makeup elixir face oil

The Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil is a  wonderful high quality oil that acts as a pre-makeup elixir.  The quality of this oil is as good as many of the popular pre-makeup face elixir oils out there on the market right now.  I apply this Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil to my eye area before makeup application, and I also add a little bit of it to my beauty blender before I blend in my foundation.  Not only does this face serum moisturize the skin and help your makeup application go on smooth, but unlike other elixir's out there, Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil it contains powerful herbs that work to  combat free radical damage and hydrate your skin with vitamins and phytonutrients while you wear it.  If you enjoy using oil-based primers and elixir's under your makeup, definitely check out this lightweight face serum!

Advanced Night serum oil

The Advanced Nightly Skin Repair Face Oil is a magnificent night time oil to restore moisture, heal, and protect the delicate eye area.  This advanced night serum contains organic Tamanu oil, known for it's natural anti-aging and powerful moisturizing properties.  I noticed a visible reduction in fine lines around my under eye area after just a few days of use of this oil! I also noticed that I looked more rested after use of this repair serum.  The ingredients in this night serum are pretty fantastic too, just check out this list!

Advanced Night Serum Oil

3.  Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter, which I call my "Lemon Donut Hand Cream"  

My favorite hand cream! It smells like a lemon donut!!! #handcream #lemondonut

If you read The Makeup Equation, you guys know that I am obsessed with all things dry skin care and hand creams- just see my post, 6 Winter Skincare Essentials.  As a mom and makeup lover, I wash my hands constantly!  During the winter, the skin on my hands gets so dry and raw from all my hand washing and the cold weather that it actually starts to cut and bleed.  But not anymore, thanks to this Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter, which is my NEW FAVORITE hand cream!

This stuff immediately healed my hands!!  Not only that, I am so in love with the smell of this stuff I literally cannot stop smelling my hands.  I am not exaggerating when I say it smells just like a lemon doughnut!  Each time I take a whiff of my hands I feel like I just walked into a pastry shop!  If you are looking for a really strong and high quality hand cream that also smells like a heavenly mix of lemon, sugar, and pastry, you need this Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter.

I hope you enjoyed my review of these beauty products from Ora's Amazing Herbal.  As you can see, all of Ora's products are made with only the best ingredients and also contain very healing and powerful herbs.  As I mentioned above, Ora carries a wide range of skincare and beauty products,  including products for the for the face, lips, body, mom & baby, and gift sets! Many of their products are also fragrance free.  

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